The Chariot

Letís be honest,
Rooms are composed of six lines, †
Line One: †
Why am I a who-man, cataracted into †
This †
Antagonistic, rectipetal †
Lee, †
Hand of accreted injury, †
Thrust before a liquefactious air, †
And why is this sleek- †
Shod carrion bird, †
Flute of limbs and impermeable †
Coat, †
Circling the stench †
Of once proud flesh, †
Rendered, now, †
A tumble of stinking ropes, †
What it is. †
Line Two: †
Why are the corners brooding †
At the drum beats your hips †
Are throwing like tides, †
Their clasped beak †
Adamant, †
In taut angles, †
Unable, in all their chitinous †
Umbral carapace, †
To hold your fire, †
Venting black tapers †
Into the shuddering †
Music. †
Line Three: †
Why is hunger †
An abscess, †
At the absolute center of †
Everything, this †
Corpus Mundi, †
Voice of the insolvent †  
King, †
Munificent, only †
In laments, †
Poured upon parapets †
Evening gloam, †
Whose fasting fires allay †
Equidistant, †
To its echoing †
Atmospheric †
Bier, †
By daylight, †
Interred, †
Into its cairn, †
Why is hunger. †
Line Four: †
Why is a memory in the hollow †
Of the bed, where your scent †
Has lain its fingerprint, †
A void spiral, pressed †
Its breath to indent †
The mattress, †
Why do I continually dream †
Of your absence †
And wake in the rooms †
You have left, †
Why isnít a memory a stone. †
Line Five: †
Will you tell me why I ask you †
Questions you could not †
Answer in the selfsame language of †
My heart, whose dented †
Atria have formed the unique †
Identifiers †
Of a bullet casing, †
Will you soak my ink in your  
Tears until it runs †
Off the page into your †
Lap. †
Line Six: †
Why is dread of the inevitable †
Boredom, our collisions will naturally †
Engender, by repetition, †
Enervating the ecstatic longings, †
Mired in the red taped, †
Rubber stamped queue labyrinth †
Between us †
And the absolute surety of injury, †
Fomented by these pyroclastic †
Thoughts, vanguarding lips, †
Bruised in their magnetized rush, †
To clasp, to breach †
The channel, †
A totemic Scylla and somehow strategically †
Partnered Charybdis, perched upon opposite †
Shoulder, whispering sewn threads †
Through our lips, knocking back our
Tenuously reaching fingertips, †
Why are we parting again, †
Oars thrusting at a cold breakwater. †
.. †
The Chariot †
Or †
Elenctic Method †
By †
Written by DanielChristensen (The Fire Elemental)
Author's Note
This work was written in collaborative spirit and inspired partly by my friends in ink, Rob, Rianne and Rina. Looking forward to knocking our poetic heads together again.

Copyright © 2023 by Daniel Christensen. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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