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Love Poems

Poetry about lost love, heartbreak and relationship problems

Previously covering both the sides of love, this section now focuses on poems about the dark side of love, heartbreak and the hurt caused by lost love. Happy love poetry now finds a home in the "upbeat poems" section. This category is reserved for love poems about troubled friendships and relationships and it's where poets offload emotional pain inflected by (ex) boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, family and friends. Which all begs the question, what is love anyway? Maybe you'll find out here.
Published on 31st January 2015 3:30am
Written by Flawlessdiiva

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love poem

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Published on 31st January 2015 3:02am
Written by jemac
throwing your feelings around
is really nothing new
just can't understand why you think
i'd care
its been years
since i meant anything
to you
you no longer
need to share †
don't you see how foolish it is
to dote on another
to share your love for someone new
this Sarah whose your lover
easy it was for you to move away
from what you thought was dear
you smile and your cheeks flush
at the thought of her so mere
yet you are determined
for me to see
but i have moved on too
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love poem

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Published on 31st January 2015 1:17am
Written by johnrot

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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 10:20pm
Written by MsRockyJackson
I wish I could, but I can't help it
I love the way it feels.
You got me stuck between fantasy and what is real.
You are my shield of protection for when I need it,
You feed me my comfort,
You bring me and breathe life in me.
Because of you, I am not afraid
Because of you, I stayed around
Because of you, you made me feel so good.
It's all because of you.
Should I go through with this?,
Should I go back? Or
Should I just leave now?.
How can I get inside of that beautiful mind?,
You got my head spinning, but
I love it.
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 9:54pm
Written by amari25
Will you be my Valentine
You asked me
Then you dissappear
How should i feel
You are beautiful
This is what you said
Then i talk
No reply
How can you feel Comfortable
How is anyone better than you
You really do know
Just what to say
And just what to do
I thought for once
The words that were being said to me were true
It wasnt different
It hurts more because its you.
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 8:13pm
Written by Germacide socialflutterby
There's a happy place
some where
can you fill a space
for a while
i leave a trace
of a smile
enjoy the race
to my dear
dear happy place
no frowns
silly gowns
playful clowns
just me

us for a while

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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 6:41pm
Written by JJJayJr J_J_Jay_Jr
Someone ask,
Do I miss you?
I didnít,
Tears in my soul,
Ripped from my heart,
Pooled in my eyes,
Trailed down my cheeks.
Bowed my head,
Walked away.
To no one,
To myself,
To everyone.
Than you will,
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 5:11pm
Written by Unveiling crimsin
I don't feel
beautiful enough
to talk to you
reaching out tasting
the depths of your mind
I get lost
in an intellectual maze
so profound I'm confounded
seduced and mesmerized
I soak in your deep ink
reveling in it's meaning
loving your rough edges
you seep into my soul
wake me in the middle
of the night
pondering your words
as the weight of the world
comes crashing in on me
you are a beacon
in the...
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 12:40pm
Written by lanapoet
Donít know where to put my mind
Donít know what I want to find
Feel lost so deep inside
You made me found
Lots of shit in my mind
It all creates so much pain
Being with you made me feel well
Made me almost go directly to fell
You saw right through me
It felt as if you knew me
Every move I make
You stole my heart and now
Now I donít know
Everything you said
Keeps running through my head
Forget about your past
Just live for your ever last
Friends really mean a lot
But a lover you need not
You made your impact
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 30th January 2015 12:05pm
Written by Poetryman
The empty armor of a Knight rusts in a dungeon of despair
Cast off by a lonely man who lived to love no one
He begged the Lord, promised service for the hand of one so fair
To have and forever hold, to make his empty life undone

A tomb lies silent as pain shakes the walls with echoes
A light cuts through darkness bleeding dust from dried up tears
Streaking the thighs of innocence with endless dirty rows
With memories of monsters that haunt her through the years

Sadness cries out...
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love poem

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DU Poetry : Love Poems and Poetry about Heartbreak, Lost Love and Relationship Problems

Published on 30th January 2015 10:35am
Written by jaspersilence
Destiny's a bitch,
and a split second difference.
I need not this stone in my chest
that keeps my pain centered.
I've attempted to cut through
the suffocating air.
Though it still steals my words,
when & if I can even get them out.
Some have begged for me to be normal.
But tragedy fits my life so well,
and tastes as good as pussy.
Exhausted from prayer
for science to be the explanation
of this violent kaleidoscope mind.
For these cartoon half moon eyes.
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 10:33am
Written by Minerva TheGoddessMinerva
considering the circumstances,
i would say that it is good
that you are gone
when you were an ever present
part of my life, i lost myself in you
and the way that you moved me
urged me
controlled me
lusted me
you did not love me
you loved the game
the domination
the thrill of me bending to every whim
(though i would have never said that
to you)
but i loved you
and in effort to make you feel the same
i let you
gave up control
of everything
and you knew it
eventually i must have become too...
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 9:36am
Written by DevilsChild
Youíre so cutesy wootsy
Making me feel so jiggly wiggly
Longing for that mushy smoochy
Staring so lovey dovey
Emotions swinging like a teeter totter
Speaking like a gobbledygook
All day falling into your hullabaloo
Look at me, let me know
Breath out those sweet nothings
Anything, Iím listening
Found your way into my world
Stuck in my fearless dreams
Thinking of you all day, always
My main squeezy wheezy
Tough little cookie whookey
Giving me a wallopy whack
Every time I go in for...
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 9:23am
Written by Minerva TheGoddessMinerva
love me
for me
in spite of me

without that
i am nothing
in your hands
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 8:13am
Written by BrokenAndBruised
Every time I close my eyes my mind brings me back to that night.
No I am not okay, I will never be alright.
I lift my shirt and see my burns
And it is your face that I see every where that I turn.
I can't cope - Only can cry.
All I ever do is repeatedly ask my self WHY?
Every new day brings another fight.
I can still feel your hands grasping my neck tight.
It's painful to breathe with broken ribs not one - but two.
My heart is aching, and I know it's because of you.
As you smashed my head off of the wall
You were no longer the man I fell in love...
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 30th January 2015 6:09am
Written by DeepestDarkSpaces
You asked me if I still love you.
I felt myself rip in two.
Unable to speak.
You're making me weak.
How could I tell you,"Yes. I do."?
My heart beats out of tune.
Rapid breathing, Skin starts bleeding.
How can I tell you,"Yes. I do."?
I can't figure out what to say.
I'm letting my mind stray.
I'm too afraid.
Those words cut my mouth like a blade.
How can I tell you,"Yes. I do."?
Yes... I love you.
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 5:37am
Written by Miss Indie Indie
We sail on the weapons of our words
waiting to detonate the space between us
in a collision of fury and lust and loathing
the reasons adrenalized
by the self-destruction we seek
I like to imagine you as a video game villain
heartless and without mercy
while Iím praying for a forfeit in this war
weíve waged against ourselves
but weíre not wired that way
our hit points donít end ones and zeros
and restarts
when the game is over
my words hurting you more than
your lips...
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 5:22am
Written by peanutman27
Upon this paper, I lament,
the pieces †Iíve given,
the hate Iíve spent.

Emptiness, my hollow breath,
the life was taken,
and given was death.

Farewell, flightless dove,
found was my hell,
lost was my love.

Fractured eyes, broken tears,
bleeding heart,
these pencil smears.
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 5:02am
Written by HidingFromMe
You know that feeling when you just love someone so much
it fucking hurts
that the way they smell is just a fucking drug to you
the way their touch fills you with passion
how you can just lay their in silence with eachother and it's not awkward at all the way you can let yourself be vaunerable around them
and not be scared to just actually be in love
to be able to cry together
and the way you love them so much when their not there you sit there with their cologne in your hand wearing his jacket just bawling your eyes out cause you miss...
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love poem

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Published on 30th January 2015 4:43am
Written by yxngqueen Queennels
my love is fierce, passionate, and empowering
I can't put out the fire I have in my soul for anyone.
I won't belittle myself into thinking that you're all I deserve, I know better.
Someone will appreciate the wildness I have to offer because I'm tired of running from love.
I'm too patient for people who wouldn't even spend time on me, let alone spend a dime on me.
I know pain a little too well, and I cry a little too much.

 I just wanna feel again.
(lilnefertarii 🌸)
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love poem

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