When Friend's Share a Bed  

when friends share a bed  
after all dignity's shred  
it's just a place to lay your head  
til enough Light's been shed  
when friends no longer touch  
'cept as psychological crutch  
to protect children from abrupt  
changes so they dont rush growin up  
when friends fail to deal in truth  
or turn their eyes from proof  
cause they're sheltered by one roof  
too exhausted for another move  
when friends cling to familiar  
settle for something different yet faintly similiar  
unaware they erode pillars  
that keeps sanity on-kilter  
when friends share a bed without Love  
well, with just a hazy remnant of  
memory not resembling nearly enough  
the actual beauty that first got them stuck  
when friends live in the past  
churning great passions into crass  
imitation of emotions that didnt last  
stamps them hopelessly outcaste  
when friends dont face facts  
endless loops of penultimate acts  
unwittingly put their hearts on a rack  
further stretching odds that are stacked  
when friends cant even suggest  
what they know is for the best  
just lay mute like the rest  
they've failed before the test  
when friends cant bid farewell  
cause their under the spell  
that all will be well  
they've defined their own hell  
when Dreamers re-discover  
amidst pallettes of dulled colors  
pull splattered tarp and uncover  
evidence of a significant other  
when Dreamers still possess a spark  
even so barely perceptible in dark  
perhaps whole Love is no mere lark  
there may yet be a couple's room on the Ark  
when Dreamers permit themselves to exist  
slowly loosen the grip on time hardened fists  
shed the game's shackles to bathe in centuries old Myths  
misguided superstition falls under eclipse  
when Dreamers commit to rigorously flex brains  
make use of the percentage that remains  
unexpected strength grows out of familiar pains  
old losses fade to hopes of new gains  
when Dreamers have courage to take on great risk  
follow their hearts into a Journey so Epic  
suspending forbidden beliefs for a temporal kiss  
they might discover magic in unlikely pairs of lips  
when Dreamers lips touch, create an aura  
that sends energy through mutual cores  
instead of coming to senses, instead of backing off  
every angle of mouth meeting mouth is explored  
when Dreamers shed their time worn disguise  
refuse to continue living out lies  
yes, they will elicit tear flowing cries  
but these waters finite and give way to Rise  
the Rise of Lovers too long in absentia  
the Rise of minds on the edge of dementia  
the Rise of Communion though half a life spent  
the Rise of true Selves that friends tried prevent!  
when Lovers refuse to accept defeat  
they've tasted the nectar that makes them compete  
for a life unlike any others could possibly meet  
the rarest opportunity to experience the Complete  
when Lovers admit to themselves  
that they've truly fallen off the shelves  
where languishing passions were carelessly held  
they gravitate to Souls that have never selled  
when Lovers have travelled the road to Unite  
the breaking, the making, distant stops on their ride  
if Love is Boldly Expressed, not weakly implied......  
--------all other peaces their places will find
Written by drivelicious13 (alon aLion)
Published | Edited 28th Jan 2024
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