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Erotic Poems
Written by Gahddess_Worship
A squeaky-clean romantic interlude written with the ever-impressive Katja)
We gasp and shiver
as the icy water collides
with our hot flesh
was this cold shower
your idea?
writhing as the clear droplets
plunge down my spine
extinguishing my passion
are you laughing at me?
well stop
it’s too damn sexy
With your hair slicked back
and face washed clean
of yesterday’s makeup
your natural beauty
invigorates my desire
spellbound by your emerald eyes
I pull you close
erect ruby red...
Love Poems
Written by Taryn
Author's Note: entered in placebo's Message to a Former Lover comp

There are two blankets
with names upon them
One baring yours
the other one mine
They lay across the foot of the bed
They look very different after all this time
The one that has your name upon it
is tattered and torn
having frayed edges
within faded colors
Multiple signs trying to repair can be seen
Vastly different when you look at the other
The other that has my name upon it
is brightly colored
and perfectly folded
seemingly bare of any marks ...
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