A poem? Spoken word? Or Maybe Both?

Ya know
I feel lonely sometimes
I just....
Sit here....
Feeling so  
Lost and....
None of this makes since to me
None of it....
Adds up,
It makes me feel sadder than ever
The great big world
I thought I once new
If only things were different
Maybe then I would he happy,
What if I were that person instead
Overwhelming myself  
With all the things I over think  
Silence isn't an option for me
I think about to much  
But at the same time
I just DON'T
I feel so dumb so
Then I will feel  
Aware and notice how I feed into all the bull crap  
Worrying about all these things
Holds me back from truly being who I am
But focusing on who I might be  
These things keep me lost
Stressing over the shit that is there to hurt me
Seriously what would it be like to live someone else's life?  
But no I shouldn't think that right?
They don't want me to be aware
Or maybe I just feel like I shouldn't see,
Just a lost girl trying to find her way
And I cry sometimes
I make myself cry
Why do I do that
It's all a part of the mystery
Why am i the way that I am?
Asking myself that everyday  
Never knowing the answer
Just needing answers
That's all I want
But I know I'm keeping myself in the dark
It's hard finding my way out
I feel like I'm spiraling  
But I'm afraid to spiral completely
Because I don't know who I will be further  
What might I end up doing  
But we all go through this right?
Not everyone's stories the same
But open your eyes  
As I jump from corner to corner
Trying to see
Trying to make us all realize
And all i want is......
To be sure of who i am
With more confidence than I could even stand
I'm tired of crying  
And hurting
And just being sad
Listen to my cry
Calling out  
As the pain goes on and on
As I try to tell you what my life is all about
Written by KrystalG
Modified 11th January 2018
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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