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nutbuster said:With a living will, one has no taxes, which is better than a Power Of Attorney as stipulations. In my mind, a living will is much better on less there is a business involved then a Power Of Attorney is best

I have to agree with you and I say that because there are so many people in society who take those two notions for granted, and when you have seen family members biggening, when money is involved, it begins to weigh on the conscious, therefore, I would advise anyone to at least consider the possibilities and if you are unsure, you can confine in a friend, or an attorney.

It is undesirable if you are alone and you have no one to make any medical decisions for you, in that situation, then I would say, make sure you have a close friend, a real close friend.

These are the topics no one wants to address but trust me they need to be bought into light.

Thank you, my dear friend for reading and your favorable input.

Have a blessed day and a gracious Friday

Love and Hugs, always

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Let's Talk About Thursday (My Girls Night On My Live Blog On Thursday Late Nights,)

The discussion was all the flooding and Gaia's anger. I will be bringing some of those spiritual theories and concerns to light, and yes, we all have on our robes, and we paint nails live, well mine are worn short due to me creating my clothesline

Oh Thy Gaia

The beautiful insignias from what the eyes cannot believe    
Benediction in prayers over any body of water by tossing a sacred rose into the currents, an acceptance to all the Creatorís creation great and small, an atonement, for self to perceive  
Given respect for the ones no one had time to properly grieve  
I give ordained credence to advise humility you are a body composed of water, saturated divinity by the blood pumping through your veins,    
To be resurrected, one must be returned to water, sins must be released, cleansed as sure as the rainbow seen after the rain  
For the lost love set upon a pyre  
Last rite read by the second resurrection of fire  
A final goodbye into cremation their ashes flowing so free  
To give wandering souls their ascending light from the exile of the mastersí whips and chains    
Freedom denied, lineages castrated of Kings who once stood by Queen as they reined    
In remembrance their tattered souls went overboard their spirits to me they speak  
Peace, I give them as they seek  
Pilgrimage to unfaithful hearts, the canal of my fortitude is the rite of passage from the sky, the earth, and the water, weary souls I try to softly reprieve  
Soothing elements to prepare my divine incantations bestowed upon the ear of the mortal man  
Spiritual manifestation in the baptizes of my soul invested in the Hebrew mortalís heart    
The darker hued prophet of old drew out the Nile  
This life is his work of art and time does not asunder to give him the credence to his sacred birthright it is not measured by time, distance, or miles  
To be humble as he pursues the meekness where his feet remain rooted where he stands  
His rod unto a woman to fertile the vast land    
His staff to journey through the seasons may the strands atop his head, always be his scope of range in life as he command  
Bowing to his Hebrews Liquidation  
The wonders found under the sequence of his skin, once he discovers his mind is the key to unlock his spiritual emancipation

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Should we celebrate birthdays, say what SKC, yes, I know that will be the initial response.

However, if we were born without the time constraints of adding years to our lives, by the tick of the clock, will that lessen the burdens of the simplistic foray to advise anyone we are getting old or older.

Would we more or less, will be live our day as if there are no tomorrows.

In biblical days, there was no time frame to mark the progression of age.

Each day, I am quite sure was a blessing to explore, learn, and to exist in the quantum leap of time, which was now.

Age is nothing but a number, humÖ  It all depends on who is asking.

The mind is always changing, grasping new ideals to propel you or grant you heart, with unsavory perceptions to stall you in the frame of time, where the intellect refuses to adapt to it surroundings.

There are many great philosophers who have argued the graph or the beginning of time, one of my favorite philosophers, who is Aristotle. sighing.

Aristotle revolutionized his own theory of time and how it correlates by defining several variables when it pertains to humanity.  

Aristotle defensibly had argued that the Universe has always existed. He invoked the belief that ďout of nothing, nothing comes.Ē In addition, to this view, he states time stretches eternally into the past and future. I will agree, one must also study their past, to path a better path for their future.

With that being stated, letís, delve into Augustineís who is a Christian theologian.  Augustine belies that God exists outside of space and time. To draw upon his universal conclusion, he goes on to ask what was God doing before creating the world, and in that mental inquiry, it remains irrelevant because time itself is part of Godís creation, and that makes common sense and the with the laws of time, I can accept that in part, The earth was here, yet it was without void,

Now a theorist and with much respect, I had to brainstorm his perceptions to fully understand his ideology
Albert Einsteinís theory of relativity has led cosmologists to accept or explain his finding. Rendering his theory, space and time are considered pliable entities.

Within his relevancy, Eistein expanded on the concept, the universe time cannot extend back indefinitely it only, moves forward

I wrote this while flying back from Washington D.C for brunch, and then hopping back on a plane to meet more of our college friends in Boston, since today is my bestie's birthday, which is where I stand, and I admit, either I am tired of sky traveling, we shopped, I am a tad worn me out, and June until September usually marks my traveling destination.

Then later a dinner bash, which I will try to get some live footage.

I will leave you with this, enjoy your life as you are, how you envision it, and for goodness' sake, please keep hydrated, I am going to take a dip in my hotel indoor pool, meditate, and then get ready for this evening.

These ladies do not know when the party is over.

Therefore, stay blessed, have faith, and be kind to each other.

Thatís a wrap.

Love and Hugs, always,

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Happy Memorialís Day, to all, and much love and respect to all the fallen soldier.

I was at a White Party Cookout pool party in Boston yesterday, to finish out my bestie's birthday weekend.

I managed to get some footage.. then after that, what happened in Boston stayed in Boston.

After two flight delays, I am back in New York.. thank goodness

Love and Hugs, always,

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Empowering The Femaleís Third Eye Chakra
The Power Comes from Within

There are several things a woman must and should always carry in her purse; a passport, her carrying concealed weapon  permit (CCW), her photo identification stamped with a chip to travel abroad, a fingernail file, a tampon, and three single usages of lambskin condoms- better natural feeling alternate to latex, and it produces more heat when necessary, a tad expensive, but it is more than worth it.

Since the beginning of time, we as women had to rely on the man, in some instance it is a necessary. We have earned our right to stand on our own on Aug. 26, 1920, whereas were allowed to cast a vote, our voices no longer denied those times have certainly come full circle.  

There are three things a woman should always know how do, invest her money wisely for future gains, how to play the stock market or know the loose terminology, and how to garden the land. I would have stated cook and clean, however that is the backbone of a womanís maternal instincts, I can only assume.

You have women of dominance, power, and prestige from the boardroom to the Senate House Floor, making political moves and enlisting their ideology to allow them their vocal stance.

Have you ever wondered how some of those women became gloomed to ascertain their own power, their prominence to self to erect their presence in society and feel just as important to contribute to mankind?

I will outline some of my ideals and the importance of empowering all my Chakras, giving my third eye charka the enlightenment to carry me through well and beyond to maintain selfĖreliance and being self-efficient.  

With regards, I am not speaking in reference about my professional position as a Director of Nursing/APRN let's place that completely aside for the time being, therefore, l will like you to empower your mind, to think and believe outside the conformed box of not succeeding. Taking your mind above the calling as we progress day to day.  

Those simple merriments I have accumulated comes with time, do diligently of course, patience and persistence.

Now that I have your undivided attention let's explore further, to invest in the mind, body, and the human spirit.

Iíve heard money is the root of all evil, yes, however, tell that to someone who has none, or money cannot buy happiness. Tell that to the sad person who has none.  

I mentioned those proverbs to introduce the methods of how to attain money through positive reinforcements, the internet of course. I realize we have such amazing and gifted poetesses on this site. Let me ask some a question, what happens to your brain mechanism once you are not on DUP, do you have other means to give your creativity its purpose for which you write., giving it all its true potential.

The internet is a resourceful tool to utilize when making money. Since my passion is to provide pleasure, selling my creations, ghost writing, and other financial venues I will outline several methods at my disposable when generating income.  

My first suggestion, I could not stress enough, ladies, please invest in a good website, I am not speaking of social site; Facebook, Instagram.  

I am relating to an actual website that accepts Paypal or can accept valid credit cards as payment for any product you deem to profit off. Some good websites to take into consideration, when venturing out is Godaddy, Squarespace, most do require a fee or free depending on the services or if needing an upgrade to the benefits of premium membership. Various websites, either you can design your own website or have someone professional to assist according to your wishes and demands. In addition, make sure you get a registered domain.

We are post pandemic, for the unfortunate ones who this pandemic has taken its toll financially and who are sitting at home, there is money still to be made, whatever your passion is, if you build it, they will come.  

My business enterprise is as stated above, sensual pleasure, from selling fantasy to appearing in my own creation. The webcam is a beneficial asset accessory if your laptop/PC does not come equipped.  

Applying for a registered trademark, meaning itís your creativity and no one can infringement without being held accountable in a court of law.

Registered- trademarks apply to commercial names, phrases, and logos. ... (Trademarks fall under the auspices of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)

Copyrighted- Copyrights and trademarks protect distinct creations. Generally, copyrights protect creative or intellectual works (copyrights are granted by the U.S. Copyright Office).

Please know the difference, it keeps larking lawsuits away or a cease-and-desist order when selling something that is not registered or copyright by your hands.

- I have several patents in the initial stages of progress, be advised the product must be mindful of showing future promising, an idea cannot be patent; you would need a module of concise evidence of its worth to even get a patent.

You set up your website, you have the passion you want to sell on your website, you have copyright/register your beautiful gem, now what.

My website offers search engines, and you may have to pay additional for marketing, it is a good practice, and it promotes a footpath to your website.  

Another source of product to create is from, Zazzle, you can make your products, with your own logos from tee-shirts to mugs, whatever you sell you do get a fraction of its royals. In addition, you can place your selling items on your website, and viola, money coming in.

Above all, please extend your creativity to many soliciting foreign investors/ clientele for your craft; my private webcam, erotic merchandise it sells like music toward the Japanese investors, If I told you I sold three pairs of underwear, would you believe me, and yes, it is true, many clients in the Netherlands love the color of pink. That part of the globe, will privately pay for any decent product/service if it is presented correctly. You are your own power; your own empire utilize yourself.

My next segment I will speak in reference on how to play the stock market and acquiring Bitcoin, my stock babyÖ it is the future, and if you have a 401-K, know when to buy and when to sell stock.

I will always say if you have the intellect and you are a go-getter, trend-setter, you can rule the world, okay Iím pushing it, your world of course, and how to buy cheap land in New Mexico, it is dirt cheap by the acres.  


I own three acres of undeveloped land. If you decide not to ever relocate, it is a good for investment and always can be used as collateral if you so choose to ever apply for a bank loan.


Until our beautiful essences fuse in seeking the power of spiritual enlightenment, always stay positive in the eyes of humanity's grace.

Love and Hugs, always,

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This was a picture before I had my salon appointment In Washington D.C, before my bestie birthday bash in Boston, we were enroute from the airport, we passed a farm with some horses and cows on it.

I made her suddenly stop, I got out, and had her snap a picture with her cell phone.  Now I know my eyes are not playing tricks on me, there were some horses and cows grazing in the far distance on that property, I was giddy for that picture, and we were in the middle of the road with the hazards lights on.

Her excuse was, she did not have time to focus, Therefore, now my sole mission is for me throughout our roadside adventures this entire traveling summer is to capture a horse up close and personal.

It is ironic, the Zoo houses almost every animal species, large and small right down to the rarest insect, but it does not a house any horses, and I am proud of that. A horse is a galloping species that cannot be contained, the freedom is in its beautiful movement.

The horse was brown and so majestic, if only she focused more to the left.. oh, well, maybe the next trip.

I do hope everyone's has been uplifting, blessed, Wednesday and left you smiling and in good faith.

I will be bringing to view those birthday bash pictures/videos to view hopefully, his weekend.

Love and Hugs, always

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Be Peaceful In Your Daily Journey

This world is slowly cruising to Hell. Sinnerís flip of a coin landing on tails, fire pit one could only tell. The harmonic dreams of illusions America everyday tries to sell.  

The docile, paradise they shall seek, donít be naÔve, justice does peek. The Believer who held on to the earthly promise, even as we endured the pain and grief, one hundred and forty-four souls entering the Kingdom, that number gives me no relief.  

Are the days long gone where we feel compassion for one another. In need, we comfort each other, in reverence not to emotionally smother.  

We march in streets to the tune of the raging Beast, invading spaces we sinfully greet, our uncivil chats louder than the path of our feet.  

Who is to blame, when politics plays the name game, Democratsí hidden agenda Republicansí polices trying to take us back, it does not really matter, we are all in Hellís kitchen rather youíre white, native, or black.  

The Haves rules, the system, the air you breathe, to the toxic gas expelled in the air, the Have Nots suffer in silence under their wicked care. Creator, can you hear our thunderous outcries. Weary souls do not have time to wait for their pie in the sky.  

It doesnít matter what hue of the mother. We all seem to have divided ourselves, the mirrorís reflective values is now our immoral lover, bullets flying, store fronts vandalize, we all running for cover, no more coming together in any state of weather, someone please tell me things are going to get better.  

Is the only way to get relief from our daily strife is to take a last breath. Leaving behind pain, tears, and possession of material wealth our hands are now empty, we have nothing left.  

Pull the lever casting a vote for the next man, the best man, will we really be better off no matter who stands.  

Life, liberty and the pursuit happiness, what a beautiful declaration, yet, I am not clapping.  

We must find a way people to respect each other and learn to get along. Weíre all on earth, singing the same old tired song. Therefore, how long will treacherous, greed, deceitfulness, and loath continue on.  

My God I can attest; I see people in their last stages of life with so many earthly regrets, but not enough time. Wishing their breath will not be taken away in the blink of an eye. Praying they have made amends to atone for an eternal home in the sky.  

Whereas, we walk around each day, self-centered in our own world, the self-appointed self- righteous spewing word of unfurl, forgetting the proper words to say, be that it may, no faith, yet on our knees we nightly pray, asking for wants, needs, is all we can say.  

Pray within your heart for self, and then for others, no rhyme, no reason. Never allowing the mind to escape to emotional treason. Be graceful to the world, bow under stress in any seasons.  

If only you could see the slow decline of a riddled or fragile body living on borrowed father time. Sight of such, is enough to blow the strongest mind. Tears will drop from the eyes. Questions of the afterlife always takes one by surprise.  

Therefore, make a promise to yourself. Evolve your mind; the body is the vessel that carries us to the throne of death.  

Silence pleads in the dark, regrets the whys. Last rites, preacher has verily testified. An obituary read from birth to sunset by church designs, grief follows for a while, tick tock of life continues to fly by.  

After the threshold has been crossed, stripped down to the essence of your soul, your life flashes as the Almighty behold, a precious life has flashed by a wondrous being already foretold, your earthly life as your credits of love, understanding, and compassion rolls.  

Make good choices while youíre still breathing, believing, no time for deceiving, it will carry you through, in the infinity of time, give you your spiritual just due.  
Live, laugh, and love. Your soul will be reborn above, should it matter who or what you was.  

Down here in the wicked abyss, we can only reminisce, but once those eyes close, sadly, thatís it.  

Make Love, with your five senses, Peace unto each other you, seek, and not be an enemy to War, only blood shed unto the land it slowly seeps, and disunity and chaos we shall come to reap  

As we blend our intellects to come to a beautiful understanding of our true purpose, be safe, stay strong, and remain humbling in your daily travels


Live Blog Shot (Discussion-Govenor DeSantis)

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I just stepped away from my blog room, modeling room, those hot lights behind me are brutal to my skin and sensitive to my eyes.
I am wishing everyone a safe and blessed Friday, and enjoyable weekend, and I will be on the next plane to Washington evening then back to New York in the morning, another birthday bash, for my other bestie, they her entourage will be traveling on to New Orleans, absolutely not for me, my excuse, I am on call this weekend.. grr.. in additions, I am training my replacement for my upcoming vacation therefore, I will get some footage from this birthday bash the one last week was downright scandalous, I lost my diamond earring somewhere.

With that being said, the weather has been beautiful in the Eastcoast, I do hope everyone is out there getting them some beaming sun rays and if you work outside or just lounging around, please make sure you are adding some sunscreen to your skin.

Examine your skin and notice of any suspicion moles, freckles, brown spots, skin tags that has irregular boarders or raised, if you are just not sure in general, please make an appointment to see a Dermatologist.

Ladies we are moving into the month of June, therefore, I truly hope you have taken the time to do a bi-manual breast exam for the month of May, you can perform his life-saving precautionary exam while you are showering, then look in the mirror to make sure no dimples/puckering to the skin surrounding the breasts, no redness, or nipple discharge and be advised all abnormal lumps felt does not mean cancer, therefore, if perhaps there is an abnormal lump felt, make sure you see your Physician/Nurse Practitioner to get scheduled a Mammogram, if there is a hereditary of breast cancer, then I would strongly suggest you ask for a 3-D Mammogram, the image tends to define the breast tissues.

Men, as always, I must advise you to get your prostates checked and make sure you are getting the lab work (PSA) as well to make sure you are not pre-disposed to the antigen of Prostate Cancer and for you older Kings, who are not just not getting it up to perform your manly duties, before, you classify yourself as having ED (Erectile Dysfunction) make sure you get your testosterone level checked that can mimic the symptoms, with that being mentioned, if you are tired and your libido is not up to par in the bedroom, and before you go and order those penile supplements on television that promises you, you would be a tiger in bed all night long, please do not, mainly if you are a diabetic, or have high blood pressure, take into consideration that are not FDA approved and it does not matter what star(s) are used to endorse the product.

Make sure you stay hydrated, as it gets warmer, we are outside more, and we tend to grab a cold soda, a cold beer, a cold slushie, make sure you balance your thirst with at least four eight ounces of water, throughout the course of your day.

If you have small children and they do not know how to swim, paying for them to be taught, or if you know how to swim, teach them yourself, this is the upcoming season where there seems to be a lot of pool drowning involving children, and make sure when they are in the pool they have on their floating devices, please.

Stay positive, keep your mind safeguarded against negativity, and smile, it draws in positive spiritual energy.

Love and Hugs, always
SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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I am sitting here thinking is our destiny already planned no matter how hard we attempt to balance the scales of fate. Planning down to the second or daily living, util it almost becomes a perfect agenda of pure science, well that about describes me, the perfectionist, I am a very meticulous person, I like everything in my life to be in order no excuse, and no substitutes allowed, what I do not have, I survive without, what I do have it is saved and always given as my blessing to whomever, if needed, the meaning of life to me, which has gotten me through to write this affirmation here today, is always live my live my life through others eyes, never value my blessing, whereas it overtakes my sense of moral judgment, or it becomes the focal point of my existence,  I say that with the most humble grace, and when you have seen the atrocities of civilization in other third world countries countries, you learn to appreciate moreso, what you do not have than have, than what you do not have, there is no drive for you to obtain more, if it is meant to be, then the Creator will always provide, that has been the doctrine of my existence, untilÖ

Washington D.C

I was in Washington D.C to celebrate another one of my bestieís birthday, her theme was Harman Night her entire birthday entourage well over fifteen people, we had a two tables and she had her dinner birthday bash in a Hotel, where everyone stayed in their every room, me a suite hotel room, I donned my blue and white swing dress and Greta Garbo hat, I we had such a great time and I really did not want the night to end, however, I am on call this weekend, and some of the invited guests were moving on to catch a flight out to New Orleans.

The next day was sitting in the airport terminal waiting to fly back to New York, I was tired, I managed to get my hair styled and my eyebrows arched, due in part the salon I went to that same upscale beauty salon, and I like the service and the ambience of the atmosphere in general.
My flight was scheduled to leave at 10:00 and on time and there were no delays and no connecting flights.

So, I am sitting there, and you know how you get the instinct feeling, of why am I still here, I have not heard anyone come over the loudspeaker to say what boarding gate all those headed to New York to congregate. I politely walked to the reservation desk and inquired about the delay in my departure.
I was told it had been delayed and the next flight was not due until three hours, I was tired and needed to get out of my traveling attire. I did not live blog last night, however I did manage to discuss it I do not understand if your fight is cancelled you get some form of compensation, why does that not apply when your fight is postponed as well.

I decided at the last minute to take the Amtrack, and I have never taken a train, other than a subway, or a trolly in Philadelphia when I reside there but I was pressed for time and when you are on call, you need the flexibility of your computer because, to take the calls from the Call Center, access patientís medical records, if any medication is needed, or to take calls from an ER physician when a patient is experiencing  a psychotic episode (suicidal intentions, or has become a danger to others and brought in my law enforcement) or and EMT I need access to my home office computer, or to approve medication refills.

Making those train reservations went much smoother than I was expected, I was hungry at this point, and if you have been on a train, the seat is so comfortable and they have a very nice caboose for your dinning pleasure, it was after twelve noon about time I boarded that train with one stop in Philadelphia then on to New York.

This is where the moment of my fate, destiny, or kismet karma begins, at least this is what I was thinking.
I am sitting there, reading some of the posted poetry on DUP and passing the time by. I heard this voice asking if the seat next to me was taken, I did not want to look up and am thinking, you see all these empty seats, please pick another one and I did not feel like conversing with anyone, I just wanted to get home, and take a nap.

I just had to say, no.

This man sitting next to me, he smelled so good, I was too afraid to pivot in his direction, so I am checking him out in my peripheral vision.
And I do not like my personal space to be invaded if I do not invite you to be there.

The first question, do I take the train often
No, I usually flyÖ then silence ensued.

The train started moving, thank goodness, then, the next question can I get you anything, I had to hold my neck stiff, so I do not mess up my hairdo in the back, I had to turn my head, no Iím fine but thank you, and then he said yes, you are, and that is a smile.

I will shorten this story, because I know he is reading this, however, this handsome man, with his eyes, no beardÖ well, chin hairs, I liked his chin hairs.. we engaged conversation, he is a sport player, now this is where it gets complicated, I told him about myself, we exchanged so much conversation, he stepped away to go and buy me a water, tall and debonair, I was praying to the stars, late forties early fifties, muscular, African American, and he had on a suit and tie.

I told him about my clothing empire and we looked through my clothing catalogue on my cell phone, then I told him the blouse I had on was one of my creations, do you know he bought it cash, I kidd you not, and before I got off, he said he is the number twelve and when I find out what sport, he would take me out and he wanted me to wear the blouse he bought and gifted me with, I wish he would had given me a business card for me to send it to him, I have nothing to work with, and he paid cash, yaíll and this a Queenís Crown Apparel I have on, is not cheap. He even liked the name, and he did not mind the creation, irregularity, I told him I am not no Vera wang, he told me him, just keep trying and I will be my own flavor, I smiled so much at that compliment I could had broken glass with my teeth.

I told him I would wear this blouse in my Kittyís Korner Forum until I find out who he is, all I know is he said the number twelve, and he was heading to Boston. I spent the entire day yesterday going through every jersey with the number twelve, my blogettes (female bloggers) they are on the hunt as well. Then he inboxed me yesterday evening and said I must be a dream because he said he looked in on this site last night and did not see my picture in this blouse above he purchased, then we exchanged small pleasantries, and he left me with the words, guess who he is, or he wants a refund, jokingly of course. I wish I could have met him at the hotel where my bestie had her birthday bash in Washinton D.C, I got off the train before him and he even kissed my hand, how sweet is that.. sighing.

Thank you and yes, I am still searching as I know you are still reading.. and thank you for the compliments on my poetic musings, itís very much appreciated... and yes, I know his name, number twelve. and he knows me as SweetKittyCat 5.. this is going take some time my love..

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No refund is required... and yes, I can now change this picture.

Love and Hugs to you

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Sweet looking photo my friend

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just beautiful friend

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nutbuster said:just beautiful friend

I have been working on the sound bites to the birthdays bashes I attended in May, therefore, stay turned and much love to you, my dear friend, always. Due to the nature of potential infringement upon my creations, I never keep my live snapped photos up.. and this was purchased, can you believe it while l was still wearing it on a train, our Heavenly Creator is good,, all the time

Love and Hugs, always for a very dear friend of mine

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A Sunday Grand Rising
Leaving Washington, D.C Hotel Suite For Brunch With Besties

I am writing in response to an incident that I came across, that did not involve me, however, it was told to me by one of my staff nurses, who is bi-racial. And it saddens me because this could had been me, who is also bi-racial.

She was at dinner with some of her friends yesterday evening.

When you are born of bi-racial parents I am always asked who do I identify myself as, well the answer to that question, neither, because various heritages runs through my veins, my father being French of European descent, whom I love and was loved dearly by him, but when the majority of his side of the family has blue eyes, and straight hair there tends to be a tad of discrimination among aunts.

My mother who was mulatta (Creole) and her skin was lighter than mine and beautiful eyes a shade lighter than my hazel eyes, my father said that is what attracted him to her, God I miss those eyes, yet my stern grann never allowed us to venture from her ancestral traits, who is Haitian, and her father was Haitian Creole.

My life has not been glamorous at all when I was much younger, when I was around my cousins on my fatherís side, I was called cat eyes, that name ooo.. use to make me so chagrined, at times I felt like a castaway, and when you are seven years old those are the words that shape you, mold you to be better thank goodness my mother loved me enough to tell me I am beautiful with my coarse hair, and one day the world will come to know it. I suppose that was the one reason, my grann decided to rear me once my mother inhaled and exhaled her last breath of life. She must have known my life may result in identity related issues, if she did not instill her West African practicing religion and her core values in me.

Now if you can imagine going from a French speaking vibrant household, I miss my motherís ethnic dishes and my father, teasing everyone until my mother shooed him away... then to my granís house, neither one of us spoke English, she spoke her native dialect from West Africa and still to this day, I still cannot understand her, as you think I would, but we survived somehow with her taped up ruler to my hand when I did not understand a language she had no time to teach me and those old volumes of Britannia Encyclopedia books she substituted did not help during those learning times.

I had to look at pictures and make my own stories, place words on index cards, like I still knew how to pronounce them, but she did not want to hear any excuses of me not trying.

Sometimes, I wonder had I remained with my father in France how would my life have turned out,  I would had actually went to school, well maybe, my mother did not believe in the institution, she taught me and in French, there were rewards, I technically never went to school or associated with people, I played with kids, do not get me wrong, I just never went to a prom, no graduation, home schooled with volumes of books I did not understand the words, long dresses down to my ankles, to me, hidden from the calling of society, and my grann is very well off, she is still affluent here today, therefore, I never understand why didnít she just hire me a tutor, instead,  locking me in a back room with books, while she seen an entire day of patients, then hours later, wanted me to tell her what I learned that day, out of a book.

I look back on those times, and I do not know if they made me stronger, or gave me a false sense of the world, when I left Haiti for the states to go to college, it was an eye opening, however, I developed trust related issues, mainly in guarding my heart, enclosing a circle around myself, the silence of yourself becomes your only sound, however it has built the foundation of my existence.

Now that I am much older, those lessons that my fatherís side of the family taught me, has given me the a sense to love myself as cat eyes and all, and my grann, bless her heart, I loved that woman, with that being said, she taught me to learn to rely on myself for self-approval, if I fail, to always try again, and no one is going to give it to you self-worth, but yourself, no matter how great or small you are.

I think that is why I was led to my professional field of passion to study the ideology of intellects, and no matter where you come from, it only mattes how you arrive and hopefully, with mind intact.

Now back to my staff nurse, she stated she was singled out because of her fair skin, and light eyes, the waitress continued to serve her other friends who were according to her were darker, and it appears she was overlooked, and she said she did not say anything the first time, then as the evening progressed, she said she noticed little things, this same waitress did not ask if she wanted refills, or asked her did she want anything else, that was heartbreaking to hear, whereas, in this day and time the hue of a person is being judged other than the character of that person.

She reported this person to the dinning establishment once she had gotten home, we asked why you didnít ask for the manager while you there, she stated she did not want to ruin the evening for everyone else.

Thank goodness my grann taught me to love the Creator first, then yourself, and treat everyone with kindness, because, unfortunately, you cannot love everyone, you can respect their space not to invade upon yours.

I am confident in my own skin, and the progression of my stride, I do not see colors, condemn religions, or your lifestyle choices when I interact within civilization, that is your path, and being in the medical field, you cannot, itís that beautiful oath that you take to treat everyone beyond the call of duty.

Love and Hugs, always,
SKC, Interim, DON, APRN


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The Other Side Of Adamís Rib

The puzzle of where your rib has passed unto me      
Within the comfort of my heart that softly beats      
Close your eyes, inhale, exhale, and allow Godís plan        
Standing in His image you are now universalís man      
To the emollient of your scent to the aura from which you stand      
Is the canal of my womb my brotherís keeper      
The intellectual placenta to give him his philosophical ingenuity      
A tender voice of perceptions when in his primitive state of mind      
Are his ears entrenched to the outcries of societyís deprivation of mistrust      
The faint echoes of ancient times carousels through the doctrine of his marrow      
Does he not comprehend he commands fate by his whispers to the winds      
Until his hand like a staff and rod they will always comfort him      
Commence unto the earth the scars of his fortitude        
The sanctuary of his undeniable being unto woman is like a rock of salvation      
The stars said we were born      
Into the footsteps freedom shadowed      
The rushing of tidal waves shall always bow in grace at his feet      
Attune to the shores as you look out into the past      
Glimpsing the distance to the sun of the future      
A lost world of Atlantis once erected upon scrolls      
Their sacred Sovereign held the adoption of manís abilities invested from his soul      
His strength in his mane belays his character in test of times      
To the universe he shall never asunder or strike the strength of his strands to divide      
Can you uphold me against the remnant of Luciferís seeds      
The army of wealth is making war with man in the revolution of technology, the scars of his greed      
Power behind the throne, the locked code of his existence, the carbon significant of his genes      
Misplaced history of the heart, the purpose of his goals is to keep him blind from his own glory        
The greatness of his lineage and the wondrous of his sacred ancient stories        
His six protons that he is power driven to survive by the sands of time      
His six neutrons to heighten his serotonin and dopamine, the third eye to awaken his neurotransmitters of his mind  
His six electrons the crown passage to Heaven, Earth, and the Sea, the purification of his soul as infinity entwines          
His soul by the Most High is ordained from his head down to the feet by spiritual designs  

The component of melanin superiority that rules his veins  
The Kaleidoscope on earth as he reigns  
Hindered and stigmatized    
That which is first, which is last, will be first again devoid of pain  
The Hebrew manís DNA biology      
Sleep and now awoken      
The gift of my speech, the fables for me to teach      
Uplift our hands to the sky in enlightenment over the mountain we both reach      
Given by His hands I am the galaxy as far as the eyes can perceive        
The battle of manís will freeing the emancipation of his courage upon his head      
The coat of his honor gives credence from the protection of his melanin skin      
Many four scores ago, blood slayers, have hunted the corners of the world to investigate the power or its origin      
Kings and Queens under the eyes of the Sun      
Understand there is peace in hope and internal we are one kingdom      
Is it my commitment to instill the pearls of knowledge for his mind to use      
To deny the hunger of a manís brain that needs the tabernacle of sacredness      
If not      
When we greet, will ignorance and lack of spirituality indulgence      
Twain our fork tongues where we both lose      
Allow me to softy take you deeper into my Holy Shine      
Our laments of satisfaction        
Fulfilling as youíre thrusting into the maze of my seven wonders of the world      
Finding the history of us      
In the height of creation from his loins      
Is my predestined a manger to carry the passage of life      
As I push the image of Godís creation into the light of the world      
Let our names be embedded on ancient walls in this moment in time, come hither unto nigh      
To attuned ears may my soft voice embrace and resonate behind the moon nestled in the sky

This is one of my many gowns I changed into for one of my bestie's birthday bash, I came in second place with this Queen's Crown Apparelô creation,

Then there was the best couple attire, I came in first with some other party goer, we did look good together, I will post that gown sometime in the near future

Then the Mr.. and Ms. Harlem Night, we came in first.

Love and Hugs, always, have faith, and smile

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