Closure Is A Trap

Why some of us feel we need closure? When will "you"  
Learn ,the relationship is over
I don't know who this is
going to resonate with but
you attracted the fuckary  
in that friendship...
Yup ain't nobody else's fault
Just yours ,you should have treated
Sex as a privilege ,not as a chore your falling for the
Lies and getting lured back
Into the enemies bed again
Can't you see that he or she
Is  just using you to be back
In your presence to get you caught up in an entanglement!
But you're so sure to rely on
Their discretions and let me tell you
why sometimes you have to just cut it off,get out your feelings
So vulnerable, so soft
you have to be able to look outside yourself  
Notice you are only a priority
When they need your help
Business partner whatever it is I'm at the point now where I don't need nobody to explain to me what they did and why they did
I've seen it, I did not like it  
Didn't feel good in my spirit  
and didn't vibrate well in
my soul so I left it alone  
Cause shyt get old
Once I'm done
I'm done…...
Don't confuse my personality with my attitude ,my personality is who I am my attitude depends on who you are ,yes I have
Trust issues you have to be
Very spiritual and very strong minded to date me….
I don't need no explanations because sometimes you go back to these same ole tired situations
Tighten up and quit your blood-clot crying your heart is  
not that damn fragile and
you ain't dying…  
So what!!! They hurt you get
Over it!!!! Whiny little baby
Get off the tits!!!!!!
Your not worthless  
Baby You're  
"Worthy and Worth It"
Where is your self-esteem
You're an adult now, of course
This world is nasty and mean
You can get fukd over by
Your own team….  
You've given them a chance to say their peace and they might be genuine to see where they went wrong and some people do change but I'm talking about for those real toxic situations
The Jerk who is being extra
You end up paying for their
Former or ex's mistakes
It's not fair
But what I am saying is stop
Being a square please get a
Backbone your really giving
Off and impression as a spineless and weak individuaI  
Stop making excuses  
Stick up for yourself you deserve
So much better I swear...
Listen take my advice, say goodbye
Walk away and don't ever look back they don't love you and they don't want you anymore just
Let go move on and accept
That, I just feel sometimes closure is a trap…
It's A Trap....  
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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