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Love Poems

Poetry about lost love, heartbreak and relationship problems

Previously covering both the sides of love, this section now focuses on poems about the dark side of love, heartbreak and the hurt caused by lost love. Happy love poetry now finds a home in the "upbeat poems" section. This category is reserved for love poems about troubled friendships and relationships and it's where poets offload emotional pain inflected by (ex) boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, family and friends. Which all begs the question, what is love anyway? Maybe you'll find out here.
Published on 2nd October 2014 1:39am
Written by JohnFeddeler

travelled those lonely highways
only to hesitate at the junction of
tobacco & cemetery roads, afraid to
move forward when I know I can’t turn back.
there’s nothing to go back to anyway…
they dropped me, in the rags of a soldier, onto
desecrated battlefields. they put a rifle in my
hands. I shoot into the darkness, wondering  if
the bullet hits something. estimating the value of
my own life if it doesn’t.
a turbulent reverie that blazes like wildfire,
till the whiskey washes it away.
when the mist fades in the...
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love poem

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Published on 1st October 2014 10:54pm
Written by chump
my heart is thin
I can't let you in
fractures and slices
from the pain of love's vices
dulled to the feelings
and the taste of what life is
when a mutual eye
says give hello a try
I just start at the end
and start with good bye
to be fearless
and tearless
would be traits
i'd hold dearest
but sorrow and doubt
are the things I have nearest
of all joy i'm bereft
empty and loveless
the shell I have left
my contents looted
no risk of theft
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 1st October 2014 10:54pm
Written by ClearmindedVillain
A perfect night awaits.
As I shut curtains to a good day.
Not quite ready for what is about to happen.
That's okay cause she's mixing me crazy.
Many good emotions are the ingredients for this nightly smoothie.
Ice is frozen and added to fight our heat.
No words will be needed later when you stroll through the front door.
Not considered to be lucky it's just my time.
Nice most of the time I'm willing to share treats.
Buying preparing just to be happily stripped of it all.
In the morning I'll lay so quietly.
Secretly remembering how she made things...
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love poem

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Published on 1st October 2014 10:52pm
Written by ClearmindedVillain
This isn't as good as it gets.
This years been a smoother season.
As good as things get we get busy.
Sometimes there's nobody to answer reason.
Could it be that it's time to finally relax?
Whatever it is it's around.
Not so far beyond our nearest grasp.
People we seek don't always speak in response.
Yet we give them empty questions to answer ourselves anyway.
Answering questions realistically would be far from true.
Forced to prove worth at times the lights are shined on others too bright.
Blindly acting forgetting our friends and family.
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love poem

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Published on 1st October 2014 6:48pm
Written by jemac
she lies in wait
for love and affection
it is a love/hate relationship we
as she rolls over
her soul bare
for my soft gesture
to adore her
she exposes all
she is so readily
her purrr
her need for love
if only for a moment
before getting grasped
by 10 daggers
of disagreement
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love poem

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Published on 1st October 2014 1:51pm
Written by Spanker
So what do you want?
I just want someone who loves me
Oh is that all?
Well they need to really love me
That’s better
It needs to be a bit difficult
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love poem

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Published on 1st October 2014 11:15am
Written by rachelmae
Promises, spill them out like we both did once before
like the scattered photographs tangled up on the floor
Why's it hurt so  much if we never were enough?
shouldn't it be easier than this
if you really had always seen it coming?
Oh, oh, don't want to see the way this is gonna go over
like a torn up four leaf clover in my hand
there's no second chance before this room grows colder
Maybe I'm losing my mind, running low on time
it all used to be clear, now I don't know day from night
a little lie here and there...
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love poem

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Published on 1st October 2014 10:43am
Written by TMA
I'm gonna run to her, while I'm thinking of you
I'm gonna take her clothes of, and admire the view
Fuck till I get you out of my mind
You're killing me slowly, you're my cyanide
Flesh on flesh, brief blessed reprieve
To feel sweet nothing, in that sweet release
And after the deed is done, Imma think of you still
These past couple hours, we both know it wasn't real
She's got her demons, and I've got mine
We're just strangers in the dark, lost and hopelessly blind
And so we use each other, just trying to find the light
Seeking solace, heedless of...
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 1st October 2014 4:06am
Written by Rag_Brother
Stuck staring at you through a screen, I
Summoned the audacity to lie plainly
Dispensing with your sentiments
Straight to your heart
Your physical one, ya’ know
Something bona fide would suffice
I have something real for you right here
Missed it; right here now
Alluding to the lie thereof
I won’t, in fact, be around all of the time
But neither will you
Nor are you now
Assuming hasn’t gotten me very far
I have to assume that it will
In a way
I wonder if you finally found me in
A past life
I fucking hope so...
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 1st October 2014 3:55am
Written by MsRockyJackson
Can you tell me are we meant to be or is it just wishful thinking?.
Loving you can be such a struggle, but also a beautiful experience.
I love you, I don't want you to leave me here alone with my fears,
Hear my thoughts and just know I don't want you to go.
Anytime you needed me I'd promise I'd be there.
Tell me will this be you and me or will it only just be me?,
Will it last?,
Will this last or are you soon doomed to be just part of my past?.
Haven't seen you in a long while;
I fall into a short trial of depression every time you leave me be.
I can't...
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love poem

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DU Poetry : Love Poems and Poetry about Heartbreak, Lost Love and Relationship Problems

Published on 1st October 2014 1:54am
Written by rachelmae
I will not listen to the words that you said
won't let them cross my mind again
I will not be a victim of your carelessness
holding onto my heart's remnants
why is there a pain in my lungs,
as if everything I walked away from
hadn't already damaged too much?
and why, if this is closure, am I still bent?
A heavy past is what I've got to show
eyes dripping out fears from a heart grown cold
and I don't know why it feels so burdened
free but I am still hurting
when I close my eyes it all comes rushing back
the reasons I knew that I...
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love poem

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Published on 1st October 2014 1:49am
Written by malin malin69

My fair lady with long white dress
Seeing you gives me happiness
Your beauty irradiates the scene
You are far, it gives me the spleen
Sure a next day, I will meet you
To touch your neck, to touch you
And to kiss your skin, as a prayer
My fingers caressing your hair
My fair lady with long white dress
Looking you lets me speechless
Even my usual words try to glorify
With verses and poems your beauty
Sure a next day, I will meet you
And it will be a feast, it's true
How I love...
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love poem

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Published on 30th September 2014 11:02pm
Written by Angeliki
Goodfortune to all your celestial regimes
Tell me youre forever mine
Never will i let you go
Youre the epiphany i ve had before

Its all real
The holy light has blinded me
As i give him my hand in all trust
The testimony so fortunate

Now that he can kiss me
I sleep through the shadows
Creating evolution
Leaps through the darkness

Hanging to a four leaf clover
We can make prophecies you and i
Revelation fractures
Love grace and the Sun
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love poem

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Published on 30th September 2014 9:19pm
Written by Law_Lith_Iminika
Drifting through shadows,
I move down the hall
Towards the sleeping body
That started this all;
The door was open;
Once inside, all I found,
Hidden in the dark of the room,
Was a man so profound;
Sleeping, matching the
Movements of another,
Unguarded and undisturbed,
Like the two had been brothers;
Davis had slept in the chair,
Because the bed had been taken,
And I stepped a bit closer,
Resolve a bit shaken;
The thoughts of him
Invaded my mind,
Drawing me forward
Into darkness so blind;
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love poem

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Published on 30th September 2014 6:07pm
Written by Honeykisses
You are thee love of my life
My soul u hold tight
You brighten my day's
All my pain you take away
The brown of your eyes
Calms me inside
For you i hold tight
Until eternal light
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 30th September 2014 6:03pm
Written by hiba
I was upset, I can't remember what I said
But nasty things I'm sure
My friend, my kind place
Read my messages
I beg you, I miss you
The sky is  silent today
It  need our love
the flowers will die, they are dry
my friend my eternal perfume
I love you and you must know
So let's start again
Read my messages
A long time romance is gone
But not for ever
I love you  and I can tell
I'm sincere, this  is one of my messages
Please read me now
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love poem

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Published on 30th September 2014 5:20pm
Written by Denythelove
He's not responding
and I can feel my heart
stuck in my throat making
it so hard to breath or think
or do anything beside try not to
cry and I have so much homework to
do but I miss you and I love you and
I'm so sorry I couldn't see you earlier
please just text back
I can feel
myself crumbling and
falling apart and I
have so much to do
but I can't do fucking
anything I can't focus I can't
fucking breath
just text me back
i'm sorry i'm sorry
im so sorry
'please i cant thinkj or...
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love poem

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Published on 30th September 2014 3:54pm
Written by chump
when life's lifting wing
puts a man who will sing
his love
to sleep
and she wants him to
nothing from them
that fate can keep
her familiar face
pressed against his chest
360 degree beauty
but this angle is best
heart felt song
wonderful night
stretches long
a soothing symphony
from the heart of he
comfort and peace
nothing is wrong
but he and she
turned out to be
loves best tragedy
this diminished façade
that's left to see
the talking ruins
of what once was me
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 30th September 2014 1:19pm
Written by MalcolmJThePoet
My heart ache as you break me away
You walk out on me
Left without having any words to say
My love had expire
Sour like apples
In my feelings
I felt like i'm going to be sick

Tears falling down my face
My heart is broken
This hate I cannot erase
Without even having any words to be spoken
Tears of a broken soul
This pain doesn't seem to subside
With the true emotions you always try to hide
There is nothing left to do
But die from the tears of a broken soul
I thought love suppose to be true ...
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love poem

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New Member
Published on 30th September 2014 11:45am
Written by sektioN8ty
Sun sets, dusk rises in hue
Lights out
Moon lights o're her
Blue rays shones love through her eyes
She's blue
White-blue for a clue
I see her aroused emotions grinning in the blues' rhythm
She's blue
Oval face, slender neck
Long hair, outstanding eyebrows
She's an embodied agent of beauty
Her avatar blue like the avatar movie
Who is cute?
Take a queue on my last point of view
Truth is, she has no one next to her
Look through my iris and get your vision tuned to mine; you will see, she's incompareable. ...
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love poem

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