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poet JohnnyBlaze
3awards United States
HAiry Mary had a bushy hair lip , quite the sticky mess during a honey drip , a gal anyone man would adore , even when stuck face first to the floor , club footed and hunchbacked - she was prone to trip
Poems published: 84
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poet Hepcat61
6awards United States
"road to hell paved  with unbought stuffed dogs, not my fault..."   E. Hemingway - The Sun Also Rises
Poems published: 114
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poet dartford
27awards United Kingdom
I love words as much as wine, but both can make me sick if over done.
Poems published: 1705
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poet AnnaKissedMe
New Zealand
I don't write Poetry, or even poetry; just fragments that work for me at some level - confessional, inspirational, release or entertainment.
Poems published: 103
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poet thinlane
I've been writing poetry for a long while but I'm untrained and raw so forgive my lack of knowledge. I do this for fun and to try to help break a block in my longer fiction. Also, it's nice to see what other people have to say and how they say it.
Poems published: 131
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poet AnExploringWarrior
1awards United States
Just a man with the heart of a warrior, the soul of an explorer and the spirit of a poet.
Poems published: 23
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poet etroPaL_noveD
2awards United States
Versatile. Please feed the ever evolving me. Poetry is to be free, never mastered.
Poems published: 57
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poet beanbandit
New Member
In a half dead state, maybe comatose, I sorta chose  this type of life over an overdose, and notice ghosts of a past that almost no one knows, except for maybe through a poets prose...
Poems published: 20
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poet IrrationalRhymer
1awards United States
Painter, Poet, Philosopher and Irrational Rhymer To deny ones insanity is to deny ones creativity
Poems published: 92
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poet grimharvest
United States
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poet knot2much
3awards United States
Sharing thoughts, expressing emotion and a little bullshit through the pen.
Poems published: 137

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