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My name is Asani, I am a sexual thrill-seeker, a sexual renegade a poet, writer, activist and performer. As a woman of both African descent and a Jamaican. I have made various contributions to society just by using my strong voice, never apologizing for speaking my mind. My work is true to a definition posed on my philosophy "knowledge is only the beginning".

Nurtured by both mother and father that was undergoing separation I battled feeling like any other in virtually all areas of my life, to cope I sometimes lied, to classmates, in order to soften the harshness of my reality and of course parents to avoid punishment.

I  vowed to only tell the truth, and I stuck to that vow. Upon discovering my attraction to women I decided on leaving Jamaica rather than live a life of secrecy. Knowing that homosexuality in Jamaica is not just a social taboo, it is an abomination that inspires celebrated songs detailing the violent killings of "chi-chi man" and lesbians...Women who dare to cross over into the realm of lesbianism live with the ever-present threat of rape, which of course was a obstacle I myself is still recuperating from (December 7th, 2013).

Overcoming obstacles such as poverty, abuse, and a violently homophobic homeland I was able thrive in secrecy until this date. I haven't found much success since then. Poverty had made me stagnant where I get accepted to various universities and because of financial constraints I was not able to start a year at neither one. In 2014 I began writing a memoir, that is highly anticipated by my peers but I still haven't completed entitled Golden Silence.

I fight and rally for the right to be anyone I choose to be, and that choice should always be mine to make, and because I dress a certain way or because I move through the world in a way that you perceive to be male, does not make me one...All of us have the right to be free and choose, because our bodies are our own. With a passion for social justice, ingenious mind, and a fiery tongue it is a wonder what marvelous works I will do now.

I love playing with fire, living a life full of excitement, defying all the good girl rules, approaching situations that are both sexy and perilous. I'm a sexual rebel, and to me, danger itself is the most tremendous sexual stimulant of all, but scratch that.....HELLO!

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