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Thinking beyond beyondness of life and matters that exists... Arriving to my destination My tavern, where only love exists...
Poems published: 6
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poet mystic_mind
My motto is: 'I won't claim what's not mine'. Try & keep it original if you can, I say!     (Click image)
Poems published: 96
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3awards United Kingdom
I am not someone you would think of as a poet, I only do this because I have an exhibitionist hidden inside of me. Poetry is almost foreign to me but yet here I am.Learning and watching:
Poems published: 31
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poet slowgasm
3awards United States
West Coast living, ocean breathing, student of everything.
Poems published: 35
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poet looloolookie
2awards Canada
I'm an aspiring poet. Still discovering myself.
Poems published: 13
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poet Masango
South Africa
Step over to the Dark Side... we got cookies and nut-free bars.
Poems published: 156
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poet PsychicApocalypse
25awards Belize
Love me or hate me, both are in my favour.  If you love me I'll always be in your heart, and if you hate me,  I'll always be in your mind"             - William Shakespeare
Poems published: 55
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poet feenixfiles
I am an extremist. Trying to see and decipher the beauty and ramifications of small things and tiny details from a benign nature. Hovering between genius and madness in defiance of a rational environment. A true RIDDLE..
Poems published: 12
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poet napnau
1awards Philippines
The world is a hellish place, and bad writing is destroying the quality of our suffering. ~ Tom Waits
Poems published: 21
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poet Ahavati
United States

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Do these lovely eyes above me, truly love me?
Poems published: 37
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poet ExercisingDemons
Poems published: 55
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poet The_Enigma
United Kingdom
I only write to rid myself of the fevers that plague my soul.
Poems published: 87
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poet Virginiapetal
5awards United States
Poems published: 353
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poet Poetryman
12awards United States
A creative freethinking romantic individual. Interesting in a strange borderline romantic way.
Poems published: 24
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poet Infernus
United Kingdom New Member
Trying to find myself.
Poems published: 39
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poet Jonny212
1awards United States
human, quirky, and a little bit dark.
Poems published: 551
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poet Indie
28awards Australia
I explore the erotic world, sensuality, and whatever other topics shimmer and dance through my brain. Life is full of passion and we should not fear to be who we are wholly.
Poems published: 66
online now
poet Savaja
4awards United States
Poems published: 76
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poet HollyDove
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