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Mental State

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

write a poem about your current metal
write a poem about your current mental state
whether it be, insane, hurt, pain, sane, anything
one poem per poet - under 200 words
this will be going on for one week

poet Anonymous


Dear August birthday friend
How nice it was to meet you
Now that you have gone abroad
Did you know that I missed you?

I missed your poetry, though it was long
I missed the jokes you sent to me
I missed the online conversations
I missed your excellent stories

Meeting you changed my life
In a very special way
It reassured me one could meet
Such a wonderful person as thee

One meets many people
On the long trail known as life
But many do not have any effect
And many people are just strife

So thank you dear stranger
Maybe we will even meet
But one can only meet a soul
That is our soul a few times a life

We are born with kindred souls
We meet them here and there
Lucky we are when we meet a new one
When the others seem to have left town

So my August friend, I delight to see
That you and I share some vibes
Others cannot see - perhaps we were reincarnated
In a previous life - or are yet to be
Together in a next life...naturally!

Lost Thinker
United States
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First Rain of October

A reticent numbness looms hazy at sundown
And captivates what little the heart endures
Watching Nimbus steal from whites and blues
Stratus collides over the October sky
Cumulus mourns the vivid cessation
But I rejoice to the tempest toll
Cleansing the world of stargazers
Now eaten up by dominance outside
Carries the souls of the suffered home
The silvery song of slumber bears me in its arms
And immerses me in water on glasses
Shatters daydreams that loosen their hold
And downfall to the land I lay my head
To bring me resplendence in all I believe

Gypsy Red
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Requiem of the mind  

The requiem of my mind, always a low hum,
yet at times it becomes a orchestration
of memories from which I cannot run.

My pandora’s box usually sealed tight,
seethes and breathes with the terrors
of the past, the  horrors of my life.

A danger even to myself and all who are near,
vacate the premises lest I forget myself
and involuntarily hurt someone out of fear.

The night terrors drag me back to relive events,
scenes filled with blood and gore,
my tortured mind unsuccessfully wants to forget.  

The demons accost me in my sleep,
tearing at me, a tormented agony
afflicts my mind that will not recede.

The cruelty and distress is such,
that distorted, my reality fades,
beyond my reach, out of touch.  

Time and again comes this ordeal,
a plague to the sane,
it leaves me vulnerable and off keel.

Retched misery of these nights,
the despair and gloom
on demon wings take flight.

In the throes of such pain
my mind all but shatters,
calm eludes me till peace is regained
and the coming of dawn
finds me once again in tatters.  

Gypsy red

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Mother like no Other

Here in lies...
the ties that bind my mind

As peace is far away from me
and hard to find
Got visions of my Mother on my mind
unfortunately for me though...
my thoughts aren't kind.
Some memories are too painful to
completely remove so with a fine
glass of wine I try to get smooth

As silently I will my thoughts to move
As demons whisper " Girl, you know she never loved you"
How then, can I retract my thoughts
when I'm riddled with the why's and why nots
Of a child hood that was sour at best
as I try to sleep, but find no rest.
My thoughts barrage me relentlessly
As I sit and miss a Mother...who never missed me.

Strange Creature
United Kingdom
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                                              Temporary insanity

                                       Here in my prison my hell
                                              The walls my guard
                              I grow stronger grow more detached
                                         I do not think like you
                                          I do not look like you
                                 You must have come from another

                                      The time is getting nearer
                                             My impatience grows
                      My heart beat rising as the walls close in

                                    You will regret what you did
                                 You will regret letting me live
                           You will regret the day you were born

           I will cut off your arms so you can not steal from me
                I will cut off your legs so you can not stalk me
                   I will cut off your ears as you never hear me
                    I will cut out your eyes as you never see me

         Then I will take your tongue, so you can not tell on me

              I will take, take, take until you can take no more

                           Knock, knock is the sound at the door
As the key turns, sanity returns

My big brother, you will never know how close you came to making me insane………..

Lost Thinker
United States
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Broken, numb, hiding,
crying when alone,
but for you I'm happy,
I hate being home.

I'm hurting,
I'm broken, and shattered,
bruised by words,
I'm torn and tattered.

Seeking help,
tragically misunderstood,
no one cares,
who ever could?

I want to die,
fade to black,
fade into thin air.

Empty, Hallow, numb,
I feel useless, pathetic, i really do,
and you hurt me more,
I was stupid enough to trust you...

Thought Provoker
United States
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Misplaced Mentality

Splattered and scattered
Nothing matters
A treasure hunt
Can't remember what I want
Too confused to choose
Which path to cruise
Walking in these shoes
Either way I lose
So mind fucked
Without the vaseline
Damn life sucks
Vacuumed my brain clean
Just an empty space
Within my face
Under my cranium
That's hard like titanium
I've closed up shop
You can hear a pin drop
Into my psyche
It's very likely
That I've completely lost my mind
Wasn't that what I was supposed to find?

Dangerous Mind
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How rewarding it was.
As if my skin was made
out of stone. Numb from all
sorts of pain but one:
letting you go.

Lost Thinker
United States
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Find Me

I'm lost behind these padded walls
six walled cell yet still I fall

no gates to welcome heaven hell
I find my fears are dark and shrill

through broken mirrors thru the glass
no time for future no time for past

thru myself I must find a cure for those I love
steel blade I lure

I am nor alive nor am I dead
my mind is far gone my mind has fled

in constant pain I laugh or mourn
kill me now my life has worn.

The White Rabbit
Twisted Dreamer
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It was going to be fun, they said,
Come with us, they said,
Well how does it feel,
To be bound to a bed?

Flickering lights that mutate into eyes,
Bright yellow and green stare from above,
As they transport me atop a bloodied cart,
Claw like things grab me as they stab me with darts.

These voices speak nonsense,
What i hear from shadows in white,
"I'm safe in my padded room"
How can i be if those bats take flight?

They called this a room?
Made of living flesh,
With demons that lurked in all corners,
With the letters A.S.Y.L.U.M marked on their chest.

They wanted me dead,
Because I can see what they can't,
They flood me with electricity,
The more i tried to rant.

They summon slimy things,
That feed on my black blood,
That make me dizzy at times,
And makes my body melt into mud.

They toss me back to 'my room',
They laugh when i lick at the veins,
That protrude and spread out,
That make the lights start to fade.

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Cellestial Symphonies  

The world
a crystal ball
with swirls
and tales for all
it rolls
but never falls
two poles
to cap it off .

and ballistic
nothing is meant
to ever leave it .

Around we go
out there , we're not alone
are you scared
of the unknown
past the glare
of known black holes .

Wieghtless , towards the light
violins , screeching high
operatic voices sing
high over aquatic
earth brethrens .

A cellestial symphony
terrestrial to infamy
how do we know
what we can't see
a mind implodes
at possibilities
from DNA codes
to after we don't breathe
we are diodes
a blinking energy .

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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since you are
as you were
and have no further need of me
I have been

running a tongue up
concrete walls
an acquired taste perhaps
but I can't seem to
stop myself

or how I walk
-is that a girl? -I'm not sure
I look like nothing
and nothing
will change

is it more than I deserve to say
I miss you, friend?

I'll die wearing
your words round my neck

I'll die hoping
You'll hear about it
And care


Duncan Alexander
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Running in circles

Pushing for peace of mind
A vote of no confidence
From a jury of my jeers

An existential crisis
Subjected to the need for objective peace of mind
A concept undefined

A lack of language
And of time
Looking for words
As I write between the lines

Fire of Insight
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somewhere in the most deepest ,darkest part of her  
lies loneliness. every know and then it takes over her.it screams at her and chew on her inner flesh that keeps her going,  
leveing her with a fountain of tears.  
it sends tornadoes to her stomach and thunder to her heart,  
leving her with a fountain of tears.  
but no one knows what has become of her, what demons has taken control of her....it takes over her...she hides it..holding it in so that her sin wount bring disaster to this world...  
letting her walk until she can no longer walk anymore...her soul bound to perish...leveing her nothing but a walking corps.  
her disease that could end all humanity...ending it all of sadness loneliness..and fears..  
leveing her with a fountain of tears...

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