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hmmmmm.....a poet, me?........maybe.....
Poems published: 373
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poet seekingkate
8awards Australia
        mercy is, as mercy does, wandering the wild,  the stars are eyes watching you, a breath upon a cloud, two white doves, two white wings,  to carry you away to a land in memory, a land in memory  *Patti Smith/L.Kaye
Poems published: 39
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poet jakehammer
5awards United States
Bleed my name is,and only poetry I care most
Poems published: 9
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poet bleed
Poems published: 317
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poet Poetryman
10awards United States
The raucous, random ramblings of T.M. Emanuelle.
Poems published: 76
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poet BlackRose_Mira
I am on a journey… with my work, my explorations, and a few sad stories. I travel with a suitcase full of outrageous blessings. I am on a quest for truth, beauty and quiet joy. I am an artist, a writer, an explorer.  ~unknown~
Poems published: 221
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poet jemac
2awards United States
I've been on this planet for awhile.  I've got some stories to tell and some scores to settle.
Poems published: 465
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poet PoetSpeak
10awards United States
I am interested in writing which is so personal that it becomes universal...riffs on fear, failure, joy, on being human. To write is work, but its creation is joy.
Poems published: 78
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poet hemihead
10awards Australia
human, quirky, and a little bit dark.
Poems published: 485
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poet Indie
27awards Australia

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I'm not the antichrist and I'm sure as fuck not the virgin Mary but somewhere between ulna and radius you'll feel every single word when I drive in the nails
Poems published: 76
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poet case28
Well wonderfully we are creating so let em keep hatin as an occupation, my denomination is co creation. Each action has an equal and opposite reaction, so no subtraction please.Love is circulating as im contemplating elating the deflated world
Poems published: 4
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poet HappyDOC
United States New Member
I love to walk through the mind of another...
Poems published: 10
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poet Kizzymissmoo
United Kingdom New Member
I am a rare breed; thinker, realist, addict of self expression, woman.
Poems published: 341
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poet Maenad
"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." (L.Wittgenstein) I try to shift them in writing. Any questions? Just ask.
Poems published: 20
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poet sodium589
Josag Femi is a poet. And writer.
Poems published: 7
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poet roijosag
my pen flows with ink of Elixir ......
Poems published: 68
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poet sektioN8ty
5awards Nigeria
Insanity is a matter of perception. What do we say about those who ignore the screams of the world?
Poems published: 85
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poet Donovan
United States
One slight poet  Beautiful around the edges
Poems published: 678
online during last hour
poet Lookawaynow
6awards United Kingdom
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