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poet calamitygin
1awards United States
I write to understand self, to explore and share the beauty and freedom I feel as a Sub, without apology. What a wonderful thing. 💋
Poems published: 12
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poet Gahddess_Worship
11awards United States
I am trying to be me, whoever that is :)
Poems published: 91
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poet stuckinahardplace
9awards United States
Transferring wants and desires from mind to pen...
Poems published: 160
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poet Pishashee
10awards United States
Close your eyes and you will see. Vision is made by the joining of two lights.
Poems published: 354
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poet JohnFeddeler
43awards United States
My poems are blue collar; they work hard.
Poems published: 318
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poet HHMCameron
1awards United States
I am an Office Assistant with a poet's soul... sometimes I wonder how he is doing without it.
Poems published: 310
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United States
I am SURVIVOR, a lover of dark emotional poetry!
Poems published: 4
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poet MsRockyJackson
6awards United States
Ms.Jackson if ya nasty
Poems published: 278
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poet deadwolf
5awards United States
Nothing there that I can see, nothing there staring back at me; Therefore,there is no more I "I" don't exist anymore there is just me. me am not really a poet so much, as me am just a daydreamer that loves to write… o.0
Poems published: 233
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poet Derrick
1awards Australia New Member
More a writer than a poet.  I think when writing poetry, my style is in the 19th century, but then that century did provide greatness in literature and art.
Poems published: 9
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poet applepie77
....mastering the fiction called life....
Poems published: 8
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poet audioharleea
United States
I am a lovely loner, looking for a home. A lonely lover , from loves complications, seeking escape. I so deeply vow to never be in or on the outs Of anyone, waiting on love with held When I must first give it to myself
Poems published: 12

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