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Iím stressed but truly blessed.
My reality has brought on many lessons.
Iím blowing through these intersections.
Dashing my way to a tragic collision.

Thereís three things in life I donít do.
Sobriety, fake bitches & red lights too.
Iím always rolling off something.
 Nobody can warn you whatís coming.

Iíve been broke before, without friends;
On my own hitting dead ends.
Ignoring them with, ďRemember when..Ē
Things were different back then.

Iím reminiscing about older days.
I remember not having shit to my name.
Now Iím counting up & Iím hogging my lane.
Money ignites mistrust but I canít complain.

Time progresses as I learn my lesson.
In agony, I canít let go that Iím a felon.
Nobody was there when I was locked down.
I only had myself, nobody dared to come around.

Nobody knows where I really come from.
Little do they know the things Iíve done.
Wasted days & late nights on the run.
Donít idolize me, police chases ainít fun.

I do my best to maintain a smile.
Swerving on the road, endless miles.
Iím destroying my mental health;
For inevitable bottomless wealth.

ĎCause I hate being broke!
Iím known for snorting coke!
I sold whatís left of my hope.
Iím on 6th & ____ scoring dope.

Living in sin with seldom regrets.
Some things in life Iíll never forget.
My childhood had some neglect.
My reality is something I have to accept.

More problems leads to more bullshit.
More money, no doubt I need it.
I need alprazolam to stay lit.
No matter what, I canít forget shit.

Iím intoxicated by muscle memory.
Premeditated plots, dirty money.
Establishing a high end lifestyle;
Working on the side, a nine to five.

While dirty money is tempting;
Sitting in a cold cell is depressing.
It just ainít worth it.
I rather work for my drugs, Iím lit.

Now Iím financially elevated;
Dopeís becoming pure, man Iím faded!
Iím loaded off some fine concentrate.
My future is something I always contemplate.

I have dreams & goals.
Other things besides smoking bowls.
I want that shadow black Mercedes.
Someday Iíll consider sobriety.
Written by Darkness_Fiend (Highest Dope Fiend)
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