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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

Tyrant of Words
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Proverbs  [ NaPoWriMo 2019 Collection ]

III. Rules of the Game

vi. Nomenclature:

 rules for naming systems
 from relatively informal conventions  
 centering around political
 and/or philosophical dominance;

 theoretical linguistics connect
 global existence: commonality
 experienced through identification;

 etymology reveals derivation
 evolution per society—

 namely among men;

 History repeated itself over time;
 no man without woman—
 nor perfect Eden
 unless contrasted by choice

 In the beginning was Ferz
 Wazir, Vizier, Hetman, Lipp
 until finally a Queen
 under Isabella I's reign

 During such troubadour tradition
 called courtly love, she arose
 more powerful than any predecessor
 essential to her king's survival;
 if lost, nothing of value remains—
 as though Adam, alone  
 holding only Eve's bitten apple
 had he chosen obedience instead

 "Long Live the Queen"
 . . .  

words: 105
unique: 105 ( sans end quote )

Tyrant of Words
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Poetic Medic


Before operating on this sterile
body of work occupying
intensive care - defibrillate!

Conditoned critical, my poetry
lying there under so many lamps
death near

Charging to 500 amps;

Pulse returns

and it takes a breath

Rescuscitated, weak, restored
hereabouts to land of the living -
no longer terminally pathetic
destined for a morgue shelf

When it comes to honest critique
my dear Poetic Medic is kind
thoroughly giving of her healing self

for Ahavati with Love 💜😷💋


Dangerous Mind
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22/30  A Garden Pet

One day I was in Nana’s and Grandpa’s yard
in the early morning after spending the night
at their house and the flowers were waking up.

I looked beneath them and saw a tiny green
worm moving along, clambering over the bark
mulch and inching towards me.  

I got down to ground level and put my ear close
to the ground and heard something like, ‘Someday,
you will write about all this and lots of people
will read it’, and I whispered in reply, ‘Someday
you will become a butterfly’, and heard,
‘So will you'.  

I went inside to have breakfast.
I didn't tell Nana and Grandpa about the worm.

              110  words,  80 unique

Dangerous Mind
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Bloody Sunday

I spent yesterday in the joy of sharing
with family and friends and it wasn't until
posting my 21 piece here that I turned on
the TV to find that hate had once again
reared it ugly head, this time in Sri Lanka
As I sit here now composing this, my
thoughts are not really here, but I will
carry on just like those who are victims
of the hate that plagues mankind, for to
do less would be to surrender to that evil.

84 words, 67 unique

Tyrant of Words
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Poem 22 of 30

My brain cells depleted by rhythmically thinking.
Made worse by no sleep and old age.
Dear synapse please fire for this poem I'm inking.

Haphazard the choice of the words I am linking.
Friend, come May, please cover my cage.
My brain cells depleted by rhythmically thinking.

Muse inspired well spring was once overflowing.
Now sputters barely trickling in place on the page.
Dear synapse please fire for this poem I'm inking.

Heart and soul naked myself overexposing.
Reluctant to tap my big barrel of rage.
My brain cells depleted by rhythmically thinking.

Resorting, en fin, to nonsensical rhyming
Lada lada weeda quoth the Vada va Vage.
Dear synapse please fire for this poem I'm inking.

Prone to hyperbole, incessant kvetching.
Not so subtly admonished to act my own age.
My brain cells depleted by rhythmically thinking.
Dear synapse please fire for this poem I'm inking.

Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
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Double post (excused for professional reasons)

Lakeside 21

It is a fact, a small fact. A known one
among our kind. Among the singed.

Among the moths of fringes and in their
fringes is this fact burnt from that what

we misunderstand as the moon in the kitchen.
It is a joyous metaphor of the night-blues.

There we edge drawers of butchers
and carvers. There we prosody

with the mashers and the strainers.
The boiling point and the preservatives,

the thermostat that will sink in a side.
All those are emotions ready at hand

for lamentations of frenulum hinges
creaking madly. Not only are we there

to surround ourselves with shadowy
flutters made large on the walls of trees

and flutes of frisson altercations in bubbly
angels, we exchange feelers and draw

the veins as vines. What is your
life story? Also another fact.

Lakeside 22

We say who we were right then.
Tell me, were you made to uncurl
your proboscis and bend the antennae
down as the television turns into dirty snow.
We disturb each other’s entry-ways
with tell me more, tell me more about the world
outside, I’ve just came from this place,
this cemented state,

something grey and narrow and it wasn’t the sky,
I barely made it out.
The subject always
leaves the kitchen lights on with the grace
of a million moons. Somehow, we flew there
without science. Once upon a hot night,
I placed the volts of a blue moon as guard
and by morning I blew the ashes of splinter-
sized hands and an eye of a wing out the window.
Fire and wind, two kinds of flight and the Deaf
have just begun a wordless dream of day.

21: 87 unique words of 136
22: 100 unique words of 143

Fire of Insight
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Carrie Lou

Carrie Lou, Carrie Lou
Your name pierces my fragile ears
Sisters follow your tattered staff
And gather in scarlet tents
I beg you to repent

Carrie Lou, Carrie Lou
You’re blinded by your craft
The devil lives inside of you
How many matches does it take
To finally burn yourself?

Carrie Lou, Carrie Lou
Master pretender
Earth bender
Magic defender
Hell sender

Carrie Lou, Carrie Lou
Leave your wicked ways
Burn these books of yours
Set these women free
Before they know they’re deceived

Tyrant of Words
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(Twenty-Three of 30 -- Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2019)

A swallow hard from petrified mouthed fluidity
and I am giddy with delight as each cell with
in and without vibrates against the walls of
one another to the point where I don't know if
I want to vomit what little every other day
consumption is left or if I merely need to don
a warmer jacket to ward off the shivers caused
by goose bumps from our vibrating skin on skin
contact from when You touch me.

Touch me again


82 words
65  unique

Nathaniel Peter
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Un-broken Home

Renovations of a broken home
Forgiveness to seal the cracks in our hearts
Percieved divisions became duplications
I got lost seeking what I never knew I had
When all we journey is but the will to discover
Not a new place just a new perspective
When all that sought to wreck us
Is just a beautiful undoing remade
And what is yesterday's light but today's shadow
When the sun of the moment in memory will fade
I found love in the scars
Where blood filled the gaps in a broken heart
All it took was time to mend us
Weaving our veins like a network of wires
When heart beats eye to eye and connection transpires
Family forged from extinguished house fires
And truth was found in the mouths of recovering liars
Learning to love again despite every action that utters untrue
Becoming something authentic and letting go of the generic you...

John Brady
Thought Provoker
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Where do priests go at night?

There’s an old church
just off Maple Avenue
where I once slept
to get out of the rain
and there was a priest there
in his big, white dress
polishing candlesticks

he was there to smell out
all the sins of clasped hands
and to protect donations
from fingers that weren’t there
for honest prayer.

That night I came back;
he was still there
buffing the altar
to breaking point.

I crawled into
a gas station bathroom
to wash the dirt from my eyes
before leaving for another town,
not returning for a couple
of seasons.

Months changed their names
as I arrived back at the church
in the same old wet scenario
of storm avoidance

there he was, hands full,
pews empty.

I guess there are some men
who need love and a hot meal
more than the hungry.

Thought Provoker
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With No Other: Notes of an Online Journal


“With No Other”

I give in to the time that is left.
Let me lay with you, my mother.
Let me see the stain and hold your breath
These few minutes with no other.

As I watch your eyes of cataracts
With the thoughts I cannot discern,
Why we didn't know each other then,
And never had the chance to learn.

We were both brought close again to burn.
I’m alive with you just as when,
With your silent words you hide a yearn,
You would make it happen again.

The trees are naked of leaves and hawks,
Though Spring’s in my veins, I’m bereft.
To follow you on those quiet walks,
I give in to time that is left.

81 unique words
9/8/9/8 syllable count per stanza

NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Thought Provoker
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( inadvertent double-posting )

A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
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Reliance Upon a Spiritual Guide

Prostrate in supplication
Eyes like waterfalls
My mind, my mind is breaking!
Help me, whoever you are.

Tiny, little man
Dressed in saffron
Eyes like jewels
With just a hint of

I had crossed over
To the realm of demons
Haunted and broken
Alone and lost
I called to him

A moment
Just a moment
And he took me
And led me to safety
Under the shelter of

He opened the book
and began to read
and filled my mind
with wisdom's seed
Gave me his breath
so I could breathe

And then,
Healed and restored,
He said, "Now, breathe into them".

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
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something totally opposite

let me be starry-eyed. don't give me the burden of knowing I sipped on your mental energy
with my fumbling.
Yes, quite simply, dear
craftsman I do revere -

if you want to growl at me,
have a reason.
Forgive me if I'm made of meat.
Small. Tempting to pick off.
Go ahead.
But I am just being.
I won't bother running
when we're both the same species;

I may be far smaller
and clumsy, yes, with wobbly baby gazelle
I am stumbling into growth.
I'm unashamed of
having just learned,
first tasted
fresh-found freedom.
It is honest and it is joy.
Nothing has tried me yet,
been inscribed in me yet -
for now I chase these young, gory spurts,
the blood
of the type of Art
I am seeking.
Also, in fact, the unabashed bones.

The smooth, sacred skin
will come one day.
First I need insides.

Tyrant of Words
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Ahoy there, Crew and Landlubbers following along!

( ( ( thudddd-dunnng thuddd-dunnng thuddd-dunnng ) ) )

Thesaurus Rex hatchlings!
Aren't they just the cutest things?!

Katja saw the little buggers
stopped to play with them
and was caught in their mama's

She too was changed into swine
prancing absolutely divine in a tutu
soon to dine with the lumbering beast
during a toasted marshmallow feast
and after a few dirty martinis
be hugging coconut trees!

The fastest one back to the beach
was none other than Jade-Pandora -
as Captain's Johnny & Ahavati
pointed the direction from vines-
for the rest were dismally dizzy
as they not so cleverly zigged and zagged
while the Thesaurus Rex lagged behind, busy
nuzzling and kissing her own tiny kind

However, what was puzzling was
one hatchling from the batch went
missing .....

Team Members, thank you for your reports - they have all been addressed.

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