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Is my style getting boring?

Tyrant of Words
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I think writers or poets have their own writing style. If you like it and enjoy writing a certain style, go for it. Try to experiment with other types of poetry if you want. It is all up to you. Enjoy writing, reading and saying your thoughts on other people's writes.

Fire of Insight
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Im new here and hardly a professional in any way. Im not going to try to give you advice because I dont feel qualified. That said, I can say that I think it depends on why you write. Is it to get published, for notoriety or monetary gain? I write for myself. Im not so concerned with how pretty it is or mindbending the wordplay is. I dont concern myself with trying to be a wordsmith or impresing others with my use of big words. Not worried about symbolism or being deep. I have many voices in my head fighting for dominance, some of which are very destructive if I let them go unchecked. Writing and getting those feelimgs out gives the voices an opportunity to be heard. That quiets them down for a time. My poetry is raw, ugly and straightforward in their ideas and meaning. They are me. Thats all I can possibly be is myself. There is a beauty in that. In words that are unabashedly real and unmistakenly you.

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