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Poem of the Month - May 2024

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Three weeks to nominate your favorite poems!
You have THREE weeks to nominate no more than THREE of your favorite poems from another DUP poet!

Please note the following guidelines when making nominations:

The voting for this competition is anonymous; therefore, spoken word nominations will be disqualified.

1. Self-nominations are not accepted. The great majority of the competitions here are about spotlighting one's own work on a particular topic or theme.  This is a chance to nominate that poem that you wish you had written but some other great talent here beat you to it.

2. You may nominate only THREE poems from THREE different DU members.

3. No DUPLICATE NOMINATIONS. If you nominate a poem that has already been nominated you will be asked to replace the nomination.

4. Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  

5. Any member who is banned or disables their account PRIOR to winning will be automatically disqualified.

6. One win per member per calendar year, beginning with the month they win.

7. Please notify your nominee they have been nominated. Please make sure your nominee has not won within the last 12 months.

This month's nomination Duration is TWO weeks followed by a week of site voting to get this comp back on track!

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November  - John Feddeler
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Dangerous Mind
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I think I fell in love with poetry  
Because I know she’ll always answer the call  
I know that when we meet  
Sparks will fly  
And that she will listen and absorb
Poetry was always the one I could turn to  
When my ego said I could not present myself  
To anyone else  
Poetry has always enveloped me  
Into her words as an echo of my soul  
She has always seen me for who I am  
Expressed in different fonts and formats  
Past, future and present  
She is me  
I am poetry  
And maybe if I can love her that much  
I can begin to love me
Written by Isgyppie_ (L.C. McQuillen)
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Fire of Insight
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For thirty-one years
it encircled
my left ring finger.
Smooth band
of ten carat gold.
Repeatedly scratched
and like ocean glass
polished over.
Symbolic of our
our microcosmic
Ever brilliant
no matter if
the hand gets battered or dirty.
of ostensible fidelity
A burnished beacon
throwing a signal
that this port is full,
all docks are taken.
Though seeming
to become
a part of my anatomy,
With a few
carefully chosen words.
It has become
just a plain golden
that no longer sings
of everlasting romance, love,
or devotion.
Written by Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
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Dangerous Mind
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poet Anonymous

Caged Bird

Not feeling it today
So I'm not gonna write
Forcing the words
Just doesnt seem right

Poetry is an outlet
A place to release
There must be some truth
Within every piece

The meaning is lost
When no purpose is served
Integrity is something
That must be preserved

Pressuring myself
To put something to page
Is equivalent to a bird
Trapped in a cage

Feathers and wings
Yet unable to fly
What is a bird
That can't touch the sky?
Written by The_Darkness_Insid
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poet Anonymous

Bitter Harvest

As I take a bite from this fruit
the flavor is blatantly ash.
Left with a craving on my tongue.
No, I could not hold back the tears.

I have nothing, yet you take more.
And you hate when I start to weep
because it makes you uneasy.
I wish I could just disappear.

So, what are we cultivating?
Seems we only tend when we clash.
And I never get enough sleep
as I constantly live in fear.

I worry about the backlash
of what you sowed as I will reap.
Written by Ljdynamic
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Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
Joined 8th Mar 2016
Forum Posts: 278

White Ink

The poem unwritten
has me smitten.
Curious of what it would say
on a day like today.
When I am at my worst
and the first
thing on my mind upon waking
is taking
on more hours of sleep.
I keep
dozing off between thoughts.
I have been caught
and cradled by depression.
Tears gather as my expression
because I cannot speak.
I am too weak
to pick up a pen
and write again.
Inspiration has not bitten,
leaving the poem unwritten.
Written by Ljdynamic
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Tyrant of Words
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A dream befell me as I slept    
of funnel cloud...aspin;    
long latent in my mind, it kept,    
until it might begin.      
It gave me scenes of wrack and rout    
by dark tornadic force,    
and as it smashed its course about    
I felt a dread remorse.    
I knew I was within its path    
so to a car I fled    
and belted in before the wrath    
where Mother Nature tread.    
And as the car began to lift,    
aswirl and abrupt,    
that narrative was cast adrift    
when eyelids were...re-upped...    
and consciousness made its return    
as if to cheat my doom,    
wherein I hide, then crash and burn,    
while sleeping in my room.    
It was a fear I thought long past    
left from a mighty storm    
where school kids had felt the blast    
of classrooms losing form.    
And afterward we told our mom    
we feared the wind would come,    
as we slept, like a nightmare bomb,    
with not a clue where from.    
And no clue now about a fear    
as old as second grade;
a lurking trauma souvenir...    
from memory's blockade.    
Full fifty years it stayed inert.    
What brought it to the fore?    
Why would a night of rest alert    
me to a bygone roar?    
Perchance dreams dance in retrospect    
and with the years conflate    
with memories... to circumspect...    
experience from fate.
Written by MidnightSonneteer
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poet Anonymous


I count the tiles
on the bathroom
as I try to stop
the flashbacks

14 white tiles
my ass fell
asleep an hour ago
start again

Try to stop the
and stay here.
In this moment.
Without you.

17 white tiles.
Start again.

Our last love letters
stay on repeat
long enough that
the ends of my
hair are soaked with
dried sentiments
and a pile of
keeps me company
on the blue toilet rug

24 white tiles.
Start again

and I'm trying to stay here.
in this fucking moment

1 white tile.
start again

To not fuck you,
drink you
busy you
out of my mind,
but to

those final pieces of us.
0 white tiles.
Start again.

To stay here in this
goddamn cunt of a moment.
Feel the pain through
my bones
until my bones
are nothing
but ashes


like a sacrifice to
an uncaring god.

1 white tile
1 white tile
start again
start again

My hands slide through
my hair and dig into my scalp
and tears trip on my knee  
to find a path down the front
of my leg.

I'm going to try
to stay in this moment
because if
pain is beauty

then we

3 white tiles.
Start again.

I think the pain
is the only
piece of our beauty

that we get to keep.

So I'm going
stay quietly,
in this moment
of beautiful agony

until the urge to
breathe in a life
without you

start again

until the
crippled fortnights
pass and
I can walk,

start again
until the springtime
golden hour
fades back
black summer.

start again


until my heart

0 white tiles.
start again

Written by Betty
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Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
Joined 8th May 2012
Forum Posts: 475

Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
Joined 8th May 2012
Forum Posts: 475


the peasant king
of three cats and a dog
reigns over his land
with the grace
of an arch angel
and his walk
is a master's dance
across a carpet
of grass
plush and green
and holy
as the pope's
top sheet

this is
how a king lives,
how a king's sun
and, oh, how blue
his pristine sky
and how beautifully
his garden grows
with only a thousand
weeds a day
Written by javalini
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Tyrant of Words
United States 74awards
Joined 21st July 2020
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don't ask me

don't ask me to smile today
as Kurt has sat down his  
Jagstang and  
picked up a  
don't ask me to laugh
today as blue ran from
the sky terrified  
of man's  
don't ask me to cry today as  
I let go of love and it fell  
from my hands like a  
dead bird seeking  
comfort in the  
cold selfish  
don't ask me to wait today
as I have waited long
enough in the dirty
prison of my
waiting for something  
to return
waiting for something  
that has never been  
waiting for something  
that will never
as I stand in rapt
amazement as
deep as the seven
and as blind as the
oily scales of
I know  
heros are cardboard  
cut outs on the
back of a
the skies are wiser
than you
and love is a rotten  
fixed carnival  
game that
no one
and all that waiting
gets you is
Written by buddhakitty
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Tyrant of Words
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Joined 21st July 2020
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guilty of..

I carry the blame
for the actions
of this heart

in dreams
more than man enough
to claim you

then reality
creeps in
leaving me weak

wish I  was
one poem away
from your heart

powerful enough
to crack the veneer
that protects it

if I gave
you the keys
to mine

would it
be an all night
joy ride

or a night
of cuddles
under starlight

and the sound
of tide
in our ears

tthere's always
time for testing
bed springs later

want to be
lost in your eyes
and if this was a dying wish

would you grant it...

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
Joined 8th May 2012
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these songs in my chest are like birds that can't fly away

I chase down the memory of songs  
like music can save me  
through these lonely hours  
when there's no one to talk to  
and my thoughts make me crazy  
I ache for touch  
and bullshit words  
that mean nothing and everything  
in this purgatory of existence  
because the idea of anything  
is like a the spark of a lighter  
before the inhale of whatever
is between my fingers  
though today there's nothing  
in my hands to set ablaze  
And I miss the way  
you make everything feel alright  
like an ocean breeze  
slipping through my soul  
and carrying away the parts of me  
that are best left behind  
And I'm sorry I tried
to find salvation in our darkness  
I'm sorry the stars  
you fall asleep under  
won't shine through  
the storm clouds in my sky
because I would love to name  
the constellations with you  
write songs in the dark  
with the scars we hide  
But you're not here  
to calm the restless rage  
so I'm chasing the memory
of songs you left in my ribcage  
like a tattoo time can't erase  
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
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Miss Indie
Tyrant of Words
Australia 35awards
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Passing through a bed of flowers
The gentle wind here blows
Ruffling petals in the breeze
With a sweet scent that flows

Wherever the current takes it
From this river to the meadow
Blossoms dance with vibrance
A breezy ambiance grows

The posies are an assortment
Some red, some pink, some yellow
Grateful for mother nature’s gifts
All that I can see from my window

Written by nightbirdblue
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