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Drugs Poems

Poetry about drug use and addiction (alcohol, medication and recreational drugs) short poems, most recently published first.

Published on 29th August 2009 4:44pm
Written by Spiral_Vine
Warm and inert I lie motionless
Swaddled in acrid smoke
Head lolls to and fro
Eyes flicker

Mind lost
must engage limbs
pungent odour sedates me
Warm and inert I die motionless
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drugs poem

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Published on 3rd June 2013 1:19am
Written by hiseverywish
feels so good

causes trouble

joy misunderstood

sssometimes I see double

my mind races, ssspeeds

how fast the money goes

the buzz that fills my need

how much I sssnort up my nose
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drugs poem

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Published on 14th January 2012 9:33pm
Written by heatherb
No respect
 † love
 † care

Only anger
 † † sadness
 † † fear


& abused

everyday is hell to me
all i want is to be free
from this life that controls me
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drugs poem

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Published on 4th May 2012 12:11pm
Written by uniqueshaky
Shrouded eyes,
away with the birds,
shutting down,
on cloud nine,
this confident bliss,
shines over me,
and I wouldn't miss,
the feeling of being free,
one more pull,
to calm the nerves,
and I will fall,
into blissful ease.
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drugs poem

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Published on 20th October 2012 10:49am
Written by QueenMorphine
Noone can ever see it,

But a possessed manís blindness

is able to make him understand.

The sickness is its own cure,

the medicine for medication.

Liquid fire in disguise

of simple poison

in my veins.
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drugs poem

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Published on 21st January 2013 7:03am
Written by Relentlesssmile628

The matchbox trembled in terrified hands.
You can only go so far before you can't come back.
But on and on they went anyway.
It's their own fault when they fade away.
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drugs poem

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Published on 21st January 2013 10:19pm
Written by Will lou White Mitochondrial
glass shards indent the coffee table
 theres a mirror there
and remnants of some
chemical snow
and her lipsticks
still uncapped
and on
the floor,
she won't come back
for that,
they never do
after the
drugs are
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drugs poem

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Published on 27th January 2013 00:25am
Written by KM Mae. kmaaay
Big pupils and tired eyes,
A combination of artificial divide.
The longing of a good nights sleep,
Is ignored by a substance more elite.
Another nights thrill to complete,
Ashamedly taunts, a shameless defeat.
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th February 2013 7:46pm
Written by WikipediaJunkie
Sing to me of the woman
Muse to none
 † Herself
She kept crystal meth under her
Fingernails, but
She bites them short
To keep those demons away
From everything she
 † † † Touches.
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th July 2013 1:55am
Written by yxngqueen Queennels
Swallow this sweet, blue gift of bliss
And your life for the moment, is something you'll never miss
Drown in colors you've never seen
Dreams things you've never dreamed
You'll never come down
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drugs poem

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DU Poetry : Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Poems

Published on 10th December 2013 10:33am
Written by MissPoeticTragedy MissPoeticTradedy
My feeling collide
A conflict of emotions
One contradiction to the next
When I get high the matters fade
The uncontrollable fantasy cascade
As i watch my trembling hands
They record the process in demand.
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drugs poem

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Published on 4th April 2010 10:19am
Written by billy423uk
Powdered dream
on silver foil
above a fluid flame
liquefies to violent life

smoky whiskers
spiral from a writhing head

garnered in a paper vein
then held in burning lungs
till beast set free, is dead
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drugs poem

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Published on 23rd March 2011 6:42pm
Written by Wendy rainbow_sunshine
What defines a nineties child?
For me
it was Saturday morning cartoons
actually worth waking up for
the rising popularity
of enviromemtal issues
video games
George Bush parodies
green day
the nineties
were good to me
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drugs poem

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Published on 17th August 2011 7:10pm
Written by jfuja
It was actually pretty easy
To get the script
From doc.

All I had to do was ask.

Now Im watching in
3rd person as I cut
A few pills with a cigarette.
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drugs poem

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Published on 9th February 2012 4:12pm
Written by Dizzy-Bean UndeadKiller
I wanna feel.
Feel the blood dripping.
The steel slithering down and up.
Feel fire burning.
Burns across this body.
Feel my heart being cut out.
Stabbing over again.
Feel these old wounds opening up.
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drugs poem

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Published on 30th October 2012 8:58pm
Written by jORDANgIRL
MaryJane, light of my life
Fly me so high
From day into night
Watch the moon and sun go by
From darkness into light

MaryJane, inhale soul
Can't get full
Off just one bowl
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drugs poem

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Published on 13th November 2014 1:06am
Written by heart_forrent
I'm high as a duck
and crazy as fuck!
Weed didn't make my brain
become so strange,
it just enhanced the flavor...
and if you're a zombie
do me a favor -
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drugs poem

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Published on 5th October 2013 6:25pm
Written by cfricker86
Take me away
Drag me down
But only for a little while
I can't be gone too long
Wash away all feeling
Don't let anyone in
Let's escape reality
This is surely my favorite sin
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drugs poem

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Published on 15th January 2014 1:00pm
Written by Zane Jackson comptech34
silvery haze, a cloud
of death hangs over
drowns in stench

an escape made
none too soon
grip broken
unhanded by

chain demolished
addiction destroyed
the ash falls
no more

life reclaimed
a battle fought
victory foreseen
momentary bliss

trays emptied
cancer supply
no more
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drugs poem

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Published on 25th January 2014 6:51am
Written by addictedty
the more chemical smoke i inhale,
the closer i get to this lonely death.
how did my life become a black out flail.
im that lost soul whose nightmare is meth.
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drugs poem

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