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Deep Underground Poetry

The DU Poetry community offers a platform for publishing poems online, meeting poets and getting critique on your writing. We embrace our freedom to push boundaries, challenge ideas and engage in thought provoking discussions. Words are powerful, so use yours wisely. Interested? Then we're glad you're here. Whether you already perform spoken word or write poetry, stories or lyrics; or you just want to read other peoples.
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Featured Poet
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poet Punisher868 Punisher868
The things I write are undeniably a part of me but they don't define me and certainly don't control me.
Featured Poet
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poet DystopianMelody DystopianMelody
Pretty new to this, I like playing around with different styles etc but I usually come off as either disturbed, or as if I'm trying to choke you on a dictionary. I like my stuff to flow right

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