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   Self destructing, one cell at a time......

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Pete Townsend,Bob Marley,Sycorah, FaWuD,Emily Dickensen,.alonaLion,Sandra St. Victor,Edgar Alan Poe,

About Me

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OK --
 so I`m not really from San Marino -----

  Rendered into Temporal Physicality during the tumultuous 1960`s (that being 1966 to 1976) I absorbed much of the decade`s creative, sexual and revolutionary energy through existential osmosis.

My culture of indoctrinational conditioning remains New Yawk Citay Vestigial Jewish.

 However, as soon as I became aware that there were many belief systems all with their own uniquely twisted dogma and zealotry, I intuitively knew that EVERYONE was wrong.
 That realization came around the age of 4.

  Inexplicably, whether by spiritual awakening, Sun spots, or water fluoridation, words that I`ve always suppressed have recently broke free. My creative flood gates have opened unleashing an observational Tsunami of ideas.

 I believe in Connection through Comprehension.......

.....although admittedly,
that can be a time consuming process

  The content of my work is free of the shackles of those big `ol Reference Books that “Teachers” still cling to for dear life as if those outmoded tomes were the Titanic's lifeboats. It`s hard enough for peeps to overstand each other in our day-to-day without an impotent Maginot Line of obsolete, forest-stripping mental blocks obscuring our comprehension ever more grotesquely.

It is in this singular stasis that you find me, within DUP`s teeming hordes of thought externalizers cryin for relief.

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FREE by sycorah
AND BEYOND by sycorah
LOVE! by sycorah
A GLANCE by sycorah
i've foll in love by sycorah