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Time Of Dying

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem, fictional prose, short story about a time when you thought life was hopeless, but turned it all around!
No word limit.

Only one entry per person.


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-Thank You-
you hurt me and hurt me
i tried to be there for you as much as i could
i cared for you
i loved you
but it seems all you could do was mess with my heart
and spit in my face

i wished that i was dead
i wish that i had never met you
maybe that way i would be in so much pain
god this life sucks

but now i am kind of glad you hurt me like this
now i have a better out look on life and i see the evil in it
not just the good that hides the bad
i refused to be fooled again

thank you for your torture on my soul
it helped me see the truth
it has allowed me to see what is important in this world
i will full fill what i want in this life
so that i will have no regrets in the afterlife
thank you

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let me know what you think this is the first original poem i have wrote in a while because i have had no inspiration

Mad Girl
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Too Much To Ask

"He'll take care of you in ways that I can't-- You'll be happier with him."

Her words cut my flesh, slicing into me deeply. Not for the fact that she was leaving me but that she wasn't fighting to keep me-- She couldn't help me and she was admitting it, that when push came to shove I was not worth fighting for. I knew she was right, she knew she was right-- I did go to him because she told me to, I went to him because I knew he was the one that would take me, he would care for me when she would not.

Her presence still puts me over the edge and it's only been a month. According to outside forces she is alienating herself from everyone, she is breaking down-- I can see it and there is no one there to catch her this time.

I was the only person that would go to the ends of the Earth for her, does she know that yet?

Does she know that she drove away the one person that would ever care about her, because she couldn't try. . .

There was no trying, there was me doing everything for her and for myself-- Putting my problems aside and helping her with her's the ones that always out shined mine.

It never bothered me because I always told myself:

"She'll be better, she'll be better someday."

I promised her everything.
And I asked her for one thing in return, do not leave me, do not give up on me.

But when someone came around, someone that was apparently "always there, always just there", when this someone came around and there was some competition. . . There was no reason to try, instead she pushed me farther and farther away, more and more into his arms.

I said that I would never love a man.
I said I would never love anyone more than I loved her.
But she said she would be there for me.
She said that she loved me.
She said that she would help me.

But you can't see the world through a mirror.
She grew up in vain, and so she only sees herself.
She grew up without empathy and so she does not know how she makes other people feel.

How many people have you hurt since me?

I'm sorry that this is the way you are going to live your life now.

But you put this on yourself.

"-- Everytime I try to make you smile,
you're always feeling sorry for yourself.
And everything I try to make you laugh,
you can't your too tough, you think you're loveless--"

I tried my best to get through to her.
I ignored her.
I tried to make her jealous.
I pleaded with her.
I promised my life to her.
But there was no trying on her end.

And in the end. . .
We both just gave up. . .

I stopped trying.
She stopped caring.
I stopped listening.
We stopped speaking.
There was no more love.
There were ties that binded us to the other.

I see her now with friends that will eventually leave her,
smoking weed and drinking.
Cutting her skin every now and then.
It doesn't make me sick that she's doing the things that I stopped her from doing.
It makes me sick to see how easy it was for her to become who she was before she met me again.
Like I never came into her life.

Like I really meant nothing.

Maybe that's why her presence hurts so much.

Because she just got over everything so quickly, and then accused me of doing the same when fresh scars appear on my arms every day with each poem she posts and each look she gives me.

You erased me from your life, you erased me from your mind.

I'm nothing to you anymore?

I am something easily forgotten, though what I did for you was as easily seen as it is that you have changed and become more bitter.

I don't think I asked much of you.
Just to treat me the way that I treated you.
Love me.
Adore me.
Cherish me.
Care for me.
Stay by me when I am sick.
Hold me when I am crying.
Do not let anything stand in your way.

I guess that was too much that I was asking for.


Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
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From a very dark time in my life. Ironically, I originally wrote this around this time of year, so it seemed quite appropriate.

- Dark is this Night -

A Lamentation for Love

Part One: Darkness and Solace

Dark is this night, and I know not how to greet the morn,
For if I must greet it lonely, then what is the sun for me?
A thing of fire, that lights a world where love is so vacant;
So missing that it fills my soul with agony, makes me torn,
Between my desire for love and my anger at all as I see...
If the universe is a desert, then this world is but one tent,
And lonely is a tent when those within want for so much...
All I wanted was love; just to kiss, just to feel, and touch!
Some desire fame, money, and power at any cost to pay,
Whilst all I ever desired was a love as bright as the day...
Was I too romantic in my nature; should I have changed,
Is that what sparks desire today: the corruption of spirit?
Of what use is any change, when it makes us estranged,
From one another and from the gods; oh how I do fear it!
The darkness that grows in the absence of love and light,
Making much of sorrow, forcing me to take solace in night.

Part Two: Mad Dreams

I think back upon my life and linger long in moments past,
Fearful of a lonely future, and unable to bear the present.
How can people deny Hell, when it is all around this age?
An era so filled with conflict and hate that it cannot last...
Sometimes change must come, just as feelings must vent.
For how long can a heart go on, 'ere it fills up with rage?
And so I rage that I should weep in darkness, unheard...
I rage that it should be so hard to find love; how absurd,
That people should complicate the simple things so vastly,
Causing hearts to break from waiting too long, and lastly:
That I should be so burdened by loss, that peace is gone.
If only the gods can grant peace, then I am truly undone!
For the contentment I need cannot wait for the hereafter,
Far too strong, my hunger for a lasting love and laughter!
Passion can overcome reason, when one is so overcome,
Bringing mad dreams, bright as stars and dark as a plum.

Part Three: Words and Feelings

In all my dreams I am no longer alone, but truly at peace,
For there is always with me a loving maid, never to cease;
But who loves me eternally, as deeply as my love's depth,
Never to betray me, and so my tears are joyful, if so wept.
Of my nightmares I cannot speak, for they are reflections,
Mirrors of the sorrows and pain: of my life's worst sections.
I despair that in this hour I cannot be more joyful in heart!
But bitter is this night for me, as it matters not the fair art,
The flowery words; when broken in truth is my heart, sad.
Are my dreams so unattainable; are all my hopes so mad?
Swift comes Valentine's Day when past is the year's first...
But for me it is a time of despair for on that day I do thirst,
Parched as I am for love, and denied even a drink thereof,
Most sweet would be the ambrosia, whose nectar is love!
To some these are but words yet I feel them as my blood,
Warm, hot, unceasing in their urgency; rushing in a flood!

Part Four: A Prayer

I tire of my lamentation and cannot weep without an end,
And so I must dry my tears, a desperate prayer to send...
Oh ye gods and powers that grant love unto mortals: dear,
Listen well unto my prayer, and lend to this heart thy ear!
All I ask of thee is a maid whose love is as dear as mine...
Who will be there for me, in day and night, a love sublime!
Have I not been thy loyal servant, humble in all my deeds?
Now I ask this dream be made flesh; great are my needs,
For great are my sorrows, and I would see my pains heal;
Send ye my soul's mate unto me, make my dreams real...
This is all I ask of thee; others have asked for much more,
I long to look forward to a new day and all that is in store.
Never have I been a selfish man, nor one given to deceit!
But there comes a time, when a prayer must be prayed...
That is for oneself; thus, I offered my prayer as complete.
I will have faith it will not go unheard, nor be too delayed!

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The Time of My Death

Among the pillows on my bed
Buried in my comforter
Just sinking into the softness
I listened with growing dread
The screams that grow from whispers
And the never ending tirade

I wish I was dead
I wish I died
Before I was born
Cos mother screams
“I never wanted you”
Father growls
“You are not my child”

Laying on my bed
My hands on my stomach
Where a little life lived
I hear father scream
“Its all your fault!
You birthed a slut”
Mother shrieked back

Emptying a bottle of pills
I craved sleep and spiraled
Into dark nothingness
“I wish that whore is dead”
“You always say that,
Wish you are dead too!”
The war of words continue

White walls, white ceiling white noise
I come to and baby’s gone
Waistline was back,
But my heart was broken
Mother said ‘you will be alright’
Her eyes full of false concern
Father just looked away and frowned

I walked out to a new beginning
There was no you
And baby’s gone too
I died together with you two
One day we will meet again
On silver starred skies
Together never apart

StephenPaul Summerscales
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Infra Read      (SP Summerscales)

I've crossed that line
I've wasted too much time
can you see my hand sign
thats what I think of gold mines
and their plastic diggers
nothing but drastic figures
but I got  bigger pictures .
A world of carved ice
sculptured and recultered
to the fashion of a dice
thrown upon a new grown
game of passionate life
you know it blows
when only money
buys a wife  
I kind of oppose to this
phoney way of life
so go decompose
because I've opened my eyes
I don't see the cold
what I visualise
is infra read
a book all must read
it contains some heat
and its gone to my head ,
I'm gonna leave my seat
jump through the window
and explode into a beat
a quicker pulse tempo
a savoured sweet
no more limbo
its a cloud 9
crossing through our time
so I thought you should know
that I've crossed that line .

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when death goes west into its eternal rest
I go east into my eternal peace
time can go slow or time can go fast
depends on how often we laugh
think I need a bath before I die from disease
zero degrees give me what you please
why drag me down some more is because im poor
throw me back on floor until sore
till death do us part I will always have heart
fight for my life, even in the dark
throw me in the sea, and ill be riding on the shark
even tax has to relax before the people attack
we are searching for snacks
but its looking like scraps  
Its all a deathtrap with noway to react                          to the cradle to the grave
try your best to ride the wave
look at death and say your brave
we already forgave create a human brigade
we are not playing spades
these are live grenades
we are easy to persuade because we trying to evade
the inevitable.

Stacey A. Radabaugh
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i haven't turned it around yet.  i still am hoping God will take me soon.

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Oh Yes!! Yay! Congratulations to Paige Rider (Page_Writer) and Paul Summerscales (diddi) for winning the competition! *claps* Yay. And yay me too!!     

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