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Taking my thoughts and desires from mind to pen....
Poems published: 95
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poet stuckinahardplace
3awards United States
Why do I write? I suffer from depression in the form of Bipolar disorder, writing helps to get the inside stuff outside and onto the page. When I am down I write, when I am up I draw and paint. It all helps.....
Poems published: 34
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poet Jonah777
United Kingdom
To hear or be heard, can sometimes only be achieved through written word.
Poems published: 172
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poet blueeyes415263
United States
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of Being and ideal Grace. - Elizabeth Barrett
Poems published: 61
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poet DevilsChild
1awards United States
Ms.Jackson if ya nasty
Poems published: 172
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poet MsRockyJackson
4awards United States
My poems are blue collar; they work hard.
Poems published: 257
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poet JohnFeddeler
34awards United States
I had slowly closed my heart off, shut down and detached from my passion and isolated myself from connecting with others...
Poems published: 29
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poet kissofthedevil
2awards United States
human, quirky, and a little bit dark.
Poems published: 534
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poet Indie
28awards Australia
jus anotha kid kickin his ball around............
Poems published: 376
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poet johnrot
20awards United States

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i have one book published and at least 3000 other poems on any any topic almost and i am happy to be a member of du I am very happy with how people have read my poems i am  so happy
Poems published: 97
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poet thelovepoet
United States
"Your only given a Little Spark Of Madness... You Musn't Lose It." -Robin Williams.
Poems published: 192
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poet Fallen_Angel_194
2awards United States
'I ne'er was struck before that hour, with love so sudden and so sweet , Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower, And stole my heart away complete'  ~John Clare~
Poems published: 49
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poet The_Enigma
United Kingdom
Jesus said it best in the moments after he died on his feet so I'll not even try re-create  that particular oration
Poems published: 92
online now
poet lepperochan
I'm just a poet from NYC. I write many different styles of poetry and topics as well, except love poems, those are rare from me.Ugh!
Poems published: 97
online now
poet Zazzles
8awards United States
Words are my life.. And music the background.. Meshed together, in pure magic..
Poems published: 94
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poet diamonddave75
6awards United States
I am a creator, a destroyer, a critic, and an explorer.
Poems published: 20
online during last hour
poet gazellemon
United States
Love me or hate me, both are in my favour.  If you love me I'll always be in your heart, and if you hate me,  I'll always be in your mind"             - William Shakespeare
Poems published: 52
online during last hour
poet feenixfiles
Hello I am The Phoinix, I am the poet who never quits with the sweetest lips precious words drip.
Poems published: 10
online during last hour
poet The_Phoinix
United States
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