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Love Poems

Poetry about lost love, heartbreak and relationship problems

Previously covering both the sides of love, this section now focuses on poems about the dark side of love, heartbreak and the hurt caused by lost love. Happy love poetry now finds a home in the "upbeat poems" section. This category is reserved for love poems about troubled friendships and relationships and it's where poets offload emotional pain inflected by (ex) boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, family and friends. Which all begs the question, what is love anyway? Maybe you'll find out here.
Published on 6th March 2015 7:36pm
Written by pumkinking
I loved you
You †hurt †me
I feel pain
But donít feel bad
Im not sad
I moved on
Im over our song
It only took too long
You said you love me
But they was a lye
I lost sleep just wondering why
I couldnít die
How I wasnít good enough
Your hate made me tough
My heart is black
A soul I lack
No trust
No lust
No faith

You said I donít care
U said I was never there
But who did you cry too
When your cuts were all †new
Im sorry no fuck you
All I feel is pain
Its all for...
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 6:30pm
Written by JJJayJr J_J_Jay_Jr
He did what to you?

My advise.

Until your sides hurt.
Until the tears flow.

Take a deep breath.
Let it out.


Wipe the tears.

Crawl into bed.

Curl up.
Fetal like.

Hug yourself.
Love yourself.

Fall asleep.
The sleep of the dead.

Born again.

Itís a new day.

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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 6:23pm
Written by Speedy. ChemicalRose
Love for two souls replenish,
And make it finished,
Look in my eyes and see how lucky you are to have Speedy,
And savor me and be greedy,
Keeping me for yourself as love,
And love is as a dove...
And that dove is the purest of white,
And filled our hearts with so much light,
And when it's time,
Our hearts will align,
Then I'll know you are mine...
Our love won't be forgotten,
Like the embers of a rose,
We can't help it; this is the life we chose,
Our legs entwine,
Our hands touch, oh so divine,
Our souls won't part,...
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 6:21pm
Written by johnrot

adult poems
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 5:44pm
Written by Rose Lookawaynow
we'll be richer for it
indifferent to the black
black of demon rage
nights revolving the door
got it jammed tight
caught fast
never had it
like this
fast racing,
that's me and my my pulse you feel
along my neck line
pumps out I love you's
rivers red flowing underneath
through to your touch
my hem line
wilting into you
I'll die long before we get with the picture
but that wont stop my pulse racing
with thoughts of you
framed with me.
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 3:57pm
Written by BlueTwain
Cleaning out the closet
You reluctantly lent me
As I have done
Before and before.
Sorting through drawers
Of couture you cautiously bought me,
Deeming which suits are unsuitable
for the next low rent room
I'll inhabit.
Vowing to change my habits
And not love so hard,
Envelope so tightly,
Fight so righteously
or riotously.
To not neglect the specter of dreams,
To recognize them as reflections of me
When they come
and sum up their unconscious puzzles
of unheeded needs.
It seems I cease to realize if I...
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 6th March 2015 3:49pm
Written by Poetikmind
He spills the secrets
of a heart set sail
'pon the fluorescent wind
'Ever hopin' †for a start
of a love that'll never end
Focused in on a whisper
his wish, like a blur
though tormented eyes can't see
yet, one can sense the ache
of desire penetratin' thee

set free to let loose
the constraints that bind
a state of tortured mind
confined by fears
of the forever he'd
never find...

An exhale expels
like a gale force-
innocuous this gust
ejected from the gut
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 2:33pm
Written by Extraterrestrial
A beautiful divine being has entered my world,

like a blossom from which my heart instantly twirled,

with eyes as blue as the summer sky,

whenever they look at me, they make me fly.

A smile that causes happiness within one's heart,

and hair as magnificent as this world's greatest art,

with a lovely fragrance that is hard to forget,

I will always remember the day we first met.
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 1:25pm
Written by dustyjjewels
Reason forsaken
Caution ignored
Beauty's appealing
I'll be sane no more
The madness in my blindness
The love in my lust
Has but one destiny
To end up in the dust
Fore-knowledge hurts the †most
It's all but shadow chasing
At the end she'll turn a ghost
The smiles,kisses and sex
Can't obscure what's clear
For now I embrace my lover
But her heart's no where near
I enjoy every minute of the phony today
For the pains I'll bear tomorrow
Knowing full well what lies ahead
Is deepest pain...
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 9:10am
Written by DecipherMe
Golden sun, aging so slowly
amidst the darkness of this world,
speak to me, to me.
And when the words move like liquid through the canal of your throat
and slide down the slippery honey of your tongue,
my mind goes to that mouth that does all your speaking,
and the energy I had lost for love has returned.
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love poem

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DU Poetry : Love Poems and Poetry about Heartbreak, Lost Love and Relationship Problems

Published on 6th March 2015 7:41am
Written by BiGBailey
All of My Heart
When I hold you in my arms, I protect you from all harm
Girl I know you feel it too
Thereís no need to have no fear, when I tell you Iíll be there,
Everything I say is true
When I hold you in my arms, I protect you from all harm
Girl I know you feel it too
Thereís no need to have no fear, when I tell you Iíll be there,
I gave all my heart to you
Baby let me explain how you make me feel
Everyday you marinate in my heart, a tasty meal
Donít want to escape this deal, Iím laying my cards down
Royal flush on yo face,...
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love poem

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Video New Member
Published on 6th March 2015 6:28am
Written by MarekMonster
White dust in my hands
slips down off my bones
this place reminds me of home
seems like this is where it ends.
Mourning stars are not alone
i sing for them in vacuum
but they don't appreciate it, †just like you
tell me what went wrong.
Oh i can hear all the wolves
crying down there
if you would only know
that no one here cares
that this is just an indol in dust
oh i was just like you once...
I thought i was your satelite
but as much as i focuss
i can not influence your waters
at least not enough....
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 3:17am
Written by DystopianMelody
What words they were
what dreams
that floated between the bare walls
and brushed the spaces
that rejection left

and the promises
perched on the last crumb of ledge
waiting, always
for the nudge of breath
that turned a finely woven world
into the womb of contrition

someday, one day
when all has been said
and swept about
the memories wept around
maybe the glaring patches
littering faded walls will shine
brighter than the pictures ever could
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 2:53am
Written by nikkimoe
I dream of you like you're dead
in a sense you are
new life, new stars

An ocean seems like a world away
I no longer have that rocket
to take me there,
it was destroyed in the war
that love waged
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 2:50am
Written by Minerva TheGoddessMinerva
we experience each other
in compressed time
it seems
shared words
before sleep
and just waking
reading words
sent randomly through the day
but rarely at the same time
but when we are alone
at the same timeÖ
those stolen moments
of you
do more for my mind
(and body)
than any amount of sleep
or coffee
those moments when your eyes
are sleepy but
still curve over me
(even after all this time)
an invitation to cocoon
ourselves in heated water
before the boys
start demanding
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 1:18am
Written by Vishal Sharma Romantic_Head
carbon has two allotropes
one is graphite-one is diamond
you are one-you are diamond
shines for me shines by me
having you is a miracle
we are known by the names
that are multiple
you and I are bonded by the
bond that is triple
I am tetravalent, shows many
but only attracted by
hydrogens, that is you
sometimes, some heteroatoms
disturb us
as I am strong, only bonded by
our love story will be known for
I the carbon you the hydrogen
thus forming hydrocarbon
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 1:01am
Written by Scot Powers scopow77
With glowin eyes
meeting mine
time stood still
so divine
watching as
the sun did set
for all the trials
no regret
to have another
loving day
sharing laughs
while we play
but those days
are ending soon
the sands of time
change the rules
so I will grasp
and cling to
my little girl
an adult too soon.
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 00:40am
Written by caxton
I could break you with a sentence
You stand on shaky, hollow ground
The truth can kill
A heart can mend
But you'll never have me again
Pearlescent dreams
And muted screams
These are a few of your favorite things
Demons are only found in our own hearts and minds
We make our own hell
You make mine
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love poem

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Published on 6th March 2015 00:33am
Written by caxton
Somnolence and splendor
You croon as you drape
yourself accross me
I day dream
Is it daydreaming at 2 AM?
I put your heart on the scales.
Weigh and try again
Take a peek at the wonder box
Trick, trip, fall asleep
Take a look at you
You sleep so sweetly
Sometimes I miss this
Sometimes I really do
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love poem

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Published on 5th March 2015 11:37pm
Written by Veee BlueProse
 † † † ††
 † † † † † † †
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love poem

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