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Miscellaneous Poems
Written by geekslutnerdgirl
the guy in lot 5 likes to give women hickies
then paint their portraits in the sand.
he gives them texture,
because everyone in Venice must have worn grooves,
even potholes, in their character.
down the way the waitress who brings beer,
wears bells around her waist
and already knows our order
before stopping by to say hi.
we drink the sunset away before going
to bounce around the skate park
for a picture or three.
take a ride on the swings
up, down
ugh, too dizzy today.
the erdinger in my stomach
grins at me.
we kiss with...
Upbeat Poems
Written by Gahddess_Worship
Written for the "Oldies But Goodies" competition)
Inspired by "Ventura Highway" by America
From the AM radio
a carefree descending trill
accompanies, on the horizon,
a magical dancing mirage
shimmering on the heated asphalt
a sonorous rhythm
urges us forward down Highway 5
the comforting scent of sun baked grass
gives flavor to the Summer breeze
whistling through
the wing windows
of our old, dark kelly green
Chevy Impala station wagon
a matching homemade wooden trailer
with red painted wheels in tow
filled to overflowing...
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