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Love Poems
Written by twitchnsway (Twitch Sway)
if you were living a love of blind impress
you wouldn't see that a rainbow can hide
a crack in the wall where a dream grows
until it is countless devalued dreams wide
by the time we wake to the size of the drift
sought salvations come so hopelessly late
the desperate belief that love transcends all
ties us down to the cold rails of fate
the drive and desire of all hope is to soar
but a broken heart will only once fly
beyond all our ever afters and every soul deep
where an unrealised dream goes to die
Dark Poems
Written by cloubay
A life uninhabited by the suicide soul
Life ground him down and took its toll
Once a fruitful hardworking life endured
Grandeur created from dreams obscured
Being an Entrepreneur creating millionaire lifestyle
Every year that past money making was futile
A place for amusement a place where he'd grown
Betrayed by his peers sold out now
Insubstantial Life meaningless with all accomplishment now worthless
A requirement to living had now become surpluses
Escalating worry of money, health decreasing
Only one outcome, a need to end it increasing...
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