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Unto The Daughters Of Israel (The Temple Of Jerusalem-COTS)

I heard in the wind whispers to the Heaven to blame society mishaps on the skies  
The book of The Emerald Tablets advises the intellect, it is the hidden forces of the elite that tells the mind media lies  
Occurrences in the world are never by coincidence, but by strategic designs  
War over land occupied by false inhabitants    
Stolen land and millions of citizens now living underground around the world, others living in makeshift tents  
Civil unrest, no one on their knees to repent    
Who is to blame when the world burns, in the air, the stench of death the nostrils sadly inhales  
Vined lines of clouds made by Grand Rising chem trails  
Cancer, you better read the fine print on your food  
Red Dye 3 in candy, poisoning the masses with the sweeten taste of dreams, altering the mood  
This is not the offering of our Creator we have been given dopamine of thy free will  
The Sun, Moon, Water, Stars, the Fertile Soul are the gifts, unto self, it is our universal seal  
Man made the spear, the knife, the gun, then excused his decadence with the commandment thy shall not kill  
The left side of a man’s brain is his masculine traits  
Reasoning, being objective, his decision making skills holds in his palm the world’s fate  
Each one with a code at his fingertip that can rain a mushroom cloud meant to annihilate    
NATO and the United Nations council never promotes peace at any rate  
Secret societies that’s where the veracity truly lies      
Sleeping giants spewing propaganda, wanting you to deny your own eyes      
Selling the black genes poison in his or her own community      
Digesting erosion to the mind of the white laws of nature no more superiority than the next person of any degree      
Mark of life celebrated by green cards, infants crying behind a bard wired fence      
There are humans who still extend that beautiful hand      
Souls of hearts bowing to humanities in tribulations unplanned      
As sorrow blows its wraith across your great lands      
If mortals drop to their knees and pray for others and forget themselves      
Discouraging to the sacred temple wishing for donated organs when the expiration of death will be ultimately felt      
Renewed life to give back their importance values more than wealth      
As your scroll has been written to convince the mind man is made in God’s image, then why thy brothers’ keeper still swings from the trees      
Feet not touching the ground to give his presence to society still decaying in the sweltering breeze      
The first cry parents hear when entering this life      
No ships, no noose, no concentration camps, no invasion of reservations, light greet you, no strife      
A woman’s womb become the mistress of her own earthly plight      
We as humans are enslavement to awaken by day, time operated by manmade time, and still no rest to the bones when the mind slumbers at night      
Thirty-day cycle to lessen the brain waves just to be      
You pay for water, land, natural minerals to succeed      
These elements were given to us tax free      
In today’s hazardous time      
Have joy, find harmony, and make love with the core of the mind      
The race to survive are not calculated by skin tones      
It is the King or Queen who give love, purpose, and bring prosperity and serenity to his or her home      
Raise his or her generation to greatness to sing the inherited earthly’ s songs    
Strive to always atone      
I look down upon your hands filled with blood and massacre      
Chemical agents you inhale, exhale, distress to your diaphragm with polluted air      
No conscious to adhere      
Black robes were never foretold      
The Elite mouths sentencing mortals to death, that is the sin of any higher degree to scold      
The Heavenly Creator giveth breath and taketh life      
If sin did not commence the mind        
Banged Gavels, prison cages would not be the beginning of a heart’s strife      
Toxicity spillage in the inlet of your ravine, rivers, fined, until the next leak      
Carcasses washing inland from now tainted seas      
Bioengineered food is now what eyes come to buy when they seek      
Mouths thirst for filtered water, lead infused you still must drink      
Most hearts are always in the right place in a falling democracy on the brink      
You mortals have one foot in hell, mind in Heaven, heart surviving Mother Nature’s cruel elements      
Silence always gives noise its beautiful consent        
We are on the verge of a systematic daily purge      
Violence, robbery, idolatry to debauchery is the new scourge          
Murder in the name of polarizing sides, deafening screams, to survive must tolerate    
Where is the remorse, the emotions, no one with commonplace morality dares to even relate      
Baptize your thoughts and always keep them pure  
The heart, mind, and body rid of its contaminants daily and that is for sure  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Train up a child in the way that he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

King Solomon
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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