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Hi I am a lover of writing and i like to share my work I hope you enjoy reading it
Poems published: 600
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poet diddi
35awards United Kingdom
Incredibly, and indecently broken quite a lot of the time.
Poems published: 95
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poet pretty_normal
I am interested in writing which is so personal that it becomes universal...riffs on fear, failure, joy, on being human. To write is work, but its creation is joy.
Poems published: 75
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poet hemihead
10awards Australia
If the moon looks blue out of rotation, no worries.....just mine shinning. LOL!! :)
Poems published: 30
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poet bluemoon
My name is C. R. Powers, and I write a range of poems. Anything from erotica to horror to fantasy. I find that the diversity is satisfying. On a really good day, I write amazing, well at least I think so. So I'm gonna get with it now.
Poems published: 252
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poet MrE
United States
My outlook reflects my writing; make haste but don't hurry. I don't think of myself as a poet. That claim does little for me. I like to think I am working on obtaining that title.
Poems published: 527
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27awards United States
"PEACE and LOVE" is my ever groovy slogan..... and then some.
Poems published: 9
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poet Hallucinostic
-Insert egotistical narcissist description-
Poems published: 98
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poet TheWayItIs
United States
Positivity can be contagious.... ...allow me to infect you. ~Rain~
Poems published: 138
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poet rain1courtel
29awards United States

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Welcome to my world! I scribble anything really. Happy, dark, in between, even erotic from time to time.
Poems published: 38
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poet Demonseyesofblood
United States
My poems are blue collar; they work hard.
Poems published: 199
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poet JohnFeddeler
25awards United States
if you can do a tracheotomy  you can write
Poems published: 319
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poet johnrot
19awards United States
On this website to get inspired and so I can express myself. Unlike some sites that will only accept G-PG13 content this website allows me to write about taboos. Hell yes.
Poems published: 38
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poet SugarSkull
United States
I'm Stuck In My Own Personal Hell,It Sucks But Oh Well. I'm A Young Poet That Has Alot Of Problems
Poems published: 85
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poet Fallen_Angel_194
United States
I am diverse. I am introspective. I am lost.
Poems published: 8
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poet AspectsofNyaboth77
I am my own architect who can build my own life.
Poems published: 5
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poet gray_child
United States
Well,I've Been Writing For 4 Years Now,I Was In A Writing Group Then Got Kicked Out Haha Failing Sucks.I'm "Uniqe" Which Means I'm Awkward And Not Afraid To Call Myself A Freak And A Nerd Lol
Poems published: 41
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poet Ninja-star194
United States
Short, Sweet & Simple
Poems published: 24
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poet LimitlessKe
United States
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