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First Time

First glimpse of you, I felt
my heart tightens as though
in a loving embrace.

I could feel the warmth it
pumped throughout my body,
especially when it reached
my face.

I hoped that you did not
notice that I blushed at
the mere sight of you.

For in that fleeting moment
my heart felt something so
so new.

Your smile, your face, just the
thought of you; were all that
filled my mind it seemed.
Consumed with the thought  of
you; both day and night, even
 more so when I dreamed.

Then the moment came when
we first met, I was as shy and
nervous as a boy could get.

You soon made me feel at
the ease with your soothing,
sweet voice. It was then, that  
I knew my heart had made a
perfect choice.

From that moment; we were
together most days and
nights. Sharing each other's
dreams, fears, and delights.

You were my first love, the first
to hold my heart. I knew that
with it;  you could be trusted
from the very start.

It was with you, that I shared
my first kiss. It was awkward,
your were my teacher; of it
I often reminisce.

You put in plenty of time in
with me until I got it right.
There were so many
loving days we shared
till day's dying light.

When it was time to part
from you, I would always
say to you, "I'll love you more
tomorrow than I did today."
As if that were possibly true.

I would go home at night
and lie in my bed, with the
thought of you lying next to
me; running through my head.

The thought both exciting
and somewhat laced with
fear, recalling that your
we're my first kiss; so my
inexperience would be quite

I never had the courage;
or just did not want to know.
Would you once again be the
teacher on the next adventure
on which we would go?

I loved to touch you.
You were so young
and so damn beautiful.

Your skin was so soft
and firm, to the touch.
To rub it and caress it
I loved to do so much.

Your neck I loved to
kiss, suck, and bite,
with my hands on your
hips holding you so tight.

Your supple lips, your probing
tongue and your warm smile;
how they drove me crazy,
how they drove me so wild.

I could just sit and stare
while you brushed your hair.
Watching as it flowed down your back,
to a lovely behind; that in itself,
nothing lacked.

I would fantasize about
the moment that you
would undress for me;
Your lovely, naked body
lying there for me to see.

When the day finally came,
I nervously unbuttoned
your top. Then came your
bra, I thought my heart would stop.

Your breasts bare and
beautiful, warm to the touch.
I did not not want to stop there,
I longed for you so much.

Next came your skirt,
sliding down your thighs.
Then your panties pulled
down before my eyes.
So beautiful your ass
and the treasure in front
that lies. I couldn't stop  
myself even if I tried.

When I placed my hands
on you for the first time.
You felt so wet and warm,
I nearly lost my mind.
The chance to place  
my lips on those never
before seen lands;
to touch so you softly
with my eager hungry hands.
The sight of you was more
than any man could stand.

So I hurriedly undressed,
and between your legs I laid.
Kissing you softly, holding close;
for this moment I had prayed.
The feel your bare skin pressed
against mine. The close beating
of our hearts in rhythm and rhyme.
For in that moment I knew, I would
never be able to part from you.
I gently entered you, while in
a loving embrace. You held me so
tightly in your most sacred place.
Nothing could ever have prepared me
for how you felt inside; my mind racing,
the ecstasy I could never hide.
Looking into your face, as we locked hands.
The thrusting of our hips as we took heed of love's commands.
Penetrating to the edge of heaven in your embrace.
Holding you tightly, pulling you close by your waist.
Your body was so hot and wanting,
begging and begging for more.
So I kept knocking deep onto heaven's door.
Your screams of passion, your begging for more.
They were more than I could stand,
so I planted my seed in your newly tilled land.
Soon your crimson spilled, my wish being fulfilled;
that I was your first time, just as you were mine.
We laid there in that place, lying face to face;
holding each other in long, loving embrace.
The happiness of that day in my mind
can never be erased, but these moments are fleeting
they soon disappear with haste.

You were my first kiss,
You were my first love,
You were my first taste of bliss,
You were my first piece of,
You were  the first to break my heart,
You were the first of many lovers;
But you will be the one I 'll always remember
till this world I part.

Written by knot2much
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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