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Poet Introduction

I live my life based on two principles. One☝🏾: I live as if today was my last day on earth. Two✌🏾: I live today as if Iím going to live forever

About Me

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My mission is to enrich humanity with information. Whether I develop my own theories or just by spreading other people's ideas. My activity is very important. A person like me helps to make the world spin by being a connecting link to the almighty and without this link, everything will fall apart. A conversation with me might be life-changing.

For my pleasure, I enjoy reading and writing because I was born to consume information my insatiable mind constantly needs more fuel to keep the revs high. My language learning skills are excellent and they shouldnít stand idle. Foreign language is another system of thinking in a sense and learning it is opening new worlds for me. Oratory courses are one of the many reasons I can be eloquent like no one else and Iíll keep developing on it because it will not be hidden under a bushel. I also enjoy traveling because I should never be rooted in one place. The more places I see, the more people I meet, and the experiences I get, the happier my life will be.

For growth, I do yoga, and painting and participate in team sports.

Psychosomatics, my diseases are normally tied to my state of mind. Since my mission is to disseminate information and manage the stream of events and bring people together, itís very important to keep my mind clean. With an illness, destiny gives me chances to stop, rethink the latest events, detect the harmful idea and delete it. Another cause of my health problems is information intoxication. Too many articles or tv shows excessive communication and trips. So I will be pausing my life a lot to detox. I spend most of my time alone when it happens, immersing myself in nature, and dedicating myself to meditation and yoga. Resulting in getting an energy boost and feeling rejuvenated.

My gemstones are Obsidian (prevents me from making mistakes), amethyst (helps to establish contact with the right people), and Carnelian (strengthens my mental health and brings me power and wealth).

Lucky numbers 5 (love), 18 (career), 111 (finances)