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I play in the macabre, the erotic, the taboo.. but it's just play for the most part. I don't beat or kill people or puppies in my spare time.

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I'm a single mother of two, divorced, and in the process of reclaiming her life. I work way too much, but not in this industry at all, surprisingly. Most of the people I work with would be either surprised or appalled to find out about the worms that dance on the surface of my soul.

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how he did it by Deathproof
Morning World by CruelHandedWriter (Panama Judas)
Phlacid by antonee19
R.S.P.C.A by CruelHandedWriter (Panama Judas)
Untilted Jar ( Amaranthus Caudatus ) by EmmaFranko (Avena Sativa)
Ruin a friend before you make them by CruelHandedWriter (Panama Judas)

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