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That ghetto love
Ghetto love 

There's a lot of ways to love 
But that ghetto love is that good shit 
Ain't nuttin goushie  about it
Mother fuckers don't hold your hand 
Open any doors for you 
But they find other ways to adore you 
Like, if a nigga shares his weed with you , or you know where he holds his stash
Girl your good

And when he don't make love to you 
Its ok 
because when he's fucking you 
He's fucking you good
 ain't he?
That raw hardcore shit. 
That's him letting you know, you ain't going no where. 
Your his ride a die
Right hand women

Always making sure you rock the latest fashion 
Pays for your hair to be did
Nails done 
Gucci heals with a purse to match 
Car with them spinner rims 
Why? you always gotta look good for him 

He's a hustler 
Does what he must to get his shit done
Never worried about catching a case
Nah , no time to waist 
There's money to made

He be Staying out all hours of the night 
Making that hustlers dough 
While you  home waiting for him to come in and grab you by the waist, kiss your neck and say I missed you babe
Never saying I love you 
That's fine though 
Knowing he's addicted to your cooking and pussy,  is some good shit 
Damn right

If your a hustlers bitch 
you know, 
 pussy whip that nigga, he'll never go
But Keep that shit tight 
Remember he'll never marry you! 
But thats ok to 
A piece of paper has nothing on 
That ghetto love right?

If you've lived it 
You know what I'm saying 
If you haven't 
Don't knock it 
That'll make you a hater 
Written by Gg78 (let it be)
Published 16th July 2012 4:00pm 
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