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Surrendering Soft Whispers Of The Night

Oh, you mighty Warlock, behind the glass of your reflective imprisonment  
Are you thinking about the time I seduced you in your bed, of carnal bliss as you eased in an out my creamy paradise lassoing you in my silken merriment  
Candles flickering upon the silhouettes of casted spooks and spells  
I am the sorceress who gives fires to Hell  
I reign in the sky, to sing the earth sweet lullabies  
No matter where the Devil may dwell  
Incantations you feverishly toss into the wind  
Hoping to break that mirror for my power    
I will dispose of as the elements of Mother Nature I commend  
My soul from the stars I lend  
The savor of my flavor let the imagination drool from your mouth  
Within the jungle the purring of my sacred passage is found once thrusting in and out the pleasure of my butter rum South  
Are you feening for my taste to your lips  
The mystique supernatural variance of my exalted gift  
My thighs opening, mesmerizing your soul, scorching passion, hotter than your dark pit  
Close your eyes, snap your fingers, and… mm substantiate the hunger of your vitality deep inside my dewy mist  
Telling me it’s magically delicious as you capture my lips  
Mm... taking you in inch by inch, my body coveting your ouroboros movements, losing your spirit inside me the closer you sink into the abuse of my lascivious bliss  
My fingernails dragging up your spine, raking across your back  
Indenting the tips in the heighten madness of radiating the sensations your loving packs  
I am the voice that draws you out the sea  
Your snout in pursuit of my honeyed craving needing to relish in the appease  
My legs wrapping around your muscular physique  
Sliding down the fountain of your hard lust    
Oh, sweet mercy... weakening my resistance with your upward thrusts  
At ninety degrees  
Buttocks squeezed, cupped  
Bouncing me up and down on your throbbing need    
Waiting for the explosion of your integrating heat    
Stationing my back again the wall  
A hasten lift, a tight grip to my wrists  
Tonguing my skin, soaking your girth in my trickling rainfall  
Mmm..hum the dominance of you takes all  
Only to encase me back in the mirror with no chance of escape  
What brings you to my shores of my castle, Warlock, wait  
To see me naked in anticipate  
On my knees giving in to the wishes of your fate  
Shall I sit upon the throne of your face, and let my honey over your mouth softly adore  
Sandwiching my breasts, gyrating, you like that amore  
You crying to possess me for eternity as I give you more and more  
Splish splash    
Closing my eyes, head bent back, your tongue inside my pinkish candyland taking a wet bath  
I smell your greed for the sanity of my flesh in the shadows of the wind  
Your reflection has turned you to what my senses cannot resend  
Mm… upon the rise of the full moon  
I shall by the rite of the raven soaring give you the melodies of Heaven’s Bassoon  
Drainage your resistance as your heart unto me swoons  
Angered paws prowling, saliva drips  
Inhaling the air, you are closer as the winds tells me as they drift  
Seeking high seeking low, through the jungle for the entwine of the greet  
Upon the green bed of earth, you take me … let your hands, mouth upon my skin feast  
Are you ready to surrender to the ecstasy of my sorceress’ power  
Satisfying you as I moan, your echoing groans resonating in the deep forest past the midnight hour  
Earth shaking as your palms embed in the soil  
Energy transference now more powerful than the Succubus, the witch, and the sexy Jinn  
Elation in jubilation I am the Empress of the night, within my arms the touch of royal  
Sleep my handsome one  
You will awaken in your arousal state by the rise of the sun  
From beast to man, you shall remain as you stand  
You will recall thus night my scent you will search the four corners of the world to demand  
Opening my eyes  
Snatching the ringing phone up to my ear, silently asking myself why  
Girl I been trying to call you  
Elvira, I had a bad dream, the Warlock is coming after me as a werewolf and me, his immortal food  
You zapped and left him in the mirror, right  
Yes… yes… with all my chanting, with all my might  
Thank goodness Halloween is coming soon  
Girl, Count Dracula is having a Monster Ball and we got VIP passes, now smile, and do not rehash about any more doom or gloom  
Yes, mother dearest…bye girl  
Later Sweet Kitty  
“I will find you, my sorceress...  
I will search the globe until it takes my last breath”
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I will be incorporating some of my darker works of art.. then moving to Candleology

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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