(38) K-Town Vibez II-IX, MMXVI @ 8:59pm

My ash tray full of burnt cigarettes.
Early in the morning dealing with regrets.
Lungs burning from ripping bongs.
Heads banging, bumping gangster songs.

Iím under the influence in K-Town.
This is my life above ground.
These demons may have won this time.
Iíll deal with them after I finish this rhyme.

I need help for all the hell I raised.
My conscience stares back face to face.
My reflection portrays resentment.
My heart is dealing with the consequences.

Truthfully, I fear rehabilitation.
I donít have any motivation.
Itís my life at this point.
Lighting up another joint.

I feel like my lifeís a fucking mess.
Failed suicide attempts due to stress.
My rage is vibrant, Iím losing all hope.
Not to mention, Iím losing myself to dope.

What do I do now?
I need to move on but I donít know how.
Iím so lost in life, where do I go?
I just want to disappear with my bro.

Iím fighting to the very end.
I believe thereís always hope, amen.
Itís hard not having anything.
Itís difficult not having everything.

I remain consuming contraband and brew.
I do it endlessly to avoid feeling blue.
Despite heavy discretion, my family knew.

I drink first and ask questions later.
I have no friends, theyíre all traitors.
I lost my financial stability.
I made it this far, itís my ability.

Iím nothing but a piece of shit.
Iím alone in this path, ready to quit.
Drunk and angry every single night.
Isolated pupil since the first time I got high.

I donít drink for fun.
I drink to feel loose like Iím on the run.
My nose burns from that excessive line.
I ruined my life but at least Iím high.

Reclining with my car in park, lighters spark.
Like my soul, my personality is dark.
Snorting away my morals and self respect.
Time is the one thing I truly neglect.
Written by Darkness_Fiend (Highest Dope Fiend)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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