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The experiences and life lessons that I've had compel me to write.
Poems published: 98
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poet xmar82
5awards United States
Always evolving..
Poems published: 8
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poet Vee
23awards United States
I love words as much as wine,  but both can make me sick if  over done.
Poems published: 676
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poet dartford
12awards United Kingdom
Writing is my therapy, my escape and one of the very few things in life that feels right to me.
Poems published: 95
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poet WoundedHeart
Hello I am here now I just would like to know if i have anything
Poems published: 142
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poet blackhyde
In what way does this SECOND tan heffer?
Poems published: 186
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poet souladareatease
18awards United States
Hello I am Lori I write in an odd way, I put feelings together as if it were one of my paintings. I may send a mixed vibe but please understand I blame it on my blood lol ♥
Poems published: 117
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poet seascape
United States
To hear or be heard, can sometimes only be achieved through written word.
Poems published: 116
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poet blueeyes415263
United States
Jesus said it best in the moments after he died on his feet so I'll not even try re-create  that particular oration
Poems published: 91
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poet lepperochan

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what you see is what you get
Poems published: 41
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poet mysteriouslady
United States
Welcome! Xo :)
Poems published: 617
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poet flowergirl
"The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world" Hermann Hesse
Poems published: 35
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poet cmspitz
United States
Writing is my way of putting my emotions on paper that I can't necessarily discuss with anyone. I have a bit of a dark side which surprises most people.
Poems published: 39
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poet BlackCarol
United States
Nothing there that I can see, nothing there staring back at me; Therefore,there is no more I "I" don't exist anymore there is just me. me am not really a poet so much, as me am just a daydreamer that loves to write… o.0
Poems published: 106
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poet deadwolf
4awards United States
been writing for years but only just started to write erotic poems. I am enjoying the experience immensely! check out my work...I aim to tease... Stay Tuned...
Poems published: 259
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poet Deborahlee3313
6awards United States
My motto is: 'I won't claim what's not mine'. Try & keep it original if you can, I say!     (Click image)
Poems published: 53
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3awards United Kingdom
I explore the erotic world, sensuality, and whatever other topics shimmer and dance through my brain. Life is full of passion and we should not fear to be who we are wholly.
Poems published: 30
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poet Savaja
United States
-Insert egotistical narcissist description-
Poems published: 63
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poet TheWayItIs
United States
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