Who am I?
What am I?
It’s a question I’ve pondered and asked myself from time to time
If I ask it enough and just right, then something peculiar happens
It’s like taking an imaginary elevator down to deepest recesses of my mind
Then a voice ascends
And says "Well it depends…
A conscious organic computer moving a structure of flesh and bone
An autonomous sentient being navigating through this world
A spiritual entity searching for purpose through the familiar and unknown”
Hey wait a tick
Is this a new trick?
That voice is mine awaking my subconscious it kind of unsettles
I become aware of me from the outside in a third person degree
Or did I take whiffs of big fat spliffs like I’m high going down to lower levels?
It’s a quick re-wiring
My neurons are all firing
Making assessments and calculations based on what I’ve read
It’s as if all of life experiences and dreams have come together
Quickly formulating responses that feel like they’ll pour out of my head
I stay quiet for while
Unable sigh or smile
For a few minutes I lie there awake in bed in between realms
Is it enlightenment or realization? Or just my imagination
That for a moment I see myself in command of this ship at the helm
Then as quickly as it came
It goes away  
Until the next time
When I ask the questions again
Written by wallyroo92
Published | Edited 19th Jan 2023
Author's Note
Thank You Scientist
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