(36) Neverending Euphoria 03.14.2019 @ 4:02pm)

Inhaling narcotics off the sack.
Hauling ass, scoring xanax.
Anything to escape suicidal tendencies.
Iím an alcoholic with drug dependencies.

Stormy nights, windy days.
Igniting my ďlast cigaretteĒ today.
It felt like nine eleven when I relapsed.
My lungs have already collapsed.

Iíve been released back to the streets.
On my own recognizance, writing to beats.
My debts led me towards consequences.
Felonies after felonies, serious offenses.

Thousands of miles until I get back home.
Meanwhile Iím taking this blunt to the dome.
Iím speeding & asking God for a way out.
Just know I keep my head up, no doubt.

Lonely & crying, Iím stressed.
I tend to forget that Iím blessed.
Questioning myself while Iím red lining.
Meanwhile these demons start reclining.

Iíve inhabited a cold dark world.
Violence, greed, betrayal & hatred, Iím about to hurl.
Much like these white bars, these souls are toxic.
Portraying negative vibes & emotional bullshit.

Youth days were different, scary.
No funerals, no one to bury.
Time flies, who do we blame?
Timeís are rough, keep a steady aim.

Galaxy stars roaming, killing any sunlight.
Intoxication occurs & Iím taking flight.
Countless paraphernalia loaded with narcotics.
Xanax capsules & chopped lines for this addict.

In a constant haze, dwelling away.
I left myself speechless yesterday.
Face numb, jaw locked & eyes shut.
Sheís on all four like a fucking slut.

Itís an everlasting cycle;
Cravings that will never satisfy this psycho.
Sinful grins & synthetic smiles.
Inside my lair snorting lines by the mile!

Like my debt, I got tons of questions.
No answers, only suggestions.
Iím misunderstood, Iím acting like a fool.
Why apoligize for doing what I do?

My body is getting weaker, Iím not fine.
Iím drunk, high & I need another line.
I canít make moves off nickels and dimes.
Iím hustling until death says itís time.

I never expect to see tomorrow.
So I light one up & conquer my sorrow.
Thereís not much else to say;
I replaced my friends for bottomless pay.

Iím intoxicated on a daily basis.
Iím never dry, plenty oasis.
Itís a life I embrace.
Thereís a void beyond the surface.

Monday morning sets in;
My conscious burns within.
Faith slithering down the drain.
Deadly dose, sugarcoating my pain.

Iím really high, Iím losing it.
Candles remain lit.
Love is gone; Eternally.
Iím an empty vase, internally.

My temper goes off like a C4.
My destructive ways lead me to steel doors.
Probation & parole, tough situations.
Nevertheless, Iím aiming for intoxication.

This is my life, waking up high.
Going to sleep, trying to survive.
Contemplating what Iíll take next,
Perhaps another 6mg of xanax.
Written by Darkness_Fiend (Highest Dope Fiend)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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