(37) Under The Influence IX.IX.MMXIX 6:05am

Iím so damn high, Iíve reached my dreams;
Come to find out I became another dope fiend.
Iím unconscious on this hospital bed feeling useless.
Pupils spiralled out Ďcause Iím really fucking reckless.

Iím lost in the stars, flying freely.
I consider myself a full time junkie.
The road I chose has infinite miles to walk;
LAPD harassing me, always trying to have a ďtalkĒ.

Life or death, enemyís lurk before they stalk.
Fucking rookie attempted to lay my body in chalk.
My past has some crazy ass storylines;
They usually start like, ďSoÖ I was high..Ē

My life ainít that hard to understand.
I lost just about everything to the drug life man.
Be on the lookout Ďcause I got red flags in my writing.
Iíll advise you to say your prayers before I start driving.

My father says, ďMijo, you really need to stop this.Ē
My response, ďBut dad, the adrenaline is quite bliss.Ē
Snorting coke is overwhelming, so I keep it on the low.
I really like popping pills bro, I donít ever take it slow!

I remember collapsing sometime ago from an overdose.
Fentanyl attempted to acquire whatís left of my soul.
To think it all started when I smoked my first bowl.
I remember only being twelve years old.

On the streets ignoring everything I was told.
Living it up to the fullest before I got old.
My cards remain solid, never will I fold.
To this very day, my heart remains cold.

I ran out of fucks to give.
I make just enough money to ďliveĒ
I know I'm not easy to forgive.
The things I say & do cut deep like a prison shiv.

Iím a twelve year soldado of smoking dope.
I prefer intoxication over suicide by rope.
I feel a constant void inside when Iím not high.
Resentments shine gruesome by midnight.

I wake up every single day;
Ripping my bong before I go hustle for my pay.
I got a taste for illicit drugs, illegal habits.
Ion ever want to be sober Ďcause my life is quite hectic.

My lifeís not ruined, so donít cry me a river.
A few lines of cocaine & now Iím a sinner?
Fuck what you lames think, bitch Iím a winner.
A few lines wonít make my lifespan any thinner.

Leave your worries with me, homie.
Mr. Cannabis stays in the battlefield making money.
Something some of you bitter fools donít have.
The rest of youseí are stuck in the past.

Moving on, Iím sugarcoating my problems within.
Addicted to the money, why would I ever call in?
All things green tend to make this motherfucker grin.
My morals & integrity are running real thin.

Iím cross faded but not blind to the truth.
Consider me a veteran of substance abuse.
Twelve years in the making & ainít nothing new.
Iím just now writing about my dope fiend blues.

Lord knows, I really need some help;
When Iím sober, I donít feel like myself.
Iíve been trying to seek my way out of this hell;
While trying to avoid going back to Twin Towers jail.

These days, I try to stay sane but it's hard.
Just recently, I got hooked on Ďem xanax bars.
Knowing me, I always take it a bit too far.
Rapsheets & anxiety attacks from past scars.

Nevertheless, best believe Iím living my life.
Better take precautions Ďcause Iím really fucking high.
Like my lighter, my blissful personality will ignite.
I get lit day & night Ďtill I lose my eyesight.

Never will I ever be able to stop.
Tooting pipes with my brother till my conscious drops.
This is my love letter to drugs.
P.S. It was all for fun.
Written by Darkness_Fiend (Highest Dope Fiend)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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