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Love Poems

Poetry about lost love, heartbreak and relationship problems

Previously covering both the sides of love, this section now focuses on poems about the dark side of love, heartbreak and the hurt caused by lost love. Happy love poetry now finds a home in the "upbeat poems" section. This category is reserved for love poems about troubled friendships and relationships and it's where poets offload emotional pain inflected by (ex) boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, family and friends. Which all begs the question, what is love anyway? Maybe you'll find out here.
Published on 31st October 2014 5:16am
Written by GothPlusHeartBeat
Lovely is my love,
You are a rose to my thorns.
You are the clouds to my skies.
You are the downs to my ups.
You are the bee to my bumble.
You are the honey to my comb.
You are the rain to my clouds.
You are the rainbow after I rain.
You are the king to my crown.
You are the diamond to my coalmine.
You are the 4th to my July.
You are the fire to my craker.
You are the pop! to my rice crispies.
You are the corn to my flakes.
You are the A to my BCDEFG.
You are everything to me.    
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love poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 2:35am
Written by CreativeIntuition
As I wake in the morning
As I sleep during the night
You remain haunting me
I can see it even thru the fog
Her ghost in the fog
It remains so clear
Like your voice I hear
I feel you so near
But I can't see you nor feel you
Its haunting
The only antiseptic that
Keeps me alive
Kills inside
But it keeps me away from
'Your haunting'
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love poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 00:28am
Written by bisexualkitty
The sun comes up
Well i think thats what i learned in school
But then it sets in the west
It needs a chance to rest
So out comes the moon with all her babes
The stars are out to play
Until the sun comes up again
A tree grows
In a flowered field
And it sits and sits there for years
But soon we know the tree will die
And the field becomes a mansion for the famous
Who will eventually be a has been
They would have lost dreams and lost dreams lost in clouds of green
See, nothing lasts forever
The sun rises, the stars light,...
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love poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 00:24am
Written by JohnFeddeler

hang down your head, dream killer
eat the stars that stain the sanguine meadows of heaven
shanghai me – then barricade the iron gates of paradise
– drag me to hell –
waltz me across the embering coals of your brimstone
dancefloor, till my boots melt
seduce me with your lion eyes –
roar your bedroom lullabyes
you are Erycina, queen of prostitutes
pervert my obeisance with the spill of your wine
ensure my madness by the burning of entheogenic myrtle
teach me that orgasm’s meridian is epiphanized,
not in the...
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love poem

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Published on 31st October 2014 00:09am
Written by sammy4444
I've turned up the heat
on the electric blanket
there is room for two
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 11:37pm
Written by blackhyde
Little ocher rose in america
Kinky albeit somewhat enticing
Astonishingly sexual
Crazy and perverted
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 9:59pm
Written by naathalie___
As time passes by
I realize
I need you more
than the moon
needs the sun to shine
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 6:18pm
Written by BlueBeastGirl
My story isn't simple, my story isn't sweet
My life is rather messy and never quite neat
I have loved many a boy and many a man
But none have quite given me what you can
You look at me with a smile in your eyes
And though you tell stories there's never lies
I've looked for love my whole life, it is true
But never, oh, never have a I loved a guy like you
Neither man nor boy but something in between
Not a single bone in your body is meant to be mean
The sad part is love is that you belong to another
How can the guy I love some...
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 6:04pm
Written by BlueBeastGirl
You're never there when I need you
You're always gone, I swear it's true
I need you when I am so very sad
I need you to calm me when I get mad
But you really are never actually there
You always act like you don't care
There is always a story, always an excuse
But the words you say are a bunch of refuse
You lie to me and cheat with the way you speak
Though your words are pretty they rather reek
You make me sad in the coldest of ways
Leaving me to suffer alone for days
I always find myself alone thinking of you
And the thoughts...
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 4:39pm
Written by Rose Lookawaynow
If I tell you of the love I have for you,
would you awaken with your sleepyhead smile,
I hope not, well.. not yet anyhow,
I need a little more time,
time to breathe,
breathing in this love we gone created, filling
the room with concoctions of romantic potions
and sexual notions mixed in for good pleasure..
..oops, I meant measure
I have lots to say, lots I've said already,
though I confess..
mostly whilst you were sleeping..
speaking my thoughts,
you see, they do run away, run far away with you,
never to be seen out...
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love poem

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DU Poetry : Love Poems and Poetry about Heartbreak, Lost Love and Relationship Problems

Published on 30th October 2014 12:55pm
Written by bisexualkitty
My hands are beind my back
But i am here by my own free will
And i hate myself every day for it
The key is in your hand
And the rope is getting tighter by the
Minute i get away,  ill come right back to you
Love is a battlefield
Weve all heard it before yet we
Find ourselves trapped, and we are
captured,all of us
All of us are prisoners of love and war
Torture me
You know you do
I love you,i hate you, i need you, i do
Your body, next to me
Your body, so far
I love you, i hate you, i need you, i cant
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 12:31pm
Written by AgentOrange MythKnightSon
There again, playing in my mind
it echoes as if it will never end
In my heart, it resonates
as my soul passively submits
My days are invaded by the past;
my thoughts haunted by images of you
drifting away, fading into the night
as the rain took you away from my sight.
Still, so clearly, i can see
everytime i close my eyes...
both drenched and shivering
as we uttered our last goodbyes.
I ought to tell you how it pains me
each time i hear your voice,
Begging that chance to be with me
but i had no better...
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 12:10pm
Written by Rose Lookawaynow
we drifted through on the easterly currents, falling  
with the first signs of autumn, carried on the backs  
of migrating lovers flown over from southern shores,  
filtering through the ages in timeless capsules, the  
sand beneath our feet, the breath of twilight from a  
dying sunset filling our lungs, rejoicing on the prow,  
cutting a swathe through time, as if time itself was  
but a lonesome traveler with no place to call home.
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 11:42am
Written by EBB1E
Her radiance graces his skin
gently pulsing her nourishment in
Love and lust rush to his aid
Curing his broken hearted parade.
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 9:05am
Written by shadow_starzzz
He says
I won't ask you
what is mine
your body sweet
delicate and divine.
You & I are threaded
by twine
as our heart and soul
ferments quietly just
like wine.
It's the place
in which I rest
with little
from you
my sweetest love.
I shall
kiss you deeply
and take you
but yet
to ensure you
stray or doubt
the fervent
that I possess.
Whilst she savours
his very breath
tasting his lips
and breath of...
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love poem

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Image New Member
Published on 30th October 2014 8:31am
Written by Rose Lookawaynow
You sleep on your back, knowing I might want      
to study you further, trying to work out why      
you move me so eloquently that my life is flat    
lining without you here with me, like this.      
Are you dreaming of me my beautiful prince, be  
it lover or protector, hear my enlightened words,  
echoing across the nights silent void between us  
so you might have a better recognition of the part  
I play..    
I love you.    
Another hour is all I can wait...
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 7:12am
Written by kateA seekingkate
(Entered in the 'Never Written Letter' competition)
I wrote a love poem for you
All in it was true
But you, you prick lied like a piece of shit
Said you'd phone me and you never did
Then fuck me dead you come back into my life  
Hot to trot because I write erotica
Gave me info on sex shops in Amsterdam  
With a wink and a nudge you implied there'd be some fun
You even joined DU to read my stuff
Wrote 'daydream' about was so bloody obvious ...
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 6:40am
Written by StruckNerve
But his

Half-smile is enough
to keep me going
nothing is left
But everything.

And everything is
in his hand holding
my finger and when

His eyes, completely
pure, pierce mine
and all it makes me

Want is to be better
for him, and to help
him improve himself.

And be a shield. And
an ear. And only mist
when I have to be.

I will always love you.
Nothing can change
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 6:03am
Written by sandi_bob
His words wounded her badly,
Made her feel like she wouldn't survive,
But she knew that sadly,
She would still be alive.

Stupid girl believed what he said,
She was gullible and weak.
Soon enough she realized she was being mislead,
But didn't have the heart to set him free

She soon went days without seeing his face,
Convinced herself it was better that way anyway.
To her he was a disgrace,
She just wanted to run away.

The pain was too much to handle without his love too
Taking the easy way out was the only thing she would do.
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love poem

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Published on 30th October 2014 4:39am
Written by Hawkeyes2468
My heart is a very confusing place
It is torn and whole
It feels pain loss betrayal
It feels love for one person
I cannot understand my heart
I don't begin to understand the reasoning behind what my heart feels
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love poem

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