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He shouldn't have spoken to me like that
listing my negatives in every shade of
black and white,
rudely, disrespectfully
trying to destroy my dignity
Shredding the last remaining threads
of love and trust with his insecurities.

He should just let- me- go

I was angry, livid. Feeling my blood boil.
Barely resisting to slap the rudeness
out of him
carelessly flowing out of his mouth,
The mouth, I had kissed thousands
of times becoming a prayer on his tongue.

But, I held on my composure
refusing to go there
a place of humiliation and cold stares.
Putting on my coat, calmly, quietly
unwilling to look; felt nothing but disgust  
for a manI barely could recognize.

The crisp air on the sidewalk, whipped
my emotions into a raging storm
running into the cold windy night.
My car, my escape from maddening
pull'n tug, becoming
a prisoner in my own device.

The tears choked my gasping breath
as I reached to my car when I felt
his weight press against me from behind
kissing me passionately, mumbling
"you're such a pain in the ass"

How dare he!

I pushed him off, punching
trying to unchain my soul
feeling his kisses on my hair and skin
turning me around, whispering
"I love you"
Possesing my mouth, biting my lips
holding me tight to his chest.

You know what I need, don't you papi!?!

I screamed into his chest, blood curling
as if someone murdered parts of me.
Pleading, " I can't do this.
It's killing me inside.
This is the end of our destiny.
I must leave, but you need to release me.
Please, I'm begging you, let me go"

He began to cry, re-folding his heart.
"I can't, I don't know how"
grabbing his head with his empty hands,
as if his thoughts were too much to bear.

How could he disrespect and treat
a woman he loves with degradation.
Using the entity of belonging, selectively?
He kept on kissing and didn't let go
tasting so warm and erotic, the hold
he had on my body was overwhelming.

His hand traced the side of my hip
down my thigh as I wrapped
my leg around his hip.
Lifting me on the hood of the car
unbuckled his belt, unzipping.
The probing fingers pushed my panty
aside sliding, stretching my lips open.

The anger and pleasure were intoxicating
pissing the lust out of me with intensity
each slam, delivering his hunger for my
He pulled my hair back
intensifying each hit, plummeting
grabbing my ass to make sure he got deep

Our bodies gave away every frustration
to the love raging with anger
pumping with animalistic ravage of a beast
Knowing to well, this could very well be the
last fuck he'll ever receive.

...and just then,  I exploded streams of
my lust over his cock and hardened balls he shot up his full hot load in my
aching pussy
...he whispered catching his breath
"I love you so much
I hate how I love you so."

Please let me go!
Written by Lena-underneath
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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