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Drugs Poems
Written by cloubay
Every time I begin a psychosis cycle of a psychotic attack
Its from actual reality I then be detached
Some lessons I've learnt from others but mostly I’ll not
Being told by others their advice is forgot
I know what's bad and I know what is wrong
A casualty of misuse I cant refrain for long
Withering enjoyment with unstable thought
Delusions making my inner self distraught
Einstein depicts insanity…….
Doing the same thing repeatedly
Expecting the outcome to be the same
Observational Poems
Written by beanbandit
I consider myself
peaceful, kind
Although I don't consider myself
90% of the time
So if you are the type
To come attack me I'm
The type to fight back
I know how to use the 9
But not 9mm, see we fight
We're not the same though
I'm speaking of the 9 real
Colors of the rainbow
I'll tell you let go of the show
That they've planted in your head
Because ROY G BIV
is just something someone said
When you say 7 colors
The spectrum starts with red
But I remotely infer it starts with infrared
And if I say...
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