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into her arms with everyday embrace
I always felt wanted around her
she gives new meaning to rebirth
taking out the bad and inserting the good
cutting out pieces of broken heart
replacing with a new
no more horrific thoughts
with a fully functioning brain
others see me as a monster
but it is she who comforts me

loving me as the women who took me on
not an easy battle fighting those that shun us
we become targets for their relentless hate  
but I fight for her as the crazy experiment I am
attacking anyone that dares test my patience
she cries from my anger
begging me "please, stop the madness"  
so I agree and take us away from the village
we move to the bell tower where we hide out
making her dinner everyday
with a side of sweet kisses
love her smile
but I know it only hides her concern
I wonder if she regrets what she's done
hell, I wouldn't blame her if she did
the villagers finally find us
coming with torches and pitchforks
calling me out “we only want the monster!”  
she holds me back as I try to leave
crying uncontrollably at what certainly is my end
I am too strong and push passed my creator
setting myself in front of the unruly mob
they take me and beat me to a bloody pulp

my reason for living screams
"stop!! stop!!"
the Mayor of the town raises his gun
Frankistina jumps in the way
the shot shoots through her body
I scream “Monsters!.. You’re all monsters!!”
crying to the point of disbelief
the villagers start to leave
ashamed at their own blood lust
some time has passed since
I live on for her memory only
hiding in shadows, laying flowers on a grave
for the most perfect women
who seen the love in a freak
Written by DevilsChild
Author's Note
On the 6th day of Halloween I give to thee... tragedy.

Haha yeah, I know it's not Halloween but I edited this old poem of mine for my 13 days of Halloween poems and didn't release it as I chose something else for the 6th. Mostly because it was just an edit and i wanted poems that were more fresh.
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