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MASSAGE - Part 1

You ask for a neck rub and I eagerly agree
Not often I get to perform this act intimately
Ready for the task, you sit on the bench
Instructs me to massage where knots are felt
Deep tissues and muscles feel my sturdy fingers
I work the area thoroughly until wellness lingers
Shoulders neck and back are painfully explored
I give my all in this task of preparatory control
Professional maneuver continues intensely
No rush, but aims to finish this task wholly
Kneads body parts with serious loving affection
Your needs comes first to achieve total relaxation

You’re a busy client who has other needs
Your flirtatious tone and language I hesitantly read
Nervous where this will lead as your body I admire
I act carefully because I do not want to be fired
Since the time is right to transform work into play
Erotic flirting raises temperatures in a sexy way
My breath on your neck with whispers in your ear
Knots continue to work lose as hands work in pair
Repeat assurance suggests we take it up a notch
I move in closer so I can graze you with my crotch
With my swollen member press lightly on your back
Response of deep moans my throbbing you attract
Sounds of approval escapes your thirsty throat
Plans for my next move occur in horny mental notes
Near to complete the task which I am being paid for
Lustful cravings is about to willingly take over

Hands move to caress body parts which yearns
Full access beyond boundaries makes passions churn
Your back still face me, you arch to allow stimulation
Ass, cunt, legs, nipples and breasts get my full attention
Butterfly kisses descend slowly while I playful nibble
Occasionally you wiggle and squirm because it tickles
How far are we willing to go with this risky pleasure
Wisely, I resist your demands to impale your treasure
Not totally reluctant when I got behind you on my knees
Eye level with forbidden gem I succumb to your pleas
We grasp both cheeks and spread them wide
My face wedge in crevice as moist tongue begins to slide
Massage begins without hands or fingers
Gentle ass button stimulation as oral ecstasy lingers
We carry on for what seems a very long time
In reality within a few minutes a tidal wave you climb
Rapid breaths resonates as bodily rhythm increase
I hold your ass steady so point of contact do not recede
Facial contour bury deeper in flesh of immense attraction
Push you over the crest into multiple orgasmic oceans
You continue to shake from the complimentary way I did assist
You give me your business card to connect before you exit
Written by Butterscotch
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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