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jade tiger
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You Can Say That Again

( Idiom poetry )

A dime a dozen is a decent rate.
A blessing in disguise is what it is,
To beat around the bush you’ll be too late.

A better-late-than-never attitude
Might save a tooth than bite the bullet hard.
But break a leg, you’ll wind up being sued.

Let’s just call it a day and say we did.
And cut some slack to everyone you know,
Instead of cutting corners like a kid.

It’s easy does it, if you care to know,
To run so fast, things will get out of hand.
So get your act together and go slow.

To make a story short, no pain no gain,
When on the ball & pulling someone's leg.
Then pull yourself together by the reins.

Come on let’s go back to the drawing board.
Let someone off the hook who missed the boat
And we’ll be richer for the points we scored!

To wrap my head around all that we’ve done.
It isn’t rocket science if I say,
Time flies for us when we’re both having fun!
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Thought Provoker
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The Captain and The Fool

A rhyming idiom dialogue poem
The Captain is in bold      
The Fool is in regular      
The Narrator is in italics      
"You better lock up your daughters      
‘Cos there's a wolf at the door      
Who’s led his horse to water      
which was the final straw      
That broke the camels back      
‘Cos he couldn't force it to drink      
and for that he copped some flak"      
"So what's the missing link?"      
"Well, he’s as mad as a cut snake      
And he’s got his eye on you      
And here's the icing on the cake      
He wants to beat you black and blue"      
The Captain was hell bent      
on giving 110 percent.      
He was balls to the wall      
Thought he was heaven sent,      
And in his element      
He was on the ball      
He could remember it like it was yesterday      
How the best thing was sliced bread      
And how every dog had its day      
He knew that he’d hit the nail on the head      
When he opened his mouth to say:
"We’ve gotta keep the wolves at bay      
or else we’re better off dead!"      
"I put in the hard yards      
to earn my wings      
I played my cards      
right now I'm the one who brings      
home the bacon      
‘Cos as the movers are shakin’      
up with the sun I’ve been wakin’      
and while it shines, hay I’ve been makin’      
It’s like what they say;      
It’s about givin’ and taken"
"And a bit of love makin’ and orgasm fakin’"      
"Them kids have fun in the sun      
While I’ve been going through a rough patch      
Youth is wasted on the young.      
They don't see  that the chase is better than the catch"
“If it’s a perfect match      
Two heads are better than one      
Open up and down the hatch      
Ready or not here I come”      
The fool gives him a mouthful      
"I mean, I shoot from the hip,      
keep a stiff upper lip,      
try not to double dip      
And let ‘em keep the tip"
"Look bro, I’ll keep it on the level      
Just allow me to play the advocate of the devil      
I call a shovel a shovel and a spade a spade"      
"Y’know an arm and a leg is what I paid      
Now of my own shadow I’m afraid!"
"Listen to me, I know what’s what      
And I’ve got just the thing to hit the spot"      
"Yes do tell and free me from this prison      
I want the truth that I've been missin’"      
"Drum roll please"……………      
"Nothing is as it seems      
And there are no ‘I’s’ in teams"      
"In your dreams!"      
"I know, it sounds too good to be true"      
"I’m down on my knees"      
"OK, I’ll spill the beans      
from me to you"      
"What the hell’s the meaning of this?"      
"Well, I’m not one to take the piss      
But they say the world goes ‘round ‘cos of peace      
And it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease      
So they dug the oil      
Up from the soil      
But that only made the noise increase"      
"Will wonders never cease!"      
"I’d take the whole thing with a grain of salt      
We didn’t shut the barn door before the horse could bolt      
I know I don't need to tell ya ‘bout the birds and the bees      
I mean jeez, everyone sees that you're the big cheese"      
"So it looks like the ball is in my court      
and that it’s back to the drawing board"
"At least you've got a girl in every port      
And know the pen is mightier than the sword"        
"Yeah, I suppose you're right      
Now it’s time to hit the sack"
"Just keep fighting the good fight"      
"Will do"  Fade to black

Written by RexDurkin
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Dangerous Mind
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Dark Horse

She shot him in cold blood!
Hold on, let me back up,
I didn’t mean to jump the gun,
I have to tell this tale from the beginning,
You need to see this dark horse,
Of course it will be a doozy,
It may leave your head spinning.

He was a chip off the old block,
Always trying to get women in the sack,
I mean this guy was balls to the wall,
He didn’t give a fuck (pardon my French),
He had so many he himself lost track.

They met many moons ago,
Love at first sight, if that rings a bell,
She was naïve and he was well…a lady killer,
Playing with hearts and breaking them
He was like a hound released from hell.

She was completely head over heels for him,
But he was a loose cannon,
Getting into all kinds of strange,
He could hook up in a New York minute,
He was just fixed in his ways,
And nothing was going to make him change.

So when he was found out he knocked her up,
He bounced,
Gave her the slip,
Eighty sixed her without any remorse,
And though she had a gut feeling there were others,
She turned a blind eye at first,
But then hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Turns out he’d been making the rounds,
There were five others with buns in the oven,
Each and every one of them got played,
And the son of a gun went chasing more skirt,
Always trying to score,
Always trying to get laid.

One day out of the blue as she flipped through the news,
She saw his picture announcing his wedding,
To a senator’s daughter no less,
Maybe he thought marrying rich he’d have it in the bag,
But she could give a rat’s ass,
So she called the other five and they went to the press.

As you might have guessed they had an axe to grind,
When at wedding they showed up dressed to the nines,
Ready to throw a monkey wrench in his plan,
All eight months pregnant, all on the same page,
Ready to make an example out of this man.

And when the minister asked if anyone opposed,
The six stood up and the cat was out of the bag,
But then four more with babies rose as well,
And he with the deer in headlights look,
Booked it out of there because he was going to jail.

A decade later…

Come full circle to the top of this story,
One night when she had just gotten off duty
A perp tried to break in to her place,
And the icing on the cake,
In the dark she recognized his face,
Then shot him in the nuts.

Lost Thinker
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If the cornfield is GMO,
Then what is its fruit?
If the country is plastic
Aren’t it’s people too?

Black woman want to be barbies
Black men want to be kin.
Pop culture peddling
Discomfort in your skin

In the beginning you have no means
No means to an end
In the end you have no ends
To justify the means you defend


We born broke, and spend the rest of our lives trying to fix it
Seeking olive leaves to relieve the malnutrition
Shedding scaly vibrations of Spiritual procrastination left itchin’
For Sin-sation to soothe a soul sickened

Personification; To give the fake
Human traits

Silicon abusers
Become body shame accusers
Substance over-users
Brag about selling to consumers
Trapped, in the scheme
Opiates in the codeine
There is a “Thin white [Sic] line” between becoming the Scarface you dreamed or a fiend in between.

A surgeon can’t fix A broken mirror
But karma will

Traumas are anvils
We mold into trophies
We carry them on our backs
Expecting recognition
Then spit on the next persons
When we crave the attention

So many died
Living there best life
So many live
Living their best lie

Race wars online to erase war
From your mind
Many of US feel like
It is only a matter of time, and magazines

Life is a novel,
The curriculum taught us Time; the magazine
Handed us guns at nap time
Told US “Follow your dreams”
Two hots and a Cot with a snack in between

Preparing us for the hell
Dwelling in the same spell Until dispelled
We worship this body, this shell
Full of dualities we call personality;
We fell.
Into separate cells of the same jail

Million dollar chains you cannot exchange for bail
Thousand dollar cars take you anywhere you please
But if your drive is everywhere but inside
You will not find peace

A mascara matisse masking a masterpiece in the home of the slaves and the land of make believe
Mac need to make make up for the mind
But if the mind is made up Our women will finally see
The beautiful nightmare of Their reality

Of course I expect change
All these dimes on the street
You made a temple of the physical
How can your mental compete?
Or better yet how can it mirror

She said, “Focus on my presence”.
She meant “Ignore my past”.
Irony she only feels beautiful
Showing her inflatable ass

A Barbie who loves playing house with boys
Legs spread for possession; She’s a blow up toy.
Seeking to be kin he pours his emptiness into her void
She only feels passion when curled up around her toys
He pulls out, it’s like his dick was made of joy
By this time it is too late she fell for the ploy

The way doubt causes a bout as she cums to her senses
“Another woman conquered”, he thinks;
Gazing at her remnants
You only catch half a body
Stabbing a carcass that is defenseless
She feels offended, his games offensive
When are men going to admit this boyish sickness of Seeking validation from women

Pretending to be kin
Until it all falls to peace-less
Her battery finally dies
He cries because she’s speechless
He tried to open her up
Her circuitry is now depleted
He brings her back to life
Now she’s accompanied with demons

Written by BluntHonestMel
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