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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs) short poems, most recently published first.

Published on 26th March 2015 1:18am
Written by AleKsandrovich47
Waves are crashing
Patients are thrashing
But these two will never be clashing

Fists are smashing and cars are passing

But mental illness is forever lasting
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drugs poem

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Published on 23rd March 2015 6:50pm
Written by Allison_Wonderland
How full of yourself you are
When I begin to fill myself with you
Until you're irreversibly empty
And I've become empty too.
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drugs poem

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Published on 20th March 2015 2:44pm
Written by mcjay
Outside the box
of pandora.......

An insurgent activity
My whole thoughts
within your holy

Sometimes esoteric
Up above the
game transfers
epitome visible naked
has his euphemism
-----for dying------

It is a platitudinous speech.
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drugs poem

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Published on 20th March 2015 2:32pm
Written by sammy4444
He smiles like
He's been drinking,
It's the only time
He smiles.

Liquid sunshine
Fills his mind
With sunsets
And rainbows

As he crashes into
The world around him
Like a thunderstorm
Before drizzling into bed.
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drugs poem

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Published on 15th March 2015 3:44am
Written by heart1of9war
allies hide
demons inside
needles escape

many here
hope lost
help unwanted

light hurts
smile forgotten
eyes red

time ends
pain lost
life over
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drugs poem

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Published on 14th March 2015 11:41am
Written by mcjay
Unctuous minds
However ubiquitous
Paucity of self dependence
Loquacious for one so small

.........Impervious soul
However you impugned
Youth and flowers are all
 † † † †.....Ephemeral....
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drugs poem

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Published on 12th March 2015 3:52pm
Written by mcjay
Lucid penile fracture
Opulent dark surgery
Officious mates coming
Pains just incorrigible
Please stop extolling
Exult the dime time
Never castigate drugs
Celibacy happens too.
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drugs poem

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Published on 8th March 2015 2:55pm
Written by thelovepoet
Marijuana makes
my belly ache
when I smoke
the evil stuff
the only way
I can make my belly
quit aching is to
eat some food
after I do I always
feel just fine
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drugs poem

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Published on 28th February 2015 00:05am
Written by Lorenzo A. Fernandez Jr. Loafer
whatever you call it,
never fails my muse.
No matter what these
poor souls
oh, Jesus,
they just donít have
the claws!
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drugs poem

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Published on 16th February 2015 2:49pm
Written by Emeraldia LUUH19
by the moment
of fulfillment;
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 9th February 2015 3:12am
Written by NicodemusReuben
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drugs poem

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Published on 23rd January 2015 3:56pm
Written by MC Scenario
I've found
that good jazz
mixes well with
a glass of wine
and a pack of smokes.

I've discovered
that lonely nights
spent down town
are a sinner's paradise.
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drugs poem

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Published on 2nd January 2015 1:30am
Written by A_Raven_Lunar_Tick
Drinking is a lovely pastime
Whether whisky or vodka or wine

But mixing your drinks
Makes it harder to think

And you'll just piss your pants everytime

*For Angie And Clare*
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th December 2014 3:42pm
Written by ManiacalMark
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv †
The Parasite Feeds †
From Host It Gorged †
Devours Everything †
And Craves For More †
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ †
††††† † †-M
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th December 2014 5:52am
Written by ManiacalMark
Turbulent Sleepless Night
Rise To Soaked Wet Sheets
A Willing Victim

 † † † † † † † † -M
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th December 2014 5:10am
Written by Colten Sorrells SirCreepy
Wasting away
Another night
Slowly slipping into
an altered perception

Hearing new sounds
from old records
Seeing new colors
in the same surroundings

I'm miles away in my own world
Hours silently slip away
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drugs poem

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Published on 25th November 2014 5:42am
Written by Maenad
Ah, sweet bliss.
What false succor to kiss
The taste of your wet, reminds me of piss
All due to that cunt, Sweet Bliss

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drugs poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 4:36am
Written by ManiacalMark
Pray For Peace
Made To Fight

Beg On Knees
Pale And White

Jaw Is Clenched
Muscles Are Tight

Bullet Through Brain
Soul Take Flight

 † † † † † † † † † † †-M
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drugs poem

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Published on 18th November 2014 5:48pm
Written by Maenad
The flame of my wit
Burns my mind as I sit
And listen to your shit
As I wait for the bit
Where you pass the hit
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th November 2014 10:02pm
Written by sammy4444
Advice from a friend:
"Moderation in all things,
including moderation."
As I weakly stumble to his car,
vowing to never drink again.
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drugs poem

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