Unexpectedly Unfamiliar

the moon is being stubborn,  
refusing to give way
to the rising sun;  
she fell asleep on the couch  
and it’s a long, cold walk  
back to her room;  
the sleek new coffee maker  
grumbles a sweet good morning  
as I sleepily stumble by,  
its cycle, comfortably mundane;
dark and warm,  
like fresh flannel sheets  
and heavy down comforters  
pulled tightly up to chins  
while the frost creeps  
along doors and windows,  
searching for bare skin  
to land icy kisses upon  
the heavy aroma teases  
my senses awake;  
routine movements reiterated,  
providing this framework -  
allowing freedom  
in these confined spaces  
where I keep  
the beguiling chaos  
of my injured mind  
precariously contained  
this morning ritual -  
ancient in its practice,  
flirting with modern esthetic -  
my legs curled into the couch,  
as reverent a position  
as the prostrate prayer,  
cup to lips is as seeking  
as forehead to the floor;  
I pause, beseeching  
in my own way -  
stealing this moment    
to just listen for it,  
the underlying wisdom  
I’m supposed to be earning;  
but there is absolutely nothing -
and the sound is deafening,  
unexpectedly unfamiliar  
ghosts of small children  
dance on the living room rug,  
their peals of cherubic laughter
faded and soft, like whispers  
caressing my cheeks  
with chubby fingers;  
I resist instinctual urge  
to reach out for them  
one more time;  
they’re grown now,  
no one needs this mama  
cleaning the dirt  
from their faces,  
not anymore or ever again-  
not after I so hastily taught  
them to do it  
all on their own;  
there are new smudges  
for me to help clean,  
but these kind always leave  
my hands idle  
we’re in uncharted waters,  
with a deeper seat
riding every new horizon;  
my anchor pulled itself up  
while I wasn’t looking,  
and I am adrift in this  
eerily silent season,  
the fear of the unknown  
achingly overwhelming -  
bittersweet acceptance  
is my new resting place  
and I have the worst insomnia  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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