I've seen it all.

Hearts full of ignorance and worn out smiles on cobwebbed faces.

Zombies with sexy bodies and lust filled minds.


Dying Constantly,
trying to correct mistakes, drowning in a sea of pretence
and feeding off a platter of misconceptions.

I've been there,
auctioned off my heart,
lost my soul,
found a purpose, the wrong kind,
won a few hearts,
broke some,
got baptised,
found my soul,
got lost,
embraced my demons.

And just when I thought I'd had enough,
when my demons had stopped finding pleasure in mind games and dark bottles,

I stumbled upon you.
Another porcelain Barbie doll with a full ass and an empty head (or so i thought at first)

The ghosts of my past saw the baggage you carried so I wanted to make a pass.

But there's something about you that got me attached, not unique but quite peculiar.

I see color in your shadow ,
you have this silver in you that the vampire in me is somehow attracted to.

I won't call it love, that's a term I don't use.

For every time I hear the word,
I imagine a low life call girl with scars all over her body, raped and left in the gutters of the outcast, trembling, holding on to feeble promises and empty words in a futile attempt to cover her nakedness.

Abused and misused by lustful people on days when she's just the right lie they need to achieve their desires.

Its evident you've had your moments and so have I.

This time lets both try something new.

Let me put it like this,

if a piece of your smile was stapled to my heart, I would be happy forever.

I wanna hold you and cherish you like you were the last piece of clothing on earth during an everlasting winter.

Lets never kiss,
we'll just make sure that when our lips collide, the connection will be so deep that we'll taste each other's souls on the tips of our tongues.

I promise the day my body takes a vacation in yours, that date will be tattooed on the hands of time.

These hands will play Beethoven's symphonies on your skin

And when I slide through the hallway of your heaven, your moan will send a ripple across the milky way that will knock the ring off Saturn and the flame between us will melt the ice on Pluto.

Baby ,I love that you are as damaged as I am broken.
So lets go crazy, hold nothing back.
Let's be wild and free once more.

So when the flame dies, and the embers go cold

When this thrilling tale inevitably comes to an end

It'll at least be a great one, for the walls to tell
Written by Emjay (Tirma)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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