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Love Poems

Poetry about lost love, heartbreak and relationship problems

Previously covering both the sides of love, this section now focuses on poems about the dark side of love, heartbreak and the hurt caused by lost love. Happy love poetry now finds a home in the "upbeat poems" section. This category is reserved for love poems about troubled friendships and relationships and it's where poets offload emotional pain inflected by (ex) boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, family and friends. Which all begs the question, what is love anyway? Maybe you'll find out here.
Published on 25th October 2014 1:44pm
Written by dustyjjewels
Day after day
My heart yearns for you,
Thinking out every way;
Wondering what to do.
Feelings outpouring
Feelings warm and true,
Emotions out-soaring
The highest skies so blue.
I can reach the highest places,
If only I'm walking with you;
Just with your warm embraces,
It's sure to see me through.
Day after day
I sit and meditate;
Not driven wild away,
Nor blinded by the haste.
To share your ravishing splendor,
For once I've learned to wait;
All good things come from yonder,
Their coming never late....
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love poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 12:36pm
Written by LizB
I dreamt of you again, of you and her. How is it that every time I get close to moving on I dream of you?
And how you hold her and how you kiss her.
How it could be me right now
If I hadn't been such a fucking idiot.
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love poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 10:55am
Written by Rose Lookawaynow
It's just me and you bear, put here on this earth, this space in
time, up on the shelf.
Why or how, somethings can't be made clear, I just know within,
deep down to my very center, the core of me, where emotions are
conceived, born on the breeze created from butterflies shimmering,
flickering, fanning the warmth from blaze to inferno, It's at those
moments when I don't desire clarity from thought, just up here on
the shelf with you is everything, because I know, I just know,
I love you big bear, very, very much.
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love poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 7:29am
Written by AleKsandrovich47

adult poems
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love poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 6:22am
Written by sammy4444
Oh how I long to hear those words
said the way that I imagine
only you can say them.
I wish to feel that sweet caress
as they glide along that tongue
and dance across those lips,
wrapping warmly around my soul,
tightly holding in a tender embrace
my heart.

Frequently I think upon those words
so long held safely in my heart
and how they clumsily stumbled
across the threshold of my trembling lips,
twisting as they tumbled to the ground
dashing to pieces at your feet
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love poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 4:09am
Written by Sheltered_Girl
Why do people think our love is
Why do people think our love is
Why do people think our love is
Punishable by death?
It shouldnít.
It shouldnít matter what gender you are.
It shouldnít matter if you are the same gender.
What should matter is how I feel.
How I feel when Iím with her
When we touch
When our lips brush
It just feels right
How can people say itís wrong
When itís saved me from so much
Saved me from a tunnel
That was light, but the lights had started to dim. † † †
Took me off a path...
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love poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 3:04am
Written by seascape
I will always love you:

When I said I love you
I meant it, and I will always want to

When you said you loved me
What were you thinking?

Your beauty and majesty, it is all I think of when I wake
Your sweet calming words, they are all I dream of when I sleep

When I said I love you
It is something, I had devoted myself to

When you said you love me
What were you thinking?

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love poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 1:02am
Written by ultraviolence
You are the most beautiful poem written.

If I could write a song about
Every second I'm with you,
I would.

Though you always knew of my fear of deep water,
If it was possible I'd swim to the bottom of the ocean
if you were waiting for me there with open arms.

I see you with my heart.
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 25th October 2014 1:00am
Written by bcpoet
the sky is clear, no clouds no mist
the sea is blue from Sun's warm kiss
the air is filled with morning sounds
simple beauty all surrounds -
my heart beats fast, I feel your touch
though far away it means so much
I smell the sea I think of you
because we're joined just out of view -
above the air, the atmosphere
electric space is always near
we spin we turn from time to time
we live we learn there's more to find -
becoming new with each breath
which we inhale from birth to death
we disappear as we awake
rising up once...
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love poem

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Published on 25th October 2014 00:56am
Written by ultraviolence
It feels as if the people who I love most
Feel the strongest need to shatter what makes me happy
And smile upon
My greatest fears and doubts
Though my weaknesses are barely seen to the world
Like a dim candle in the pale moonlight; dying
I feel like when I open up my wounds to you
You pour poison into them and make toxins pump through my blood, to my heart
I don't think you love me
But you're infatuated with the thought of shattering me
But you shall watch out
Because though you will shatter me like glass, I will bounce up at the impact...
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love poem

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DU Poetry : Love Poems and Poetry about Heartbreak, Lost Love and Relationship Problems

Published on 24th October 2014 11:37pm
Written by Tarik Ali TMA
Fuck texting and conversations on the phone. †
It's actually imperative that I see you today. †
I want to see your words leave your lips. †
See the creases in your face as you talk. †
I wanna make you laugh, and see you smile. †
I wanna hold your hand, and experience you in 3D.
I wanna feel your lips on mine. †
I've lost patience with the basic approximations of you. †
So fuck texting and conversations on the phone. †
It's actually imperative that I see you today.
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love poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 8:59pm
Written by Virginiapetal
I wait in the front seat, with my knees tucked under my legs
While you visit our son
I watch you kiss his plump cheeks, make him giggle,
He glows, flushes, fondles every word, every breath,
Your hallowed love.
I am trying to rememberÖ
Did you look at me?
I know you didnít think to.
I tugged on your pants, too low, so childish,
You need money?
Hereís your foolish money
And I shove it into your pocket.
I have a secret. †Tucked under my knees.
A holy longing, residual virtuousness,
Haunted by woebegone ghosts.
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love poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 4:44pm
Written by AgentOrange MythKnightSon
Ďwish I was a scientist so I could
Study and understand
The chemical composition of whatever
That is thatís flowing through my veins
Each time I see your smile ...
Iíd develop a counter formula
Against those irresistible enticement
Of seemingly hypnotic conversation
Every time I am struck by
Your gleaming hazel eyes.
But I am not a genius
When it comes to science.
And not even clever enough
About these sort of things
People align to love...
I donít even have the strength
To resist this haul created
By your mere...
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love poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 4:35pm
Written by Idryad Grace
sometimes calling your name
leaves me breathless
couldn't wrap my lips around it
or my throat to birth it
suddenly my mouth turns dusty dry
Sometimes I smile alone
spelling your name on my screen
or just wander around
thinking up colour schemes
for a dream
Sometimes you make me feel like screaming
I want to burst into a butterfly
to show you Im not all drab
I want to be a dancing poppy flower
or a rainbow in hundreds of prisms
Sometimes I feel like running away
or sit in a corner and vegetate
so strange...
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love poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 4:31pm
Written by Tav jdrury245
Sun ached to rise,
above the jagged horizon.
It lit the shadow,
of stone work,
of your craftsmanship.
It stood high,
strong and everlasting.
A stone giant,
held together with assumption.
Assumption of him,
the prince that you seek.
Recently one has followed,
to the top where you lie.
He said the verse,
a promise, an assumption.
He would mend the holes,
patch the sides.
As time rhythmically passes,
the tower would stand,
strong and eager.
Until your assumption,
is not yet reality.
The one that followed,...
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love poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 3:06pm
Written by SydneyMartin
The water was on fire. My need for honesty after midnight grows with each tick of your watch. I want you to know that each time you go hunting you make the willow tree weep. It weeps in the silence once the ringing disappears. I will put flowers in the barrel of your gun and hope that one day you will choose to watch the flowers die instead of something that breathes the same air we do.
I wish the spider would tell the fly that it is beautiful, But this is not the way the world works. The world runs on mistakes and death. But death cannot happen without life. Please breathe...
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love poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 2:38pm
Written by kateA seekingkate
You asked me why I chose him over you
I looked into your eyes of blue
Wondered should I speak the truth
A pregnant pause
What was I to do?
Somewhere deep within me I still loved this man
The choice I made wasnít easy to do
I had held onto hope for so long about you
I took a deep breath, spoke from my heart
ĎBecause you didnít love me, itís as simple as thatí

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love poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 2:21pm
Written by Carpe_Noctem
I'm just a fool
and sometimes an ass
I'm only human after all
but since meeting you
my life has undergone amazing change
and I know I'm your man
forever and beyond
November Fifth
is etched like beauty on my mind
I'll light fireworks every year
to celebrate the time
I stepped off that plane
stared adoringly into your deep
alluring eyes
and held you in an embrace that
seemed endless
as we swayed together inhaling the
intoxicating scent
in pheromone bliss
Now, I don't know whats happened to time...
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love poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 1:50pm
Written by mysticstones
if i could sing a song
the rhymes would be
so that you could sing along.
the notes would all be so flowing
as the mist in the evening air
the tune so catchy and knowing.
embarking on the windward side † †
from mooring, to sail, float patterns
such a gift of the moving tide.
with the bitter cold at face
on a close haul
and never at a snail's pace.
if i could capture the dusk
shadows by a harvest moon
my dreams, i would give in trust.
for as night ventures on
the tunes of our song
providing the...
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love poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 1:40pm
Written by mikimoondancer
he's always asking
"have I told you lately?"
because he cares that I know he's enamored
I never wonder if he thinks I'm beautiful
I just question how he could at times
no matter whats going on or how low
I feel like sinking
when I've had my fill of tries and gives
stretched thin and trembling
convinced of my failure
and confined by insecurities that hold me convicted
imprisoned behind the walls of my own thinking
he knows me in ways that reveal me to myself
understands the parts of my mind that I thought I'd lost
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love poem

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