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Poems published: 697
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poet seekingkate
14awards Australia
I've been a journalist and (unpublished) novelist, but I've been keeping my poetry buried.  I'd like to make some friends and get advice and feedback.
Poems published: 154
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poet crowfly
5awards United States
just trying to keep it laugh and give...peace
Poems published: 183
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poet Hashman
20awards United States
Taking my thoughts and desires from mind to pen....
Poems published: 129
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poet stuckinahardplace
5awards United States
I mostly enjoy using alliterations, and words that sound good together rather than a structured rhyme scheme, although i do rhyme.
Poems published: 6
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poet doorstodeth
United States
My poems are blue collar; they work hard.
Poems published: 277
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poet JohnFeddeler
36awards United States
I love words as much as wine,  but both can make me sick if  over done.
Poems published: 1074
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poet dartford
21awards United Kingdom
Who I'm I??? Just a lunitic with something to say... read and you may see somthing
Poems published: 103
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poet UnhopefulHopes
United States
Step over to the Dark Side... we got cookies and nut-free bars.
Poems published: 155
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poet PsychicApocalypse
25awards Belize

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I am interested in writing which is so personal that it becomes universal...riffs on fear, failure, joy, on being human. To write is work, but its creation is joy.
Poems published: 87
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poet hemihead
11awards Australia
Enthusiastic amature... Words and Music and Christianity are the only ways I can express myself :D
Poems published: 61
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poet DeathnoteWhovian
1awards United Kingdom
I eat, sleep and breathe poetry.  
Poems published: 220
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poet faithmairee
5awards United States
Shy, reclusive, pretentious, and loner perpétuelle
Poems published: 152
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poet toniscales
27awards United States
Blah-trouble-blah-bad relationships-blah-people die-drugs-fuckin blah-I write all this shit down in some way, twisted in metaphor, verbs slung through vague descriptions or blunt force with harsh words. Blah-
Poems published: 47
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poet CeCe
United States
Words can be medicine for someone else's soul.  We are all pharmacist
Poems published: 75
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poet HottNess
2awards United States
writing poetry from the heart, lungs and semi colon. multiple genres doesn't like pidgeonholin
Poems published: 184
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poet David_Macleod
7awards United Kingdom
I'm just a cowboy from New York City.  I've got some stories to tell and some scores to settle.
Poems published: 423
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poet PoetSpeak
15awards United States
When we allow ourselves to be subject to praise, we are also subject to criticism.  -David Morin
Poems published: 13
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poet cherry_blossom
United States
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