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Poet Introduction

Ruthless Baring by pen.. Stroke my Ego or Show me No Mercy!

Favorite Poets/Writers

Emily Bronte, Henrik Ibsen, John Donne, J Skelton, & many other early to mid century/archaic poets

About Me

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All eyes, heart & Virgo.. easy to laugh, stubborn~pissed when I cry, Not a blusher, sexygood Wifee, a Realist, fan of wit n giggles, bein tickled.. a loyal confidant & go~to Fixer. (dirty deeds, done dirt cheeep) 😈
Firm believer in old skool morale, life's simplicities, kindness and dark humors.

Lover of word flavor, archaic verse & texts, delicate darkness, intelligence, occult knowledge, shinee souls, mind touches, hard truths, good musixx, shock n awwww, rhyming with style, and bed~trained dragons that snuggle.

Guilty of slaying english as often as I can, dabble in latin, struggle with free verse & appreciate hellz outta the poets here that grace it in all forums.. also adore the Dup minds that pour erotica and dark just~right, you know well who you are 😈
tend to dot~dot.. alot.. plz pause here and there.. ty♡
♡♡much loves.. ~d


"..But a tyrant spell has bound me,
        And I cannot, cannot go.."
~Emily Bronte, 'The Night is Darkening Around Me'


“ ’Tis time to tell, on turf as I lie,
felled by the sword, what fate was ours:
unlike our lot in life hath been,
to Hel fare I while whole thou livest..."


'BRING BACK THE SNAKES' © 1997, 2001 c.e.

"My land was a jewel most blessed,
My people both happy and free,
Till the preachers came in with their crosses,
And drove all the snakes out to sea."


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Pine(ing) by Bluevelvete
Smother Me by PoetSpeak
Muted by Ljdynamic
The Stone by Calamityofgin
Point Of Entry by Tenderloin
Frenzied Friends by Tenderloin

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