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poet RainC_Tara
1awards United States
If you can't change the person, and you can't change the situation, .....change yourself.
Poems published: 16
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poet gardenlover
12awards United Kingdom
My erotic poems enable me to express the joys of sex in ways not otherwise possible. My other poems are largely about the beauty of nature and the threats the environment faces.[color=Navy][/color][font=Times New Roman][/font][size=3][/size]
Poems published: 347
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poet LunaLove6963
1awards United States
Just expressing my desire. Some fiction. Some reality.
Poems published: 279
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poet AEMelia564
8awards Norway
Sculptress of Words  . https://youtu.be/47Nlknv4Yic
Poems published: 53
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poet Lookawaynow
11awards United Kingdom
One slight poet  Beautiful around the edges
Poems published: 1685
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poet Ahavati
14awards United States
Charmed, I'm sure.
Poems published: 145
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poet Vandel_Viaclovsky
United States
an uneven farce with somewhat serious undertones
Poems published: 15
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poet Kexby
United Kingdom
Writng for over forty years
Poems published: 634
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poet Lyrical_Temptation
United States
I don't really consider myself a poet. I try to capture what I feel at the moment. Simple as that...
Poems published: 15
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poet kcpaij
United States New Member
"Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality." -Edgar Allan Poe
Poems published: 2
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poet beanbandit
In a half dead state, maybe comatose, I sorta chose  this type of life over an overdose, and notice ghosts of a past that almost no one knows, except for maybe through a poets prose...
Poems published: 112
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poet DiscipleofLife
7awards United States
“If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves."  -Bruce Lee
Poems published: 92

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