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My Scorpion King (Mm..Softly Levitating)

My Scorpion King, I hear your voice throughout the cosmic as you my love kisses upon your cheek far and wide  
Close your eyes, and allow me to covet your mind until you can feel my inhale as our exhale breathlessly collide  
Yes, dip your hard quill deep into your ink and gift the softness of my mind  
Savoring the taste of me from off your lips, feening for my whispers  
Resonating at dusk, enticing you in my fragranced sheets in prime time  
I had a dream last night you made my pussy softly cream    
Making the most tender love to your chin, slopping your beard    
Mm... leaving traces of me in your saturated strands, sniff under your nose knowing you were here    
Whispers in my ear throughout the night    
His teeth, softly teasing my earlobe… Oh God once he eases into my soul, his presence feels so right    
The equilibrium to my mind he balances when the duality of our minds are on a spiritual flight  
Was it the words you sing to me like an arrogant hummingbird    
Tip toeing around my Chi… yet, your desires are always heard  
No need to ever guess, no need to ask the tender winds of the Earth  
Water and Air is the cosmic kiss to the afterlife of evolution’s rebirth  
Flipping the covers back licking my fingers than sliding them inside my kitty cat    
I felt a soft caress to my cheek    
Where virtual and reality has come to meet    
I heard you summoning for me    
Tonight my back arched, mm.. you will taste of thee    
Kisses to my clit… my eyes in rapid eye movement    
The feel of his tongue swirling over my soft folds, this is meant    
Dazing me in my slumber    
He’s winter and I’m summer    
He plays my mind likes he’s savored my passion in the fifth wonder    
He leaned over and lifted a vine of soft grapes, and placed them between my mounds        
He leaned his face inward and bit into the fruit licking the juices as it rivered down  
Then transferring the pulp as our tongues hungrily entwined        
Holding the sides of my face... his saliva now my sweeten taste    
I love the freaky kind who keeps me moist for the wait  
“I have never felt a charge to my pussy like that before... I needed him inside me even more”          
Standing… lifting me in haste, wrapping my legs around his back, his lips overtaking mine and my mind        
Running back to his bedroom, tongues fighting for superiority upon the dueling as rapture our bodies seeking to find    
Oh, this man smells soooo good    
Bedazzling me knowing he’s about to give me a sticking of his royal hard wood          
The pain of absenteeism, his raw pleasure have me doing anything to have him deep inside    
Once he palmed the mattress, feening for the slicken glide        
He keeps me on the edge of climaxing pleasing me while circling once the silhouette of our ancient souls beautifully collide  
We are the Utopia of the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, our destiny is already paved
My skin to his tongue taste as butter rum marmalade        
He is the caress to my heart, the voice in my ear, when the Heat of us inflames  
Echoes to his ears, his baritone to mine, in the midst of passion as we call out each other’s name    
Making love to him on his throne  
Mm... what a feeling to slide down and then wildly gyrate all on my Hebrew King’s hard bone  
Mummering against my neck, his love notes, alluring me with his smooth Psalms  
In the height of pleasure… he makes me beg for his release        
He tantalizes my body, with each sensation of being appeased    
Then I suddenly woke up    
His scent on my skin, the reminisce of him salivating from my lover’s cup    
I know you are the Hieroglyphics on the sacred walls of my inner holistic shrine  
Always, we are in and out, in and out of time....
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Third Quarter Moon: Half of the moon is visible from Earth

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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