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poet JohnFeddeler
60awards United States
My poems are blue collar; they work hard.
Poems published: 475
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poet WithinTheHeart
1awards United States
"Sometimes Iím terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts." Edgar Allan Poe
Poems published: 65
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poet crimsin
49awards United States
my ink comes from the heart and sometimes a dark mind
Poems published: 521
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poet HadesRising
27awards United States
I am the devil in the details. The hopeless and the wretched I am the nail in the coffin The last tearful goodbye I am the storm
Poems published: 771
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poet Angeliki
7awards Australia
My abstract form is in order with a conclusion. †To create a Positive egoccentric circle you have to match a negative with a negative. .I am indigenous but something happened, commercialism crashed. The End.
Poems published: 135
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poet Duende
Duende loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. Duende is a power, not a work. Duende is a struggle, not a thought. Duende comes from inside as a physical/emotional response to art.
Poems published: 28
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poet G3r0
United States
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poet Poetryman
17awards United States
www.seeds-and-weeds.com †† † poetryman@seeds-and-weeds.com
Poems published: 479
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poet beanbandit
In a half dead state, maybe comatose, I sorta chose †this type of life over an overdose, and notice ghosts of a past that almost no one knows, except for maybe through a poets prose...
Poems published: 148
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poet lepperochan
Jesus said it best in the moments after he died on his feet so I'll not even try re-create †that particular oration
Poems published: 48
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poet Overlysexual
United States
I don't know if I'd call my self a poet. I just love words and how they can make you feel. So I'm new at this.
Poems published: 37
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poet TCLilly
United States
I am a visual artist and occasional writer
Poems published: 47

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