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I am a fallen angel born from the ashes of the dead and roting who  looks up at the sky wondering when it will be my time to die ....
Poems published: 104
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poet Tamaura_NightAngel
1awards France
When I'm not rescuing baby pandas from bamboo fires or intercepting missiles over war torn countries. I'm usually writing poetry
Poems published: 86
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poet mbass33
5awards Nicaragua
Semper Fi, Do or Die!
Poems published: 23
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poet Jack-Tex
2awards United States
Not sure if I have a style..I often just write off the cuff and go whatever direction the wind leads me.
Poems published: 60
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poet niknshell
4awards United States
"..Those who can't acknowledge their real selves are bound to fail..."
Poems published: 56
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poet AikoAyame
United States
I'm Midnight I've been writing poetry for 7 and a half years poetry comes naturally to me it's a gift I was born with I hope one day I become a professional poet.
Poems published: 60
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poet Lonelygirl06
United States
***Feel free to visit my poetry pages***
Poems published: 213
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poet Mourganna
28awards Norway
Poet Sex God
Poems published: 407
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poet GlennMcCrary
United States
Hello I am Lori I write in an odd way, I put feelings together as if it were one of my paintings. I may send a mixed vibe but please understand I blame it on my blood lol ♥
Poems published: 143
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poet seascape
United States

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I am a visual Lyricist
Poems published: 130
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poet lashawnscott92
United States
-Insert egotistical narcissist description-
Poems published: 77
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poet TheWayItIs
United States
"If we going to survive,we must learn to accept change."Westly.A.Shaw.
Poems published: 93
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poet peninnah
3awards Kenya
On this website to get inspired and so I can express myself. Unlike some websites that will only accept G-PG13 content this website allows me to write about taboos. Hell yes.
Poems published: 26
online now
poet SugarSkull
United States
Usually found on some tirade about this that, or the distortion of the other thing, J.C believes that there is spiritual growth to be made through the derangement of the sentences.
Poems published: 29
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poet JC-Luff
I believe a poet is born, not made.
Poems published: 34
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poet candycrier
Fuck all of you.
Poems published: 88
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poet AscensionES
9awards Australia
Hello There. I am a young man of many things. I have big dreams that have stuck with me through the years. But I've always had an interest in writing poetry or songs. A little hobby that keeps me content
Poems published: 202
online now
poet CarrionCrow44
United States
I'm just riffing a little. Sometimes, I make sense. Not often, but... sometimes.
Poems published: 11
online now
poet WriterMoe
United States New Member
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