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dark and twisted

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

i want the crazyist poem u can think of u can post as many as youd like

Dangerous Mind
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The labcoats prescribed me a plan
To keep away the devil man
The dancing little lunatic who whispers in my ear
An undigested piece of beef Ebenezer suggests
8 hours of sleep and the voices will rest, cease
All the rooms will stop spinning and sidewalks lay flat
The garden gnomes with razor blades and adorable pointy hats
Approach with pitter pat
Of tiny little feet in glossy jackboots
Nazi repetition and crack troops invade my broken, hollow, flat, infested dreams
Crawling with the maggots of delirium
An onslaught of intravenous nutrition
Decision is incision is revision is revulsion of my compulsion to let the little loony have his way
Why not today?
What do you have planned?
Lunch, perhaps?
Dinner, you say?
Why thank you so kindly for the advice
But you see I am in love with this other me
This witching hour splice
The mirror has received my love letter written in toothpaste so to clean my dirty mouth
A two-for-one special: I want in and he wants out
Lip-synching my derision
Reflect divinity in glass
Where is your reason that allows all this to pass for ample parts truth and water?
The necessity of lies?
Who should I believe and why?
And what have they invested?
Inasmuch this wherewithal, does use my pen to scribe
The mantra of my caterwaul
“What do I think and why?”
Oh bother it’s all improper anyway
I think I’ve crossed a line
Reflected divinity in glass
Toothpaste directions to a pancake breakfast
Lunch, perhaps?
Of course dear boy I’ll bring the duck
You go about your way
The little loon is dressed in skin
But I am just here to play
Non cents
Non scents

Twisted Dreamer
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Here I sit
No, not a quilt
Not a dress
But a human.
I am not making a human.
This one I happen to be destroying
I lick the end of the string,
Then put it through the eye of the needle
Slowely and carefully,
I painstakinly pierce through
The skin of the lips
On this being.
Yes, He is alive
But not intact
He deserves what he's getting
What is comming to him...
I continue sewing his lips shut.
He is allowed noise
But cannot make words.
I criss-cross up and down
Lip to lip
Then When I'm done,
I clip the extra string.
This "string" is his skin.
I have skinned this man
Just like a rabbit.
Leftover skin is hanging up in the corner.
I made sure he can see them.
Ive made sure he can see everything
That I am planning to do
And have done.
He's now seen it all...
But one thing I didnt tell you...
I undid his "manhood"
That which once was...


I have sewn his lips shut I remind you now
He cannot utter a word.
He is choking on himself
His eyes roll back
All you can see is the white.
I continue...
To sharpen my knife
For the next

Twisted Dreamer
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toothpaste and cigar smoke

makes a great breakfast
when you know everything
will soon be over
and you did everything
to make that
I chew
on that thought
for quite a while
and I look up to see
what they see
the rocket is moving
leaving its streak in the sky
it's hard to see from here
but I know
the arc will be two degrees too
to achieve perfect orbit
and if not corrected
I'll have made something
last forever
even if nothing
is ever really gone
the rocket will always be
and I'll always be who I am
so I might be trapped as myself
but I made myself
something the world will remember
at least for a little while
I wonder which will
mean more
the individual suicide
or the astronomical catastrophe

poet Anonymous

Think I'm crazy
Well I'll let you judge
I quit taking my pills
The green janssen ones
I think It was just before
Independents day
Maybe I was just 
Trying to be free

I couldn't sleep anyway
So I cooked up a new superhero suit
Something never seen before 
So wrapped up in spaghetti noodles 
With a bread stick and two meatballs
I headed out the door
Looking for evil villains 
They can't hide from me
For I use my super vision
So down the street middle of the day
Even undercover I stuck out in LA
Was then I saw it a dragon
Or was it just a tattoo 
No I just saw that sneaky bastard move
So I busted out my fork and knife
I killed that monster
Before it took that guys life
Now covered with blood
I let out a howl at the red moon
Just above the don't walk sign
Was then I realized I was surrounded 
Evil everywhere 
They formed a ring around
I fall to the ground
Armed with cell phones 
Shooting X-rays at me
I regained my strength 
Not sure how many 
But i took some out 
Was then my back up came
Villains brainwashed the cops brain
The death penalty 
I think not
I can't be killed
Iv already been shot

They put me here
They call it an asylum 
I know what their up to
After all I'm far from dumb
Its a prison for superheroes 
And I'm not the only one

They say its for my protection
They give me so many pills
I couldn't even get an erection 

But this morning I realized 
I was quite surprised
My superpowers are returning
It's just a matter of time that 
I head up to the roof and fly away

I never posted one of these forum thing so I figured since you said crazy
I'd just write something to see if anyone can guess if this actualy happened or is it just made up? Hehe

Dangerous Mind
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pillowed walls    
     flickering twitching light    
    laughter snakes through cracks    
Incessant voices    
        singing and moaning    
i chew at my jacket    
swatting at what's not there    
             heels clicking on hollow tiles    
               drawing closer    
                  c l o s e r     
         everything is on fire    
              I tell them but they don't believe me    
white monsters hold me tight    
     poison drips    
             into my arm    
the colors come    
             i am    
         i am numb                                     
      getting  HH  h  h    i     i   g     h     e      r     
trapped in cerebral subways                                
I am God here    
My empire    
My asylum    

Dangerous Mind
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Her callous tongue pecks at my skin

Sharpened words gnaw every cell


until i am no longer impervious to the force

She is inside of me



stealing my nourishment

I am becoming frail

thin and breakable

She is peeling my muscles and membranes

feasting from inside



savoring the last pieces

Maybe once she has stripped my skeleton clean

she will leave me alone

A pile of broken bones

Dangerous Mind
India 17awards
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^^ love your poems :D

Dangerous Mind
India 17awards
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banish me, betrayer of darkness.  
how evil is this mortal soul?  
I am darkness incomplete. seeing only that of my own.  
turn a blind eye to all those in need.  
they knew me like yesterday's breeze. warm and moist, comforting ease.  
now I am evil. I loathe the trees.  
this face you know will never be seen.  
I am the cold and the chill - the winter breeze.  
swoop down on black wings and eat me, if you can catch me.  
the needle stings.  
as it drains my life.  
empty me and my shell shall reside.  
far along the coastline where the whistling wind blows.  
I spoke of torment in faded lines.  
once when I was a child,  
never did I think of betraying the life of another.  
but the thrill of the heartbreak excites no other.  
that crushing blow of endless woes.  
so much suffering, tears of black that flow.  
remind me when my light has shone.  
my red moon rises this damned dusk.  
shine your cursed rays upon my aura.  
sin unto me all your evil deeds.  
I am whole. I am complete. misery - it calls to me.  
I want my fire. my need to kill, my deathly desire.  
'Slake my lust as I break your trust and drink your blood from these open wounds'.  
feed me my slave, your king commands you to.  
from slit wrists crimson drips and streaks across her arid face.  
her skin has peeled.  
she is old, concealed and weary of any disgrace.  
she hides as she cries.  
forever in torment under a tyrant of ice.  
the devil's heart bleeds to suffice.  
I lie on my face to see them crawl.  
while lunacy befalls the terrible call of the wicked, now screaming for sanity.  
savor your pleasure for greed is my bidding.  
this hungry soul yearns for a moment worth living.  
watch her moan as she ravages my throne.  
succubi of old. bathed in gold.  
A fallen crest upon her naked breast.  
be careful of the vines coming out of her cunt.  
venomous and hypnotic their bite is just.  
my red moon is setting in the violet dawn.  
the birds are anew.  
the silence so strong.  
life is fading.  
my throat runs dry.  
hell has risen.  
blacken the sky.  

Tyrant of Words
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Cloudy with a 60% chance of rice
Noodle blankets and ravioli pillows
Our hands knead the dough
Sprinkle cheese over everything
Squuezing lemons untill we're soaked
Asses of fire can only inspire
I knew you were a liar

Spaghetti noodles can't choke you
Take the guitar from that stupid love song
Rap those wire strings around that sexy neck

You're no good for me
But these cookies are so delicious
The sweet mouth-watering chocolate
Thinking or you till I die
Drop the phone
Forget you again
Strings around your neck
Drumsticks dug into your eyes
Mascarra to define my eyes
I'm going out tonight
Not like you can stop me

Naked Satirist
Fire of Insight
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These harbringer of filth
Hacked off our limbs
Burned them to cinder
Ripped off our green hairs
Made it their shelter
Edify themselves
Undubious they're affirm
That we cannot feel
And that poor Fauna
blasphemous, what she went through
whilst they know she can feel
Still they drove a spear into her mouth
and right through her arse
Burned on unforgiving flame
Til it suits their peculiar taste
Juicy or less juicy
They then consume
Undubious they're affirm
That faunae are food
Even more bizzare and idiotic
They murder their own
This i cannot make sense of

Little do they know
How dark and twisted they are
And that We've already forsaken them
Their souls shall never live on paradise
when their mortality ends.

Dangerous Mind
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The GooD SoN...
Well after one...
It was her SoN...
Creepin through the door..
Wanting to explore..

His sexual idenity..
Screaming obsenities...

"Don't move Bitch!" .
I got an itch...
I need you to scratch.. Unmatched..

She lay still..

Approaching the bed..
He whispers and says...

Shhhhhhhh MomMa...
  I'm not gonna hurt you...

"Now close your eyes and open wide"...

Oohhhh.. Yes..
Take it all... Down to the balls...

I.. I .. I'm gonna cummm...

"Don't move!!"
"Swallow this shit!!

There we go... I think that's it...

"Oh Momma"..
I love you so much...
You've always had that maternal touch...

Now hold me close..
Like a mother should...

Whisper to me.. And tell me i'm good..

Helvete Blod
Fire of Insight
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Craziest poem we can create huh? Sounds fun >:D

poet Anonymous

I lie naked on the altar

The warlock has his athame

His chalice, his wand and the skull

My fluids will be collected

For a very important spell

So all my fluids will be captured

In the silver chalice

The first cut will be for a cup of my blood

The tourniquet is put on, the crimson fluid drained

The silver dish under me

Has captured my menstrual blood

Which is taken - heavy, dark and clotted

Finally they help me pass the yellow fluid

Discarded usually, but more potent when mixed

With the two other fluids above

We now have a ritual to release a special white cream

A young virgin boy is brought to me

Naked they place him on me

He has a flask into which he will pour

The first emissions that ejaculate so fast

This being done, the man who will kill me comes

His head is covered, but nothing else

He will have sex with me until my death

He has fortified himself for this

By fasting and purification

Only with my sacrificial death will the coven

Have the power to save itself - during this Inquisition

So I lie, and submit to hours of pain

The sex has to be painful

Or the spell will not work

Pieces of glass are put into me

Penile thrusts push them up

Despite the pain, I feel so much pleasure

However, I am not allowed to shout

I am weakening as the blood flows

From my womb so copiously

My lover, who has been watching

Comes to hold and reassure me

Thank you - he murmurs in my ear

As he cradles my head

Thank you and bless you

The coven members say

For giving your life

So unselfishly - to save ours

My last memory is of my lovers kiss

My body disappears

A snowy owl flies to heaven

I have repented for my sins

poet Anonymous

I finally found it

The land of the Lotus-eaters

Who live on a food that comes from a kind of flower

I went about among the Lotus-Eaters

Who were very kind and gave me lotus to eat

The lotus was so delicious, I could not stop eating

It took away my cares and woes

I was totally spaced out…looking at the shore

Listening to the waves, not caring about the heat

I walked naked around this paradise full of flowers and streams

Found myself a lover, who himself was full of lotus

We did discover how pleasurable it is

To lie on the warm beach and make love

Not to care if others are watching

The outside world did not affect us

We slept, we swam, and we conjugated

We were in a trance

One day a person arrived on our Island

Looking for the person who had been me

It was my brother who looked aghast

My hair, long and uncombed – was to my waist

I was naked, covered with sand and soil

I did not talk – I sang

His mind was in turmoil – how could he bring me home

Would I ever be the same or sane?

Worst of all, was my recall…it was dim – I was not sure if he was my brother

Meanwhile I consorted with both men and women

I was totally inhibited – the distaste was on his face

He abruptly turned around and left

Leaving me to my fate…of living out my dying days

In a state of sensual ecstasy

Not a care in the world

It is best to pass this way

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