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My Energy Is Sacred And The Power It Seeps (Non-Comprisal)

Are you listening to this and what is displayed in the media these days... Men have controlled the sea with the reckless seepage of his million dollar company hazard chemicals, sending billion dollar equipment into the sky, erecting radioactive drones in outer space, crop dusting our import/export fruit and vegetables with poisonous chemicals, which could alter the DNA of estrogen/progesterone/testosterone components and now, then you have men from Southern Baptist congregation and its afflictions who want to remove women from the throne of theologyís grace, that is so disheartening.  

Women invented the spiritual manifestation of love, to give unto the creation of life, the benediction of our temple for the perfection from which the nostrils unto the Creator we came into being. moreso than man, that one cherished reason, women must always maintain our temple as if it is a realm of the institution of divine love.  

Let me ask you something

What could be worth more than gold, is it fame, could it be fortune, having money at your disposal, billboard records, having those million-dollar mansions eyes could only dream of stepping over its threshold.

However, as being meek, should we wait for that pie in the sky where words of salvation and bountiful blessings await our vessel.

I had to write this in part, I am witnessing a lot of blood sacrificing as of late. This satanic cult has been practiced for years now, and there are several celebrities who are now starting to speak out against Hollywood and the Musicís Industry dark practice.

I study Numerology, Reflexology, Astrology, and the principles of balancing my universal Chakras, the elite have been visually displaying their wickedness with satanic tantric symbols in their movies, their awards show performances, just to name a few, when given a platform, to memorize the masses if you are not aware.  

This strategic gamut befalls in the music industry virgin talent used as pawns in a game of making money for the upper echelon, and yet the person never sees the gainful profits, and if so, he or she only reaps the small percentage.  

The Record Label percentage, The Promoter, Taxes, Video Promotions. If the money isnít generating. This is the crossroads where choices become the detrimental thought of free will and selling of the soul deal made to covet blood oath of others, sadly if could be a family member, a close friend, the deceptive ritual goes very deep than what my word could ever give justice too.

There is a wake-up call, to the artist who has such a passion with a beautiful gift and thriving to have their craft displayed in mainstream, but not quite understanding the misperceptions or mishandling of fortune and fame, most are complaining they are not breaking even for what meets the eye.

We watch the videos of the rappers, with the gold chains on, flashing the money, and the explosive entourage, but that is not real life, and yet some of these young African American males are so quick to adapting to that mentality, resulting in drug usage, gun violence, teen dropout, or juvenile detention.

Those same young impressionable eyes do not understand, some, not all those souls have signed their souls on dotted lines to sacrifice the longevity of their spirits for the blood of self or someone else, with no recourse.

To the elite, you are irreplaceable, but your life force sacrifice is your oath of assurance to the riches on earth encased in the temporary fulfilment of its pleasure, that is why it is imperial not to allow evilness, jealous, or to get the best of the mind, the prosperity of your heart is for you and yours alone, it cannot be bargained for, given, or taken in the servitude of the blood you sacrifice for or for the malice of others you chose to slew for oneís own potential growth.

If some choose to speak about, about the downfalls, the sacrifice, the rules. You are considered marked. Do you remember what happened to Martin Lawrence, Kat Williams, Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, there were others.

No one stays in power in Hollywood without knowing something, knowing someone, or having privately done something.

There have been several male artists who have preferred to retain their master copy to their music for some unknown reason, they are not around by way of, either, drug overdose, committed suicide, hung themselves, however, these may seem likes natural occurrences.

And the record label continues to get royalty, through having retained the artistís master copy.

The question, I ask, is fame worth, some of these Kings slaughter the innocence of his seed, by the degree of the numbers in relationship of the blood, meaning, the key of must correlate, with the numbers of 7, 9, 11, 13. You must know how to break them down.  And those numbers have been the cornerstone for the destruction and downfall of some prominent men, their offspring.

It was always so ironic when we used to say we are moving into a new world order, sadly to say, we have arrived.  

Once we have crossed the throne of Artificial Intelligence to allow a machine to mimic our thought process, it becomes dangerous.  

Elon Musk has even debunked the menaces behind Artificial Intelligence, as we are moving into this so-called New World order, universal occurrences are going to start moving very fast.  

I never thought I would see the day a computer can mimic the thought of a humanís cognitive awareness. Several top fortune five hundred companies are slowly phasing Artificial Intelligence Software into their corporationís database, and if it is reliant and sufficient and faster to replace the keystrokes, then human employment will gradually be replaced.  

However, I would welcome Artificial Intelligence only when used for military tactics, when we are engaged in active war.  There are theorists who state Artificial Intelligence was structured to make war with those aliens the government has finally let America know they have top secret files one. In addition, there have been some documented encountered as of late to bring light to those doubts.


There will be a two part series, I would like to see how true Nostradamusí predictions have touched on Artificial Intelligence, China and these so called Extraterrestrial Sightings.  
And this dangerous pestilence, I suggest you use the strength of your beautiful hands to grow your own fruit, vegetable, one of these days, you are going to have to take back to the land.  

Always stay positive, smile in the midst of life's storms, and be kind to yourself and others.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Cancer, Radiation Treatment, Chemotherapy, and Hospice

Part I Of Part II

I dedicate this medical journey for anyone to have to ponder the sole decision when faced with the diagnosis of cancer and what is the best course of treatment plan, regarding such a prolific journey and what methods to heed when subjugation the body to its path to reach remission, eradicate cancerous cells, to prolong life, to decrease the metastasis, or to assure the essence of quality acceptance when in the terminal stages.  

As an Interim Director of Nursing for a private funded Jewish Senior Assisting Living and Rehabilitation Center, my primary duties are to oversee a vast population of its geriatric patients or terminal residents. In compliance with my staff of nurses and physicians.  

Moreover, a practicing licensed APRN for Mental Health in the state of New York.  

And what I encounter the most for family members is, could they have done anything different to have deter the life of their loved one, friends, or simply an acquaintance. Before I really give you my medically view, we must come to an understanding of just what is cancer.  

Cancer (Cancer refers to any one of a large number of diseases characterized by the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue. Cancer often could spread throughout your body.  

Cancer tends to be the second-leading cause of death in the world. But survival rates are improving for many types of cancer, thanks to improvements in cancer screening, various treatment plan, and prevention.  

Cancer is primarily caused by changes, a better word, mutations to the DNA within cells. The DNA inside a cell is bundled into many individual genes, each of which contains a set of commands telling the cell what functions to perform, as well as how to grow and divide.  

The body is fascinating and can function when not under stress, under illness, or complied with drugs or alcohol. In a pure stare it can heal itself, let me clarify that, I am speaking about non-sub dermal trauma, such as cut, scraps, or light abrasions. It can regenerate new cells and circulate blood flow through the chambers if the heart, lungs, rid our body of toxins through or filtration system (the kidneys) it releases the hormones insulin and glucagon to regulate blood sugar levels utilizing our pancreasÖ we are all born with such fascination organs, tissue, ligaments, bones, and muscles.  

What happens when the fundamental of our daily lives are turned to a fight battle form within, our internal breeding ground of healthiness has been comprised with the words, ďyou have cancerĒ after a biopsy of a malignant diagnoses has been proven.  

From that point on the mind has many questions, to ponder; a treatment plan, was it caught in time to begin the measure of treatment, what is the initial stage the cancer is in, has it progressed, metastasized to other organs, evade tissues or bones, and can or will I get through this unplanned ordeal.  

To be diagnosed with cancer in the new millennium does not hold the same death sentence as of old when the medical communities were still trying to allocate less invasive treatments, while enlisting the most common forms of treatments, chemo, radiation, or surgically removing its hindrance.  

Scientistsí perfecting their FDA equations to approve various medication that can deter such an unplanned fate of existence.  

Take those components into consideration and I will outline some notations for anyone who knows of someone, or who is living with cancer themselves.  

The Major Components To Diagnose Cancer Is From Various Sources  

The first advice for anyone is to have a health check yearly with fasting blood work, a bimanual or diagnostic breast exam, Pap Smear for woman for men, a prostate exam, and if you are of age, a colorectal screening.  
And I strongly urge African Americans to definitely get these exams, various cancers tend to affect us more than other races. Do to some economic or social hindrances, or a lack of maintaining our health as number one priority to our wellbeing  

Blood work can advise your Physician or Nurse Practitioner, and in lieu of certain types of cancers, if, by heredity, you are susceptible to cancer or can become predisposed.  

During a physical exam, your doctor may look for any abnormalities, such as changes in skin color or enlargement of an organ, that may indicate the presence of cancer.  

Most physicians would order a complete blood work up, such as urine and blood tests, which in part may help your doctor identify abnormalities that can be caused by cancer. For instance, in people with leukemia, a common blood test called complete blood count (CBC) may reveal an unusual number or type of white blood cells.  

Then you have some imaging tests, these ordered test will allow your doctor to examine your bones and internal organs in a noninvasive way. Imaging tests used in diagnosing cancer may include a computerized tomography (CT) scan, bone scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) scan, ultrasound and X-ray, among others.  

The most feared testing that no one wants to here if you need any biopsied and send to pathology.  

During a biopsy, your doctor collects a sample of cells for testing in the laboratory. There are several ways of collecting a sample. Which biopsy procedure is right for you depends on your type of cancer and its location. In most situations, a biopsy is the only way to definitively diagnose cancer, a sure prognosis to see if the cancer is benign (not becoming cancerous a benign lung tumor) or malignant (the term literally means growing worse and resisting treatment).  
In the laboratory, a pathologist will look at cell samples under the microscope. Normal cells look uniform, with similar sizes and organization. Cancer cells look less orderly, with varying sizes and without apparent organization, Moreso, erratic in its premature course.  

The Cancer Diagnosis  

Once cancer is unfortunately diagnosed, your doctor would most likely refer you to see a specialist, as he/she will still continue to manage your primary care.  

Oncologist (Medical Oncologists treat cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, biological therapies, and other targeted treatments).  

Hematologist (Is a doctor who specializes in researching, diagnosing, treating, and preventing blood disorders and disorders of the lymphatic system (lymph nodes and vessels) will work to determine the extent (stage) of your cancer. Your doctor uses your cancer's stage to determine your treatment options and your chances for a cure.  

These specialists will determine staging tests and procedures, which may include imaging tests, such as bone scans or even X-rays, to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.  

The stages of cancer are indicated by the numbers one through four, which are often written as Roman numerals 0 through IV. It saddens me because higher numbers indicate a more-advanced cancer. In addition, some cancer advances faster than other.  
The Three Most Common Cancers In Men, Women, And Children In The U.S.  

Men: Prostate, lung, and colorectal  
Women: Breast, lung, and colorectal  
Children: Leukemia, brain tumors, and lymphoma  

SKC, interim DON, APRN

Creation By, A Queenís Crown Apparelô

Cited (SKC-05/10/24)  

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Cancer, Radiation Treatment, Chemotherapy, and Hospice

Part II Of Part II

That is why I strongly advocate a childbearing women who have just given birth to keep the placenta, it is a mecca that holds stem cells and can be refrigerated or frozen. Most hospitals use placenta stem cells in various research.  
A groundbreaking study conducted by Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland is the first to reveal a new avenue for harvesting stem cells from a woman's placenta, or more specifically the discarded placentas of healthy newborns. The study also finds there are far more stem cells in placentas than in umbilical cord blood, and they can be safely extracted for transplantation.  

Furthermore, it is highly likely that placental stem cells, like umbilical cord blood and bone marrow stem cells, can be used to cure chronic blood-related disorders such as sickle cell disease, thalassemia, and leukemia.  

A bone marrow transplant allows your doctor to use higher doses of chemotherapy to treat your cancer. It may also be used to replace diseased bone marrow.  

Immunotherapy, also known as biological therapy, uses your body's immune system to fight cancer. Cancer can survive unchecked in your body because your immune system doesn't recognize it as an intruder. Immunotherapy can help your immune system.  

Hormone therapy. Some types of cancer are fueled by your body's hormones. Examples include breast cancer and prostate cancer. Removing those hormones from the body or blocking their effects may cause the cancer cells to stop growing.  

Targeted drug therapy.
Targeted drug treatment focuses on specific abnormalities within cancer cells that allow them to survive.  

Clinical trials
. Clinical trials are studies to investigate new ways of treating cancer. Thousands of cancer clinical trials are underway.  

This brings me to my medical journey question, regarding chemotherapy or radiation, which would be beneficial, and why  

What Is Chemotherapy

One of the oldest treatments for cancer is chemotherapy, in which drugs are given through an intravenous (IV) injection or orally. Chemotherapy can have effects system-wide, which means it impacts your whole body.  

The goal of chemotherapy is to kill the cancer cells, shrink the tumor, or destroy the tumor. Destroying the tumor can eliminate cancer, while shrinking it can relieve some symptoms if the tumor is causing pain or interfering with other tissues.  

I would go on record to say, chemotherapy should not be recommended when the potential risks outweigh the benefits. And that is only because of chemotherapyís considerable side effects, it may not be safe for individuals who have underlying conditions.  

The healthy cells that are most likely to be damaged by chemotherapy are located in the bone marrow, hair follicles, mouth, digestive tract, and reproductive system.  

Just take under advisement the cells in these areas of the body also grow quickly and are thus targeted by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy may also damage cells in the heart, lungs, kidneys, bladder, and nervous system.  

What Is Radiation

Radiation is a high-energy invisible light wave. Because it has a lot of energy, it can be directed at cancer cells to damage their genetic material, ultimately killing them.  

The radiation waves damage the cancer cells, which die over time and are removed by the body, causing the tumor to shrink. This process can continue for weeks or even months after treatment is over.  

Radiation is used in many ways as a cancer treatment. The goal of radiation is usually to slow the growth of, shrink, or destroy a cancerous tumor.  

I would say any treatment for cancer would always be beneficial to getting to the next phrase of recovering to hear the cancer cells have been destroyed and the cancer is in remission. I am supporter and contributor to of Susan Korman Foundation, and a marathon runner to raise funds, in addition, an active supporter St. Jude Children's Research Hospital  

When Hospice Is The Last Decision To Take Into Advisement  

Hospice care is mainly utilized when a disease, such as the advanced stage of cancer, gets to the point when treatment can no longer cure or control it. In general, hospice care should be used when a person is expected to live about six months or less if the illness runs its usual course.  

People with advanced cancer should have a discussion with their family members and doctor to decide together when hospice care should begin.  

The decision to place a loved one in hospice is never an easy choice. Most people facing such a final solution for self or for a loved one is never easy. However, the hospice/palliative care given is superior and it should involve family memories, doctors, and continuing nursing care throughout.  

Also take into consideration, hospice care can be rendered to a person receiving supportive care at home.  

Hospice care is offered and provided for patients during their last phase of an incurable illness or near the end of life, such as in some people with advanced or metastatic cancer. Hospice care is provided when there is no active or curative treatment being given for the serious illness. ďtreatmentĒ during hospice care involves managing symptoms and side effects.  

Palliative care can be offered and provided at any stage of a serious illness. Palliative care can be provided while the patient is receiving active treatment. In other words, it can be given at the same time as chemo, radiation, or immunotherapy for cancer.  

There are several ways to deal with cancer and its treatment, some people have opted to go strictly holistic.  

Integrative & Holistic Cancer Treatment Strategies  

Starve The Cancer  

Cancer feeds on sugar. Starve the cancer cell of sugar by withdrawing the source of food, starting with the diet.  
Special anti-cancer diet  
Scientific evidence from PET scans shows most cancer cells take more sugar (glucose) than normal tissue  

Destroy The Cancer

Treatment is customized for each patient. Kill the cancer cells by either natural or therapeutic means such as oxygen and oxidative therapies, IV therapies and support elimination of toxic debris.  
NIHA physicians will actively coordinate its services with a patientís oncologist and other treating physicians to ensure patients have an active team supporting their care.  

Detoxify The Body  

Cancer developed over time under the stress of accumulated toxins. Detoxification is essential for successful cancer treatment.  
Laboratory testing to evaluate chemical or environmental toxicities  
Detecting and eliminating food and environmental allergies  
Restoring natural flora to the bowel  
A comprehensive whole body detoxification program in order for other therapies to work  

No matter what treatment plan of care when it pertains to cancer, make sure you have the best physicians, to keep you on the road of recovering, those elements consist of giving you a referral/prescription for any medical aids, needed; walking cane, walker, bathtub bench, a hospital bed for home, and, vouchers to get you to and from your doctorís appointments if you are devoid of transportation, then the social services if needed (to assist with paying for medication(s), shelter if needed, clothing) And a referral to a Licensed Nutritionist to make sure your eating healthy during cancer and how to maintenance that sacrifice during remission.

SKC, interim DON, APRN

Creation By, A Queenís Crown Apparelô

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"Ladies I forget to add make sure you check your breasts for the month of May"

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The Story Of A Denied Mother

The most important woman in a man or womanís life, is a mother. This narrative is in regards to the story of a ĎA Denied Mother.í By Dorothy Norwood.

The song is based on a church song I heard when I was just a child. If you ever get a moment, listen to it.

Mother according to Websterís Dictionary; bring up (a child) with care and affection.

Could you imagine, how many people of today, take their mother for granted? I would take a moment to address this very complex issue.

In this generation of the baby boomers, and the techno generations, the chemical dependency addicts, who thrust their children in the limelight of the grandparents, or within the foster care system, and the baby-making public assistance generational syndrome recipients

Why does the responsibility of the second generation to keep the family unity afloat, always comes down to mothers lending a helping hand; money handouts, or temporary residency, for not only their grandchildren, but their grown children as the package deal?

In my opinion, when a mother has raised her children to have their own children. Should she be held accountable to shoulder the burden of the next generation, when her own child has lost him or her way?

This is a very simple question with different variables, deepening on who is reading this, versus who is interpreting this.

There has to be a time, when a grown child needs to take some form of responsibility to make sensible and reasonable choices, of who fathers the child with them, teaching their children education skills; as well as respecting their own homestead, instead of lending a hand in tearing it down.

In this day and age, so many mothers, have lost the way, or do not fully understand the concept of what it means to be a responsible parent.

You now have more teenagers having babies at an early age, whereas, their mentality tends to make their realty much harsh. Therefore, to make up the absence of having the children stay within a dysfunctional home. More grandmothers are stepping to plate.
Although, itís a great environment for the children to thrive, however, the grandparentís golden years are being stolen.

I have witnessed various grandparents in my everyday waking life, who have taken on the role of not only grandmother, but the role as the financial provider, the protector within the same breath, within the same rite.

My opinion is not to condone the right of passage of the grandmotherís role in any childís life. What I am saying is. The rocky road to bad decisions, has dire consequences. Consequences, which may be beneficial to the parent at that given time, but could be a hardship placed upon others.

Where are the days, when grandparents are around to instill the lineage of values to the third generation when in doubt, parental guidance is not being emitted within some of these broken homes.
The children of today, who any noble parent have taken the time to rear into adulthood is a blessing; mainly when your grown child have adopted the concept, to do as they will, and forgo the penalties that follows.

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

News flash. These so called parents who canít difference what is the duty of a parent, and it does not excuse the fact, if you are rearing your children alone, or within a two parent household. Have far better reasons to abort that concept of failing yourself than being guilty of living it.

I am fully aware of the concept it takes a village to raise a child. Nevertheless, within that same village, it tends to collapse when members of that village do not understand the role that is looked upon.  

The responsibilities to be a parent are a gift from God. Not all women will have this fortunate role to uphold or bear.

Which is why I must add. Women if you are fortunate enough to have your own children. Rear them well with universal love. Because the parents within my present, are out in the clubs dancing their life way, destroying the fibers of their very being, and as usual, grandparents are at home overseeing your childís welfare. When the mother is addicted to drugs, and refuse to get some form of counseling, once again, the grandparents have taken temporary custody.

This epidemic not only befalls women.

You have men making babies out of wedlock, and abandoning their purpose, once their seed has been dropped, once again, no Pampers to provide, no money to buy baby formula, and living in cramped quarters thatís not spacious for the child and mother, who has been left behind to rear that child on her own, once again, returning to their parentsí home until they could do better.

Isnít it bad enough when you canít help yourself, now you have another mouth to feed and to care for. I wish economical classes are taught in high schools across America to advise the future generation to wait until you are married to have kids.

Please do not get me wrong this narrative may not apply to everyone who reads this situation; however, if youíre not ready to have a child, youíre just not ready to be parent.

Education first, and the ring will surely follow. Then you will not have children, and then decide you want a cushion life without the responsibilities; in the midst of such an unfounded excuse, you now allow your parent(s) to raise your children, as you go on with your merry life.

Be smart and make wise decisions, it only helps you, instead of hindering you in the long run.

Proverbs 22:6 If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old he will not be turned away from it.

Happy Mother's Day To All The Mothers, Foster Mothers, Stepmothers, Grandmothers And All The Neiborhood Mothers Who Steps In As That Role

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Liver Disease Part I

I dedicated this medical journal entry to anyone who has been diagnosed with some form of liver disease, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Fatty Liver disease, or Acute Liver Failure.

Let explore exactly what Liver Disease is to give the mind a clear understanding of just what constates what liver disease is.

Liver disease is usually referred to any condition that can affects the stability of the liver. Be advised it is not classified as acute liver failure, liver disease progresses, slowly over time. I will outline some key medical components that a person should look for or be more attuned to understand when discussing this medical condition, the initial diagnosis, the prognosis, preventive care, and the treatment.

Here are some key points about Liver Disease and the difference.

Symptoms that you should not ignore and when to seek some form of medical attention.
Weakness, fatigue, weight loss, nausea, vomiting and jaundice.

Causes include infection, alcohol abuse or other toxicity, long term use of certain medications, cirrhosis, fatty liver, autoimmunity.

Treatment may include self-care practices, lifestyle modifications, medication or liver transplant.

In order for any physician to properly diagnose liver disease or should I say become concerned, there needs to be blood work ordered which is why I stress, make sure you always get your yearly physicals, or during a routine follow-up visit, please make sure you get fasting labs (meaning nothing to eat or drink after midnight-if you take maintenance mediation, take them with you therefore, after your blood is drawn, you can immediately take your medication.

Once your lab work has been reviewed by your physical and your doctor has noticed your ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase) is slightly elevated.

ALT is a liver enzyme that can rise when the liver is damaged or inflamed. Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment of high ALT levels, and how to lower them with lifestyle changes and medical help.

Now before you panic there are several factors prior to being diagnosed as having liver disease or live damage.

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): NAFLD is a condition where excess fat accumulates in the liver. Itís often associated with obesity, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome12. Lifestyle modifications, such as weight loss and exercise, can help manage NAFLD.
Alcoholic Liver Disease: Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage and elevated ALT levels.

Medications: Certain drugs, including over-the-counter pain medications (especially acetaminophen) and prescription medications used to manage cholesterol, can affect liver enzymes.

Hepatitis: Infections with hepatitis viruses (hepatitis A, B, or C) can cause liver inflammation and elevated ALT levels.
Hereditary Hemochromatosis: This genetic disorder results in excess iron accumulation in the liver, leading to liver damage.
Autoimmune Hepatitis: An autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks liver cells, causing inflammation and elevated ALT levels.
Liver Tumors or Liver Cancer: Malignant growths in the liver can impact liver function.

Other Factors: Heart failure, muscle damage, thyroid disorders, and celiac sprue can also contribute to elevated ALT levels

Key Factors

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): NAFLD is a condition where excess fat accumulates in the liver. Itís often associated with obesity, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. Lifestyle modifications, such as weight loss and exercise, can help manage NAFLD.
Alcoholic Liver Disease: Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage and elevated ALT levels.
Medications: Certain drugs, including over-the-counter pain medications (especially acetaminophen) and prescription medications used to manage cholesterol, can affect liver enzymes.
Hepatitis: Infections with hepatitis viruses (hepatitis A, B, or C) can cause liver inflammation and elevated ALT levels.

Hereditary Hemochromatosis: This genetic disorder results in excess iron accumulation in the liver, leading to liver damage.

Autoimmune Hepatitis: An autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks liver cells, causing inflammation and elevated ALT levels.

Liver Tumors or Liver Cancer: Malignant growths in the liver can impact liver function.

Be advised there could be more contributing factors such as heart failure, for some muscle damage, thyroid disorders, and yes, even celiac can also contribute to your ALT levels being abnormal.

Okay my liver enzymes are elevated, what do I do from here.

Part II

I explore this disease, and hopefully the information supplied will help someone along the way.

Enjoy the path the soul journey upon and make sure you smile and continue to have faith.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Liver Disease (Part II)

So, your physician has just informed you, your ALT lover enzyme levels are elevated, and he would like you to see a specialist who specializes in the abnormalities of the liver.

Never be frighten when your Physician of Nurse Practitioner gives you a referral to see any specialist(s) or would like for you to have, maybe a scan due to part, your lab work has raised initial concern, the extra test, or even if it is a procedure is only to rule out any further medical problems, which that could be detrimental to your overall health or mental welfare.

In addition, always ask for a copy of your lab work to compare from your previous lab work. This applies to patients if your doctorís office does not offer some form of electronic My Chart, where you can view your test results, make your own doctor appointments, or send a letter to your physician for explanation, or medication refills, however for the ones, who are proactive and do not have those medical rewards at their disposable, then yes, exercise your rights.

We all take the Ďyour lab results are normalí assurance from our most trusted healthcare team, however the eyes are better when seeing for thyself, get a copy.

The Initial Visit With A Hepatologist

A Hepatologist is a specialist who is capable of properly diagnosing and treating any liver disorders, and that may include including conditions like cirrhosis, hepatitis, and liver cancers. They primary focus is tailored exclusively on the liver and bile ducts. If you ever need specialized care related to liver health, consider please consulting a hepatologist, and even if you have an injury concerning liver damage please consult with a hepatologist.

During your consult a history of you as the patient is submitted, then questions pertaining to both sides of your family tree (father/mother) to establish there are no abnormalities from heredity.

Then the Hepatologist, I am quite sure will order what we call in the medical field order a battery of tests, moreso, in-depth bloodwork, within that same office visit, you two will discuss your concerns, to get you back on the road to recovery, or steps for the progression to prolong the longevity of your lifespan.

Test/Scan/Procedure That My Rule Out Liver Failure

After the blood work has come back and reviewed by your physician and you, then this is where you will have to undergo a series of invasive testing, have faith, and do not waver.

When a person is facing any type of pf illness, learn to release your endorphins those are your feel good hormones and not cortisone, which are considered your bad hormones. Cortisone usually accompanies stress that somehow settles in the gut, that brings those downtrodden moods, the blues, instilling doubts you will not get any better, stay on the course of your health

If you are a supporter for anyone who is ill or facing any type of terminal illness keep their spirits up and read sacred passages out the Bible, the Holy Quran, the Torah, or recite your own Buddhist quotes.

Wicked thoughts seem to permeate when we are facing the crossroads of our life during a major crisis, especially when we are in the stages of pending death, think positive for any blessed outcome.

And as a supporter, rather it be a family member, friends, or a support group.

Generalize Preventative Tests

Ultrasound: This test uses sound waves to create an image of the liver. It can show tumors and guide further evaluation.
CT Scan: A detailed x-ray test that helps find various liver tumors. It provides information about size, shape, and location.
MRI: Like CT scans, MRI provides detailed images of soft tissues. It can differentiate benign from malignant tumors and assess spread.

No one wants to submit to a biopsy, I am sure it is like sitting on a pins and needles waiting for the test results this usually means all above test, rather one or the other have been utilized and your Hepatologist would like to make sure if there is a suspected mass, cyst, or tumor if it is benign, or God always forbid for anyone, malignant.

A biopsy will be a sample of liver tissue when removed for a definitive diagnosis. If your Hepatologist suspects liver cancer.

Healthy Preventable Measures To Ward Off Liver Disease

Maintain a Healthy Diet: Consume a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Limit processed foods, sugary drinks, and excessive alcohol intake.
Stay Hydrated: Proper hydration supports liver function. Aim for at least 8 cups of water per day.
Limit Alcohol: Excessive alcohol can harm the liver. If you drink, do so in moderation.
Avoid Risky Behaviors: Practice safe sex to prevent hepatitis transmission. Avoid sharing needles or other drug paraphernalia.
Vaccinations: Get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B. These vaccines can protect your liver.
Exercise Regularly: Physical activity helps maintain overall health, including liver health.
Be Cautious with Medications: Some medications can affect the liver. Always follow dosage instructions and consult your doctor. (cited 05-14-24-SKC).

Hepatitis (Know The Difference Between A, B, and C)

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. It can be caused by various factors, including viral infections, toxic substances, and autoimmune diseases.
Viral Hepatitis: Viruses (such as hepatitis A, B, and C) can infect liver cells, leading to inflammation. Hepatitis A is usually acute, while hepatitis B and C can become chronic.

Symptoms: Hepatitis may not always cause noticeable symptoms initially. Common signs include upper abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, and loss of appetite. As it progresses, jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes) and other symptoms may appear.

Some babies are born with a high bilirubin count after birth and jaundice, an indicator there liver is not functioning at it full capacity and that newborn child with have to stay in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) until those level subside.

Be advised during the newborn physical/ heel stick test.

Jaundice in newborns usually indicates high bilirubin levels, especially for infants who are born prematurely. This medical condition is known as hyperbilirubinemia, and the symptoms causes yellow discoloration of the eyes and skin (jaundice). There is grew news due in part these symptoms resolve on its own within the first week of life.

Lifestyle Modifications To Prevent Hepatitis

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, limit alcohol consumption, get vaccinated if you believe in immunization (especially for hepatitis A and B), and practice safe behaviors by using prophylactics during intercourse, not sharing of drug needles if you are an IV drug user, and for goodness sake wash your hands after using the restroom, and that goes double for anyone who prepares food for the public /cook.

If you ever go to restaurant and you witness anyone preparing your food without food preparing gloves on, decline the service, or ask them to put on some gloves, we carry germs under our nailbed.

I hope I have given your intellect food for thought and simplistic information to keep you heathy or maintained the elevation of you your mind, body, and keep the spirit of your soul intake.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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The Transferee Of Cosmic Energy
Stay In The Grey Matter Of Perceptions

Why I chose this particular subject manner. To answer your question(s). I will give you the specifics to your intrinsic thoughts.

Since the beginning of time man has attempted to harness the concept of what categorizes energy and within its properties what is the single particle for its usage and the dynamics of sound, mind, and body.

Surely the pioneers of relativity at best honed the law of physics (the study of state of its existence) granting us such greats patented invention from Alexander Graham Bell and the official patented granted for his device on March 7, 1876, giving us a better understanding of the conduit of electrical signals, in addition, Benjamin Franklinís lightening rod and the mainstream of utilizing his models on the usage of its source of power as vibration.  

If we were to ask Sir Isaac Newton here today will his concept on the laws of motion and gravity still stand on its oath regarding the adaption of technology in broadband interchanges and the revolution of

Would his ideology slightly vary with more attuned variables, modern technology at the speed of megabytes and gigabytes, NASAís exploration of the galaxy and the creation of aviation.

Letís explore the meaning of energy in its truest form.  

Energy is not made up it is a source that has been around since the beginning time, it cannot be created, lessen in terms, or destroyed it shall always remain to be.  

Among the five elements of the exchange of energy for the necessity of life is water, air, fire, earth, and wood.  

This perception and intrinsic journey I had to research and explore was due in part to my five-hundred-page clinical thesis on Psychiatric Medicine and its Properties of Energy and its relativity stimuli and the chemical alterations the brains hemispheres functionality when biochemical imbalanced or induced can offset.  

I had to write, research, and then prove my hypothesis. As an undergrad, to show several variables, which had to be explained according to the fundamental transformation of energy transference, to be candid, it became tedious to explain factual in theoretically terms. A part of my goal was submitting my ethics and proficiency as prior to getting my Masterís Degree in Forensic Psychiatric Nursing. My dissertation was well received.

Take under advisement I did consult with two Neuroscientists to explain and help me to correlate my findings with their scope of expertise to explain the laws of energy after one has expired of earthly life death.  

The extension of my research led me in the direct path of researching and studying Dr. Kevorkianís ideology. (The late Jack Kevorkian was a U.S. physician who assisted in the remedial decision to advocate patient suicides).  

His segment will be what occurs after death and the sequence of energy if the body expires by natural cause versus intravenous by western medication, in addition, if you can recollect if you have studied physics, vital energy is used for the functioning of the physique.  

The essence of any person never truly dies. In its place, embodiments are finalized and the soul, what I deem the Higher Self, or spirit will move on giving into a comic rebirth. Keep in mind we may mourn for the vessel; however, the grieving process should give anyone great comfort to know energy is released back into the universe and only because everything is compiled of energy, which will never be destroyed; only transformed and metamorphosed into something else.  

There are numerous elements to discuss when channeling energy in religion, spiritually, my favorite topic.

This is an imperative ideology for anyone who is facing any type of illness, let me reiterate in more laminate terms for a better understanding.

As humans, we all face so many worldly related issues we have to deal with or overcome; daily stress, family related issues, illness, financials burdens, identity crisis, mental health, lack of employment, you are what you think by mind, and you are what you do by heart, therefore, for me, I do not allow others to rattle my cage, or covet my mental peace, for what, itís not theirs to own, possess, or reduce.

Henceforth, if everyone would only think as such, the intellect could move mountains, your own.

Now letís explore more on the concept of cosmic energy and how it can help or hinder us, it can be beautiful in its sacredness when it builds us up; compassion, love, giving of heart, mind and the equated of naked soul it its splendid glory, that is the energy that is well received among humanity, and hopefully it is blessed to be circled as Kismet Karma back to you somewhere in your lifetime.

Then you have that negative energy; envious, that old bitter jealousy, hatred, it never tears down the person it is aimed at it only give rise to power and where it resides it only festers discord, disunity unto self that never properly heals.

Therefore, be advised, please learn to love yourself first at all costs, it does not matter who you are, what you have or not, how you look, our Creator makes no mistakes, and we are all a part of his interwoven plan.

No one could understand how a person thinks we are only the recipient of how they act or react.

I will elaborate on the transference of negative and positive energy. To be less cavalier on the subject, have you ever listened to a chagrined person while conversing, when you are in the positive frame of mind. The aftermath of their unstable intellect has become yours to bear, their emotions have transferred, and this person walks away feeling much better, yet you are now the host of their negative energy.

The beneficiary of their low emotional vibration, for some odd reason, humans, seem to thrive more on constructive energy than on the benefits of it resources.

In my profession I must balance both, in lieu of that observation they both are parallel between what you stand for and becoming who you are.

Energy is perceived as attention in motion.  

For further reading and an excellent book to engage the mind

Living Energies: An Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger by Callum Coats (2001-07-05) Paperback Ė January 1, 178

Until our souls take a rest from the chaos of the world where your mind can rest upon my canvas, please take care of yourself and always take a moment to check on each other.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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The Introduction

Medical Marijuana Cannabis

Marijuana Cannabis  
Is it pure mental bliss  
After taking an inhaling hit  
A relaxing euphoric trip  
I know Iím spreading it on just a tad too thick  
For many Americans they feel they are getting the short end of the stick  
My number one topic on my wish list, yes it was handpicked  

I once danced so gracefully as a Prima Donna Ballerina  
Dancing on stage at Madison Square Garden arena  
Daily braces to walk has brought my existence down a peg  
My wonderment was always found in my arms, my body, my legs  
Struck with MS at a very early age  
For me, no more Pique Turns, no more Fourette Turns on stage  
That plant I require in grounded form, resembles seasoning Sage  
However, Iím not at lawful age  
Feeling the discouragement of my parentís relentless and winless political rage  
Congress refusing to pass laws in my state to have medical marijuana usage placed on page  

In some states, this war of words has taken a devastating toil  
To pass laws to have marijuana used as a medication converted to Cannabis Oil  
Should we suffer our symptoms in silence  
When so many Americansí voices are now in compliance  
A plant to be used for debilitating conditions, surely, is a gift of science  
To assist when limbs that refuse to move or just quit  
Why must some of us continue to deal with this  
I have hopes and dreams to conquer, now Iím left with stage longing reminisce  
Canít move to California, or Colorado  
Dealing with the ramifications of a concept to grasp, if you must know  

Father was just promoted and paying for my medication using the back-door method mode  
Sadly, for the accumulating medical bills, our first home was sold  
Should loving parents be the blame for such an unfounded risk of a silent claim  
Seeing a loved one suffer due to Congressí waiting game  
LegalizeÖhum whatís my opinion  
Iím the writer, my beliefs are not deemed, this is Godís dominion  
As a Nurse  
Yes, I do see your hurt  
As a woman of society, I hear your loud cries  
In some states itís legal, but not mine, the echoing parental whys  
Drug screens  
Failure designed by several hidden means  

My biggest concern  
The ratio is meant to only burn  
Trust me, I am not speaking out of turn  
Listen and Learn  
THC lowest threshold  
The salvation to some as medical gold  
Amphetamine, Methamphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Methadone, Propoxyphene  
Ten Panel Drug Screen  
Not fair as it may seem  
Iíve witnessed in testing patients, and have seen, not meaning to sound bias or mean  
THCís discerning threshold  
The American choice to reap what they sow, strictly uncontrolled, medically consoled, yet DEA patrolled  

Lowest element to behold  
First ratio tester from a panel glimpsed, your concept to employment has been sold  
Leaving you out in the cold  
Positive tested  
No employment for you will be invested  
Other drugs placed on a higher rating scale  
Urine tested falling under Head or Tails  
Used a week ago  
However, on the job, drug addict on the down low  
Fair is, as one would think fair does  
For the medical benefits, I give my blessings with love  

Some say science has not caught up with this controversial wonder drug to use as such  
However, look at all the elements it is known to assist, various medical conditions pretty much  
As usual, the Houses of Congress moves in no rush  
Pharmaceutical Companies stocks come to pass  
Telling American people and your medical elements to go away with your wicked forecast  
Utilized to reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, improve appetite in people with HIV/AIDS, muscle spasms and reduce chronic pain  
From my standpoint an excellent argument to go against the grain  
For the sake of argument, itís a plant from the start  
Chemical compounded into a medical work of art  

Upstanding, pay taxes, some would admit itís their daily choice to smoke  
Most seem to say it does not make you steal for it, sell your body, or even go broke  
Wake up America there is a chart that defines your deterred employment dreams  
All found in the urine of your Drug Screen  

This is a two part medical journal that I had the pleasure of live blogging with my listeners about the healing path of holistic approach and why some believe in the benefits of Marijuana for medicinal purposes.

I was rather perplexed by some of the ideology and the reason for some of the usage most have decided when deciding which best suited to their path of overall healing.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Hair Thinning

I have noticed numerous women of all races who are suffering from thinning hair and be advised these same women are going on record on my blog podcast as saying they have not been properly diagnosed with Alopecia, therefore, allow me to get to the root of this matter.

Letís explore some potential causes as to why women hair is thinning at the edges or maybe in bald spots that seems to garner on the top.

Before that occurs, let me define what the medical term Alopecia is and how it explains what thinning hair loss is in general.

We all remember the infamous slap by Will Smith to Chris Rock for his insensitive joke about his spouse, Jada Pinkett medical condition, who suffers from Alopecia.

Any woman who suffers from hair lose, it is no laughing matter, in my culture, women and men are defined by the strength of our hair. Men with their locks, dreads, natural bushes, it is the utopia of our lineage.

I am fortunate to have thicker strands of hair passed down from my mother, who is Haitian Creole than from my father side who is European French, his hair is much thinner and my grandmŤre on his side hair is as well.

There are numerous factors as to why woman fall to loss their hair and some of the reasons may surprise you, once you know, you will be better equipped to act on the information, accept, or simply pass it along.

Several Factors (Genetics)

Generic plays an important part in hair loss, this is what is referred to as androgenetic alopecia, or a better word, baldness, its hereditary and these conditions can affect men and women.

Androgenetic alopecia is simply hair follicles that has become very sensitive to androgens (male hormones like dihydrotestosterone), which leads to the gradual shrinking of hair follicles.

As a result, woman and man hair strands will become finer and shorter, as a result the hair begins to thin, visible thinning of the hair occurs.

Medical Conditions That May Affect Hair Loss

Physical or emotional stress
Severe infection or high fever
Thyroid disease
Autoimmune diseases, such as lupus
Tinea capitis (scalp ringworm)
Ovarian or adrenal tumors
Bacterial infections on the scalp
Radiation therapy or chemotherapy
Major surgery or sudden blood loss

Medications Can Affect Hair Loss

Yes, there are certain medications that can make your beautiful hair thin.

For example, chemotherapy drugs often cause significant hair loss due to their impact on rapidly dividing cells, including those sensitive hair follicles.

Now, I know every woman want their hair to look fabulous even on those rainy days.

Hairstyling Practices

Please watch those hairstyles that pull your hair tightly (such as braids, hair extensions, or tight ponytails) they are a culprit and over time these hairstyles can contribute to hair thinning.

Henceforth, excessive use of haircare products (such as perms can cause damage to the hair.

There is a lawsuit for anyone that has used any hair perm in the past, recent studies have found it cause cancer.

In 2023, thousands of new lawsuits were filed across the United States related to hair relaxers. However, no settlements or verdicts have been reached yet, and the pretrial process is ongoing.

Many of these cases are being consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) to streamline legal proceedings.

Why Are Hair Relaxer Lawsuits Filed?

Lawyers file these lawsuits to seek compensation for people who were injured by using hair relaxers.

The primary claim is that manufacturers did not adequately warn consumers about the health risks associated with hair relaxers.

Studies have shown that women who use hair relaxers are at a higher risk of developing uterine cancer or ovarian cancer compared to those who do not use these products.

Eligibility for Lawsuits

If you used chemical hair relaxers and later developed cancer or another qualifying condition, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit.

The statute of limitations varies by state, but given the newly discovered link between hair relaxers and certain cancers, more lawsuits are anticipated

(cited 05-18-24).

A Poor Dietary Choices Or Nutritional Deficiencies

Poor nutrition, I found this hair to believe that rapid weight loss could aid in hair thinning, or hair loss, or changes in eating habits can also affect hair thinning.

If youíre experiencing hair thinning, consider consulting a healthcare profession to determine the underlying cause and explore appropriate solutions.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

Creation By A Queenís Crown Apparelô

Live Blog Shot (Discussing Thinning Hair).

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Signs Of An Unbalanced Heart When Minus The Crown Charka

In my college studies, and then during my residential internship there were so many mental health cases I had to study in the dynamics of Forensic Psychology of how the innocence had followed the path of their mind, in the form of retribution onto society, soothing their malevolent actions in the form of theoretical jargon, the devil made me do it, they had it coming, or I tried to refrain but I lost my mind.        
I stated that above, regarding the recent mass shootings that have been making the news as of late.        
And in the credibility of these repeated incidents, most were mild-mannered, no criminal history, and in some instances, mentally unbalanced.        
I never understood the question, I never seen it coming, there are always signs to a person who hides himself/herself in the bed of their own darkness. It is called denial to any observant if you are not attuned to know what to look for.              
This world it is getting meaner; mass shootings, fighting on planes, killing thy neighbor, it makes one ponder is evilness gaining ground.        
Most people in population are not walking around in the right state of mind. Conflicting attitudes in the way we look at society, how we judge others, it places us at a disadvantage when dealing in the real sense of reality.        
I could not begin to speak on being misplaced and succumbing to an indirect mindset on those who have locked their identity behind the screens, from your TicK Tock platform to any social media outlet.        
Have we as mortals made our homes, our livelihood, or sense of peace by keystroking, building up falsehood illusions in a world that does not rotate beyond our computer chairs.        
I am seeing so many young ones, who have embraced virtual as their sense of reality, from shopping to online dating, ranting, and shows of downfalls. And lewdness in all its vividness being recorded from a cell phone, and it is now becoming the norm.        
Are we on the throne of a new dawn era whereas, we are losing that physical connection among each other, the sounds of vocals to soothe the mind, and missing the receptive equation to respond?        
It is disarming, if you have not noticed in passing when families are gathered around a table out eating and it appears, two or more people seated are on cell phones, non-communicative by their presence is saddening to me.        
These are the youths who are commenting heinous acts of violence and recording the slow process of death.        
Ideals and acceptance in my culture and home life has always started at the table, it fosters the notion, you are acceptable by your peers within, as the outside world still exist in its simplicities or complexities of its glory.        
Therefore, above all, love yourself, you are the face of your own beautiful DNA, the sacred code to your existence in this realm we call life.        
And never, ever allow anyone to get into that space, itís yours to own, and to program how you want to be accepted by self-first, and I say that on a positive tone.        
Signs Of An Unbalanced Heart Charka        
Circulatory Issues        
Blood Pressure Issues        
Respiratory Issues        
Lack of Love        
Poor Decision making        
You are the reflection of your heart, your mind, and the free spirit of your soul, elevate them with the simple things in life, love, peace, and harmony.      
SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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To cleanse the temple, I strongly recommend a day of pampering. Reconnecting with your spiritual persona, to quiet your mind, listen to the sounds of Mother Nature a colon cleansing, pedicure, manicure, a facial, and a partial bikini waxing works for me.

Check your breasts ladies and make sure you have had or soon to get your Annual Pap Smear.

Ladies, it will make you feel like you can walk on clouds.

If all possible, these beautiful perks for your overall health can be attained at home through deep meditation, beautiful fingernail polish, now the bikini waxing, you will have to work that out on your own, a great razor that does not leave any razor stubbles behind or any hair follicles that can lead to ingrown hairs many in the pubic area.

Make sure you are staying hydrated for the appearance of skin, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet. If all possible reduce the soda intake it is filled with empty calories and viping/smoking I am told that is a very hard habit to break, but it can be done with discipline, you regress, so what, keep trying

Gentleman, as always, I love you dearly enough to tell you to please check your prostate, and get a colorectal screening, that is the biggest concern that leads to cancer for your gender, and remember Colon Cancer has no symptoms and when they do appear you are already in the beginning of its detrimental stages.

Be good to your temple it's all yours, and only yours.

Smile, have faith, and be kind to each other, sometimes that is all we have, right.

Love and Hugs, always,

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Good afternoon, everyone before, I step on the elevator behind me and turn into Superwoman donning my healing color of blue and becoming blog down with patients' flies, I thought I would just inhale and exhale and spend some time with your intellect, if it is allowed, of course.

I will be brief in my informative representation, however information that everyone needs to distinguish and, in that aspect, can determine the best rational options.

I would like to take the moment and talk about Living Will versus Power Of Attorney. I am quite sure we all have heard those two, what I will refer to as medical guardianship, when you are registering in the hospital for a procedure, maybe surgery, an unplanned ER visit, or simply for your doctorís office, and as the Director of Nursing, upon my staff registering a new in coming resident, for long term care, or short-term rehabilitation.

It simply amazes me how many say they have neither, or thy lack the understanding to understand what those two terms mean, or just lack the common knowledge to ever know when it will be needed.

Therefore, letís explore this two universal safeguarded when you are no longer able to care for yourself, or to manage your financial affairs. These two powers of maintain your overall healthcare will be needed, I pray moreso, later than now.

I will give you two scenarios where you can understand the vital meaning of when your voice can no longer speak, your life is on the line and family is all you have, but no one has Power Of Attorney of you care, and you must appoint someone, now take into advisement, I am the Director of a Jewish, privatized owned Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility, whereas, you have the upper echelons who are living their best lives in spacious homelike settings, your retired CEO, now disabled, their children have hiding behind the sterile white walls, limited visits, Hedge Fund Accountants, Retired Physicians, Professors, Civil Lawyers, prominent, and still arrogant within their frame of mind, well for the resident who have not suffered a cerebral accident or recovery from a stroke, dementia.  

As I converse with these same individuals, materialistic mementos, pictures of treasured lives that one stood still, now dethroned in appearances, the only salvation is time which they can no longer buy, and sadly to say, imminent sunsets are their lasting redemption.

No one lives forever, and no matter what gainful position you have played in life, the money you have stashed in banks across the continent, luxury vehicles you may drove, big homes with rolling estates where you have resided, once the body has reached its peaked and begins to decline, there are choices one should and must make, to either propel your life, or in some terminal end stages, have someone who has the best interest of your healthcare at state to be the foreman/forewoman, and the correct decision chosen is fair among all family members.

I will always give you the humblest of my sincere words where you will know now what you did not discern yesterday, Henceforth, when you are asked do you have these to medical necessities in the back of your mind, may these words always ring true for you to grasp onto the true meaning, it is never too late to plan for your future while you are healthy, then having anyone to make such concise judgements on your behalf when you are too ill to do so for yourself.

Never take life for granted, I say that because no second is ever promised.

First Scenario

Yes, this this Dr. C. and you need to get here as soon as possible your father/mother has gone into cardiac arrest, and we have transported her to the hospital after the Paramedics stabilized her, she has weak pulse but palpable to be felt.

Dammit, I thought my parent was a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). He /She advised the family she wanted to go peacefully.

Well sir there were no official papers signed upon admission advising the facility of his/her medical decision, and if so, that would have been posted above the patientís sleeping quarters, and if not, by any error of judgment, then during an emergency crisis such as he one your parent has just experienced, once the Crash Cart has been wheeled, along with that patientís medical history/chart, we would have seen that under the signature under the Living Will and made sure his/her wishes were ethically granted.

Second Scenario

Your parent suffers from dementia, and her grandson has been living with her/him now be advised the grandmother is well off, needs transpiration to the specialist, basic needs, you can no longer govern as the individual to continues to mentally function, so your grandson, who has been unemployed for years, a moocher, maybe has a cocaine habit, and advising himself, what do you need the money for, you cannot even remember his name, now no bills are paid, he has access to you all bank accounts, your finances are now held hostage under his greed, your home which you raised his mother and him up in, is facing foreclosure he has dwindled your finances down to nothing, no care for the grandmother, no medication, and the other grandson who brings you food, make sure you were taken care of before your health begin to decline, this other son who reside with the grandparent, has refused to allow the other grandson step foot into her home.

I asked you could any of these scenarios been changed where the patientís care was the ill person care became the top priority, nor driven we thought the persons signed legal standing documents, or someone to oversee another personís care, without a hidden agenda, or refusing to render adequate care, then I would say yes.

In the first scenario had the patient signed upon pre-admission a Living Will or someone made sure there was a Living Will on file then that parent would have not been resuscitated.

Living Will (Healthcare Directive)

A Living Will is a written statement that ensures any medical or healthcare-related decisions youíve made are honored. This will always come into play when or if you cannot make vocal decisions for yourself. In addition, it is well advised before you get to what we refer to as, end-of-life medical care.

Your Living Will may insure you some sound, and mind resolutions, including yes, resuscitation, refusal of any feeding tubes, assisted breathing and other life-prolonging measures. It may also be possible to put in instructions based on your religious or philosophical beliefs as well. If you are single, please make sure you think on this or discuss with a family member.

In the second scenario, and this grandmother who was financial secured had gotten in writing and sometimes it must be notarized someone to be act as her Power Of Attorney and an Executor to oversee her financial assets, or any decisions related to her property, she would not have befallen to the mismanagement of her grandsonís greed.

Now that you know the difference when those two questions are asked you have a clear understating what is being asked and the difference between the two. You must make the sole decision, which is right for you, I would say both are great to consider.

Power Of Attorney

Power Of Attorney for any healthcare crisis will oversee your medical needs and assure the quality of basis care.
Their duties can include range from giving someone the power to access all your medical records, deciding which physical is best suited or qualified to handle your medical care.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

One of my older creations, that I tried to update, retailor, take apart, redo, add, it was not happening.


Any errors I will amend I was using a handheld micro recorder in my vehicle... and I may have missed some typos therefore please forgive

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Part II

Living Will vs. Power of Attorney: Which One Do You Need?

Within these two guardianships the duties can include range from giving someone the power to access all your medical records, deciding which physical is best suited or qualified to handle your medical care.

If anyone is considering naming someone to act as their proxy as their power of attorney for healthcare, it might be wise also to also consider a financial one as well.

Consequently, this person can access your financial means to be used to improve your quality of life.

A Financially Power Of Attorney can allow someone to pay bills, operate your business or even move assets, but they always have to act in your best interest.

I hope I have equipped your mentality with the difference when you hear those two medical directives, and you are able to make the best choice for your healthcare needs and, if not you are in your right sound, mind, and body to appoint someone who is relabeled to speak on your behalf and can articulate when they are speaking to any healthcare advocate who is rendering you care.

Please take the time to smell the roses, smile, and have faith, and always be kind to yourself, and to others.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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With a living will, one has no taxes, which is better than a Power Of Attorney as stipulations. In my mind, a living will is much better on less there is a business involved then a Power Of Attorney is best

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