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Enthusiastic amature... Words and Music and Christianity are the only ways I can express myself :D
Poems published: 27
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poet DeathnoteWhovian
United Kingdom
Taking my thoughts and desires from mind to pen....
Poems published: 114
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poet stuckinahardplace
4awards United States
As I shed this skin one more time, it will be my 6th incarnation as a human.
Poems published: 81
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poet chowmaster
United States
If you exist, why don't you heal my wounds, if you're god, release me from this tomb.
Poems published: 72
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poet Ianhelpless
United States
A young person who sometimes has lots of ideas.
Poems published: 37
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poet LoveMinusZero
4awards Canada
Sometimes I feel like the monsters in my mind are taking over, so I lay them to paper and trap them there.
Poems published: 25
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poet DancingAlone
United States
"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." (L.Wittgenstein) I try to shift them in writing. Any questions? Just ask.
Poems published: 36
online now
poet sodium589
My poetry will eat you!
Poems published: 78
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poet DevilsChild
2awards United States
I started writing poetry when I was young in an attempt to release some pain, but now I use it to try to create something beautiful.
Poems published: 205
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poet sammy4444
2awards United States

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Hitler did nothing wrong, 9/11 was an inside job, and, oh yeah, ISIS is funded by the US government... And Obama is actually a Illuminati lizard man
Poems published: 2
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poet LordCreepy
United States New Member
I am a story teller that strives to deserve the title Poet.
Poems published: 59
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poet forever_young
I'm in love with someone I once knew. Now he's gone I feel doomed, my heart utterly consumed. Now I write my pain away. With Erotic, Morbid, and Love 'ridden poems to come, what wonders of fun will run to the dungeon of horrors and rum.
Poems published: 23
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poet titanslayer
United States
Entropy fan
Poems published: 41
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poet Laurbaerson
I'm just a soul, hooked on magic & poetry sandwiches. My words are fools, dancing as they flirt with the life you give them... & then there's the naughty stuff that wakes me in the middle of the night... one day all that cheese'll kill me.
Poems published: 791
online now
poet Abracadabra
....mastering the fiction called life....
Poems published: 5
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poet applepie77
I'm a complete amateur but I wear that badge proudly. The the day that I no longer see myself as such is the day I haven't any more lessons to be learned. I write about life. Trial and error experiences inspire me as well as reading from my fellow poets.
Poems published: 31
online during last hour
poet prestonGibson
United States
From 1 Erotic Mind 2 Another... From the Mind of a VIRGO. I try to tell stories in an entertaining way. My hope is that the reader feels they are apart of the experience. I love to write this is my therapy. Since it is still illegal to kill Stupid People!
Poems published: 125
online during last hour
poet reks24
2awards United States
I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!Critique is welcome! Be Free, Be honest!
Poems published: 39
online during last hour
poet stormiwyndz
United States New Member
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