Energy Vampires (Narcs) pt.2

They don't wanna see you survive
They want bring up your past
In fact they really want you to die
They just wanna get a close proximity
so they can suck you dry
they have the need to be in your circumference and it's a reason for this
They want to make sure they can slam down the gavel in your time of weakness
Vamps are out here lurking and people are been weaponized we are in  
" the age of the agents"  
Even leaders telling lies
Don't let them seduce you
Drain and juice you
Trust no one they will call the authorities
if they think you have the flu (Covid19)
Some parents are so narcissistic
they hate on their own children
they won't even nurture them
But they want them to think the way they think instead of letting them have their own minds
They hate the Pride inside
They hate the Love inside
They hate the Peace inside
And when you try to shed some Light  
them cowards run and hide
When they show you their fangs
stay away from them no going back
and forth to argue to prove a point  
it is what it is, "they are poisonous "
even in small doses if you let them in your essence you will never reach full  
potential because their purpose is
to feed off your mental, your past
They use that against you...
Do you feel left out yet?
Sometimes the gift is a curse and you want to know what's worse?
when you tell them you want to achieve something and they shut you down and make you feel like you are nothing...
even some people on these social media sites have found a place because they've been rejected and this is all they have  
and it's really sad, I remember I when I would post something positive and along came a negative comment from  
someone psychologically trying  
to control me and steal my energy
"grown ass men"
full of jealousy and envy
Oh yeah they get happy when  
they don't see me as soon as  
I Log on they get superstitious and camouflage themselves between the pages like stalkers in the bushes….
Misery always wants company
They will invite you in and offer you tea
And then turn around and spill it out
For other vamps to see, even as a
Kid I was in the class of  "SPED"
Agents would interrogate me
On the daily, I am so Special  
that's why I know  
what to look for lately...
You can feel it through the frequencies
Some of these vampires don't even have any shame they're up all night plotting  
their wicked games
When you let go of expectations you will start to see everything go dark
Be aware of the dangers being around
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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