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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

This section is for poems about drug use, addiction and side effects, along with poetry describing experiences on drugs. This includes alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs like cocaine, cannabis, meth, and heroin. It also covers poetry about medical prescription drugs like Valium, Ritalin, Prozac and other anti-depressants. In fact, poems written about any mind altering chemical can be found here. The "drugs poems" category contains writing by recreational drug and alcohol users, and people who have had significant experiences with drugs through medical treatment. It also includes poems written by those who have observed drug use first hand, from being around users or addicts. There will be poems here presenting opinions both for and against drug use, they are the views of individual poets and not the Deep Underground Poetry website.
Published on 31st October 2014 00:49am
Written by SciTechJunkie
Dear beloved wife,

A green glow of absinthe
A depository mouth to engage it
The sweet aroma of herbal wormwood
With sugar blocks melting per drop.
Fire, spoons and water
This is all that I ask for in you
For you are nothing compared to my absinthe
And my absinthe is of no comparison to you.
While both of you I love,
Only one will get me high.


your devoted husband
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drugs poem

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Image New Member
Published on 30th October 2014 10:42pm
Written by hostedg
42 down
thatís emergency room
cause he wanted to be a surgeon see
fixing hearts rather than leaving them be
because he couldnít get his mind off Descartes
so he dis-cards shit he shouldnít
and says things he wish he wouldnít
man, if he wasnít high
believe me heís tried
to quit. Even tried burning cotton
Um, 11 down is he smokes often

yo take a beer
And cock back a couple pills
And mop up a couple spills
Cause sometimes I drink too much
And sometimes I wrist two blunts
And skip meals for huff huts...
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 30th October 2014 10:33pm
Written by let it be Gg78

the burned silver spoon
a missing shoelace
straws with burn marks


the struggle
When the numbness is done
I feel like dying
H ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 7:46pm
Written by Dslindhout
All of your battles were won
With the aid of your bullets and gun.
You felt so much bigger
When you pulled the trigger;
You finally felt like someone.
You took me and locked me away.
Fresh water and food everyday.
I suffered a lot,
But deserved what I got;
I had so many debts to repay.
You gagged me and bound me in chains,
Poured buckets of bleach on my stains.
I struggled at first,
But it only got worse,
So I suffered the aches and the pains.
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 2:31pm
Written by Firebyrd
3 am has found me again.
Moving through space and time
got so much shit running through my mind
Contemplating everything
as my eyes adjust to the dark
Feeling my eyes sting
as my silent tears
pierce my heart...
So I roll outa my bed
and roll up a fatty...
This always soothes,
consoles , and relaxes me
I ease on some light jazz
as I twist my locks
Pausing inside my atmosphere
Now that time...has stopped
Smoke got me feeling
screwed and chopped
as I sit with one elbow propped
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 1:46pm
Written by JC-Luff
I thought I was a soldier once,
I was walking paralyzed
lost in time
the light beside the chamber...
ten thousand lines.
perception squared
times mass
divided by age...
root limitation image
words in my lungs...
as the year surrounds me,
rusty voices at the bar
eyes close and thoughts
evaporate in the lesser
death of old reason
weird lights inside the bar room.
I am a confused animal
the day is a stranger,
barking Jesus is upon us.
softly going insane.
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drugs poem

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Published on 29th October 2014 11:10pm
Written by Crazy_Admirer
Who else can't get out of writing selfish garbage?
Difference between me and you is that I can come with
different flows even without a beat
so in silence still my writing shouts
I'm quite happy for you to say you're a flying star
because I'm not a retard
and know you're dieing out
You the type to pour gasoline just over the outside walls
then with a lit match light my house
Those who get easily distracted, self absorbed don't see the black marker
print I left on their bathroom mirror
because it says 'WHO IS GAY?'
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drugs poem

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Published on 29th October 2014 10:18pm
Written by sammy4444
the liquid pleasure percolates down my throat.
warm serenity crawls across my skin and through my body,
holding my chest and body in a tender lovers embrace,
eventually settling calmly across my reckless over-thinking brain.
a stirring deep inside rises up against fading inhibition.
placebo pleasure pulses in my pants.
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 29th October 2014 2:25pm
Written by Spanker
Why the flaps are missing
From my Weetbix box
I cannot tell you

Other than to say
They were put to
Good productive use
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drugs poem

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Published on 29th October 2014 1:25pm
Written by sammy4444
The weeping tears of the poppy call to her like a child
and she rushes to lie down and comfort its demands
in a warm embrace on a bottomless mattress
as they float away together leaving their troubles
on the dirty floor far below.
I call her from her doorstep with shaky hope and tickets
and she answers the phone with tired, slurred excuses
and my aching heart demands that I just drive home
to curl up in a ball on the dirty floor with my troubles
defeated and all alone.
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drugs poem

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New Member

DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 29th October 2014 3:03am
Written by Virginiapetal
Youíre slurring your words. †Are you okay?
Iím okay. †Just tired. †Iím really tired.
I get tired too, but I donít slur my words. †
Iím tired. †Youíre acting like that guy in Mystic River.
Mystic River, the movie?
Yes, where he makes him admit that he did it
And he didnít do it. †And then he shoots him the head. †
Iíve seen it. †
But are you high? †Because Iíve heard you high and thatís what you sound like.
Iím not high. †Iím just tired. †And I feel weird. †
My head is spinning. † †
Okay. †Iím not bringing your son tonight. †Youíre too tired. ...
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 29th October 2014 00:52am
Written by mysteriouslady

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 28th October 2014 9:46pm
Written by Tammy666
High as fuck, pixies everywhere
bloodshot eyes
shaking all over
chemicals flow through my veins
overdose, black out
my chemical obsession
inject it
swallow it
puff it and huff it
powerful shit blasts me out of this world
my chemical obsession
enjoy the high don't want to come down
party all night
chemicals raging through my blood straight to my head
black out, pass out
my chemical obsession keeps me alive
walking into the night
people stare at my bloodshot eyes
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drugs poem

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Published on 28th October 2014 4:17am
Written by AleKsandrovich47

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 27th October 2014 5:57pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX

o would-it-were to limit
(my)wimpets to this
icomicque hoseplay
† † oncemore
† † con'brio
† † eggward, & thus , a wee
† † † † † † † † †maiden
† † † † † † † decorant of auld
† † † † † † † † † † † † † loin
† † † † † † † † † † †& lioncloth hat...

they say he d
rugged meself stu
† † † † † † †pid witout ever delighting
† † † a buzz....oshit, gotta change that
† † † shit befor eye dye & turn darkshit
† † † down thee pleas'ant...
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drugs poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 6:53pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
looka me!look'looka!
majestic magistration of all for neverbe,
what to see?[what2sea!]

charlieparker in thee bird'boombox cage,
perfectsatur day'ere in flo'diddian au'tumn,so
will remain constricted to quarters of my so
co m
fy † †alonesum room,despite thee joy gurgling in
dead pants,\ dead ants in dead pants itchy scratch
prove iyam still'a'live beyond thee stillbirth alike
stow'a'way's perfectd'ream cumma t'rue...."a drunkard's
if i ever did see one"...../ o'bird playin LoverMan ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 9:10am
Written by Markclease
I'm so full of poison
Ill stricken
I cant fight the fight
But I can see the light
Like a moth to the flame
It's hard to resist
I just can't refrain
But what about all the things that I'll miss
My girl, my mum my brother and sis
My kids, especially my kids
They've been through a lot
Watching the devil take all that I've got
Watching me suffer
Watching me rot
God give me strength, give me a chance
I'll do anything just to get up and dance
I don't want to go
I'm begging to stay
Enough is enough
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 25th October 2014 7:11am
Written by Markclease
Walking hand in hand
With my conscience
Contemplating my existence
Head full of worry
Heart felt insecurity
Head full of past torment
As I wrestle with my
A light appears
And brings me back
To reality
A son
A †daughter
My world
My blood
I'm blessed
But the voices
Won't let me
Enjoy my wealth
The riches I possess
They lead me away
I try my best to resist
To fight
And hit back
The harder I try
The weaker I get
I won't give in now
As I sit and...
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 25th October 2014 5:47am
Written by nermak
My friend and I are paranoid and one of us is scared.
while the other is content because the others always there.
 † † † † † † † † † † (Check out video)
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drugs poem

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Video New Member
Published on 25th October 2014 4:48am
Written by Virginiapetal
Iím a mistake cloaked in compassion,
I linger in your hallways, inhale your musky scent;
Cigarettes and oil;
I swallow your leftovers and amble in your stilted shadows;
Your anointed nymph, forever waiting
For your recovery.

But she waits too, with needles and tar.
A spineless debutante, caressing you with necrosis †
Replete with corpulent tranquilizers,
Unconditional numbness and love.
Sheís a lumbering beast
With a fistful of pills and rancor.
And I understand
Why you choose her. †
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drugs poem

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