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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs)

This section is for poems about drug use, addiction and side effects, along with poetry describing experiences on drugs. This includes alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs like cocaine, cannabis, meth, and heroin. It also covers poetry about medical prescription drugs like Valium, Ritalin, Prozac and other anti-depressants. In fact, poems written about any mind altering chemical can be found here. The "drugs poems" category contains writing by recreational drug and alcohol users, and people who have had significant experiences with drugs through medical treatment. It also includes poems written by those who have observed drug use first hand, from being around users or addicts. There will be poems here presenting opinions both for and against drug use, they are the views of individual poets and not the Deep Underground Poetry website.
Published on 18th April 2014 2:03pm
Written by Ennui
Shut off phone
Leave me the fuck alone

Nice new clean crisp sheets
Going to feel super nice of the legs and feets

Steaming hot shower
Lasting roughly a half hour

Silk nightgown
Easier to move around

Plenty of cigarettes
Can't have any of those "fuck me I ran out" upsets

A good movie
Background noise for when I get a woozy

Little wooden pill box containing
A weeks worth of reasons why I won't be abstaining

The only thing left to say
See you Monday
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 17th April 2014 00:57am
Written by 7th_son
mounting the dragons saddle once more..
my surreptitious demon rides yet again..
inhibiting familiar desires to awaken anew..
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drugs poem

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Published on 16th April 2014 7:55pm
Written by Euan AscensionES
I'll take the blackness every day
shudder as I collapse into the tunnel.
10 minutes of putrid fucking hell
and the 5 minutes of heavenly warmth.

Breathe life into me
bring me back from the outer plane

I escaped eternity.
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drugs poem

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Published on 15th April 2014 8:46pm
Written by Unveiling crimsin

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 15th April 2014 8:17pm
Written by QueenSophia
Can you even imagine being knocked for every thought or idea that enters your mind? † †
Maybe I'm losing my mind. †
I cannot see straight, straight lines.
The words, letters and sentences combine. †
A soft smoke, a deep inhale...
The dry, musky air, quiet and stale.
Am I losing my mind?
It only gets more difficult to cope,
I have no motivation or hope...
Maybe there's an easier getaway than dope...
I'm losing my mind.
Where is God? His tender touch, so sweet and kind.
I live face down, at the bottom of the Earth.
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 15th April 2014 6:04am
Written by chlo_E
I think there is something beautiful in the act of losing my mind.
Firstly, for example, when I take drugs my mind alters. I want to dance, I want to get up, I want to talk, I want to shout, I want to feel things, I want to look at lights, I want to walk. Reality is invisible and my mind alters. My problems aren't there, my worries, my future, my memory ,my past †aren't there. My life isn't there. I only comprehend the present. Its like I can actually take the time to appreciate the colours of life, the actual art of conversation&communicating, the actual feelings without the thought,...
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 14th April 2014 3:46pm
Written by peanutman27
Your mind is my drug, your words the needle,
you feed my addiction its wicked and evil,
I lose myself when I hear your voice,
Iím a saint by birth but a sinner by choice,
your lips the syringe pressed to my ears the veins,
your breath on my neck it kills all my pain,
Iím always on edge as my skin quickly crawls,
whenever youíre gone and Iím having withdrawals,
you are my habit, you are my vice,
I canít get enough. Iíll pay any price,
your thoughts get me high, mainline...
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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 14th April 2014 7:37am
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
The last hour of the night is 4am.
If you can get to bed at this hour,
You can still consider yourself
Having ďgone to bed last nightĒ.
Even in summer this is so.
But once you hit 5am, itís morning.
Sober people are starting their engines up outside.
Birds start complaining about the morning news.
Youíre fucked then. Your scheduleís off now.
Falling asleep after 5am is just as bad
As nodding off at 8 or 9 or 10 in the morning.
You might as well stay up and smoke another joint
And finish another level on the game.
ďNo rest...
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th April 2014 11:00pm
Written by Alexander Case case28

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th April 2014 8:23am
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
What am I..?
Iím slipping into different scenes...
Different slices of me...
Was I really a part of you..?
Was I really a part of your world..?
This electricity is beyond my control...
This radio-wave mind is beyond my comprehension...
I donít know what is the expanse of my mind...
The size of the world...
I have no idea what that is...
And my guitar...
Completely overloaded on the green and red...
We have to do this, to hear it like this...
If only there would be a way to...
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 12th April 2014 7:31pm
Written by Madintellect

adult poems
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th April 2014 4:25pm
Written by Ennui
life sucks and sucks and sucks some more
yet again woke up on the bathroom floor

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drugs poem

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New Member
Published on 12th April 2014 1:50pm
Written by MariahEatsBabies13
Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
I've been waiting for your call.
I've noticed you've been crying,
And I've watched you pace the halls.
Whatever has been hurting you,
I can make it disappear.
You know you have nothing to lose,
Nothing to live for, nothing to fear.
Thank you, for your invention.
I'll be sure not to leave your side.
We'll become very fast acquainted.
My naive child, there's no use trying to hide.
I should probably introduce myself.
I am your very own addiction. ...
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th April 2014 9:34am
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
***See comment below.***

I forget if Iím supposed to keep my body awake and alive..?
Am I supposed to keep it on the edge of this universe..?
Am I supposed to jump into the black hole..?
I donít know...

Did the first amoebas know there were stars out there..?
Will you people be hearing these words after Iíve died..?
And when you hear them... will I... come alive again..?
I will get through this night...
I will not have to crawl back into the womb of daylight...
To hide from the...
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th April 2014 7:58am
Written by Madintellect
I had a friend set himself on fire at a construction site
This was a year after our other friend died in the night..

From an overdose by taking a full bottle of oxy's
lifes a game well they were'nt winning no yahtzees

later on that year an old family freind took a shot gun
and ended his life because loosing his legs was not fun

you see he had a bad crash on his harley
But the way he ended it, wasn't so knarly

my good freinds mom killed herself in a headon collision...
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th April 2014 2:55am
Written by girljunk
dopesick, I am tangling
icy sweat drying on
my skin
like so many
memories of you.

{Öand still I sweat
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th April 2014 00:57am
Written by Miss Indie Indie
The days dont wake quietly
They are free of addiction
But not from pain
The morphine didnt get me high
No hospital drugs ever got me high
My body is bent with painkillers
That make me sick
And only mildly relieve this pain
Which never seems to end
If my body is a battle field
My mind is war weary
From fighting to smile
And converse and pretend that I am fine
When it would be much easier to sleep
Because I'm not much for complaining
Until my patience breaks down
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drugs poem

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Published on 11th April 2014 00:30am
Written by JC-Luff
... and my mind was a floral tapestry of inspirational words from the gas station bathroom wall alongside the road into tomorrow.
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drugs poem

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Published on 10th April 2014 10:26pm
Written by Madintellect
Majic mushroom patchs
Twisted heads of matchs
Explodes, & then catchs
On fire
Thats your brain
It cant sustain
Hell bent, insane.
Hard to tell
Which card reviel....
The right path
Give your mind-
A slight bath
And wash it clean
To squash obscene
& launch your dream
Examine the consequence
You dont need lots of freinds
If they're all on dope
Do you need that? †nope
Dont feed them hope...

Of you using with them
Its not that confusing, they're scum...
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drugs poem

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Published on 10th April 2014 6:48pm
Written by girljunk
I need heroin;
cause getting clean
cleaned me out - every organ;
& left me gutted and hollow.

my arms are lonely,
missing their best friends:
heroin & syringes.

that sweet euphoric fire
in my veins
was the closest anything
ever got to me.
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drugs poem

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