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Erotic Poems
Written by runningturtle87
She screams
in hysterical laughter
as I tickle her
She nearly wets her pants
laughing so hard.
She turns over
and grabs my fingers
and pulls them over
to her mouth
and bites down hard.
I grab her arm
and roll her over
on her back.
She really fights me
finally and tells me to stop.
And then
she leans
into me
and kisses me
and tells me
that when she says
to stop
that I need to stop.
And then she sinks
into my arms
and kisses me
and lets me know
that she...
Erotic Poems
Written by Gahddess_Worship
(Written for the Edvard Munch competition)
Leave the curtain wide
spying neighbors learn to love
truth naked and deep
Picture: "The Kiss" by Edvard Munch
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