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Poem of the Month - May 2024

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Cuba Libre

come over here
you boulevardier

& be my el diablo

vodka my mojito
Ameri my cano

god, my father

i will B your 52
gin your tonic &
pink your cadillac

Screw your driver.

hanky your panky
shirley your dirty
cuba your libre

hell yeah i will

let me be your
singapore sling

hypnotic breeze

alabama slammer
between the sheets

death in the afternoon
Written by Duende
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poet Anonymous

Congrats LJ .

Dangerous Mind
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Congratulations, LJ! 🥳

Tyrant of Words
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Congratulations, LJ❣

Dangerous Mind
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Congratulations LJ!

Dangerous Mind
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Duuude... BAD ASS.  Thank you so much.

poet Anonymous


Dangerous Mind
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Congrats LJ!!
Great job:)

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