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Love Poems

Poetry about lost love, heartbreak and relationship problems

Previously covering both the sides of love, this section now focuses on poems about the dark side of love, heartbreak and the hurt caused by lost love. Happy love poetry now finds a home in the "upbeat poems" section. This category is reserved for love poems about troubled friendships and relationships and it's where poets offload emotional pain inflected by (ex) boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, family and friends. Which all begs the question, what is love anyway? Maybe you'll find out here.
Published on 24th November 2014 00:28am
Written by Imperfect Fallen_Angel_194
I Miss you Bestfriend..
I Laugh a Smile,But It's Just a Lie,
To Cover up the Pain.
You Became a Different Person,Like Me.
I Came to Your house one Day..
You weren't home.. So I went In Anyways, You Said I Could at any time..
I Went to Your room..
The Pictures You hung on the Wall.. That Happy Person I Once Knew..
She was gone.. My Best friend was Fading Away..
I didn't Realize It,But Tears started to Stream down My Face.
And What I Found in Your Jewelry Box.. That broke My Heart.. You were turning into Me..
It was a Rusty Blood Stained Knife.....
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 10:05pm
Written by A_Raven_Lunar_Tick
Head aching
Sorry faced
Bed ridden
Guilt laced

Sun rising
Curtains drawn
Strangers sleeping
Embracing warmth

Eyes shifting
Waking noise
Bodies rustling
Moments poise

Confused glance
My smile
No pants
Then denial

Your frown
Spells mistake
No sound
Awkward state

Drunken stupor
Night before
Shameful regret
Nothing less
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 9:57pm
Written by bisexualkitty
Im not the prettiest
Im not the best ever
Im not the nicest
And im not so clever

Im a bitch
I'll be cocky forever
Im talkative
And you can do better

But you know i have your back
Im always there for you
Im not perfect
Theres fish in the sea, but its now missing two

Youre sarcastic
And youre so quiet
You go out to play tenniss
And if you want it you buy it

Yet you always have my back
And for some reason you choose me
You and i are not perfect
But maybe, we are meant to be
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 9:15pm
Written by Masio Angelo Louw EDMlover
Its no secret that I love you
Its no secret that I care
Its no secret that I'm falling fast
So when I go down just be there
Day and night its you that I want
Day and night its you, its you
I write this with tear in my eyes
What I'm felling, you have no clue

It feels like you playing with my heart
It feels like your HEART is cold
Its like I'm fighting a losing battle
Can't we just grow together old

But I guess I can just hope and pray
I guess its not up to me
But if it was up to me
I'd want you to be happy
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 8:08pm
Written by Lady Peninnah Nganga peninnah
It's human nature to crave impossibilities.One of the reason why Science fiction and epic series sells more.
We want to rule alien world though it's explicit we incapable of exceeding in our free universe!

Dreamers living in an illusioned world.

Fitting explanation why i still imagne you and i will walk down the aisle one day and live happily thereafter even though she already own your name in a locked up arranged marriage...

Good night.
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 7:56pm
Written by HHMCameron
faded mammaries
bouncing in my mind that i
never saw moving
your perfect breasts and
blackberry face feed my dreams
past the deletion
i miss them, miss you
stop my self from texting you
thousand times a day
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 7:54pm
Written by HHMCameron
know what I said now, 
and now I realize now that i
made you feel bad things
not worth fighting for, 
not smart enough to reason
discernment impaired
the truth is that i
think you are smarter than my
wife or ex girl friend
after all you left
this man breaking down in tears
bent by years of guilt
for a crime that you 
don't consider to be one
its just natures way
i think of you when 
I sleep alone in her bed
when in morning wake
you redefined what
type of woman i go for
standard of...
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 7:47pm
Written by MarcusJen
I use to look at you as being my favorite mistake
Now I Just look at you as being a mistake
I guess that's a bit redundant because the mistake was still there
The only difference Is back then I didn't care
I kinda trusted you
Now I'm Just disgusted with you
Sometimes we expect so much from someone because we'd do that much for them
Man I'm tired of being tired about situations like this
I knew I should of payed more attention to the red flags but Ignorance Is bliss
I gotta let you know that If you do ever come to your senses, I won't be there anymore ...
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 7:02pm
Written by mysticstones
The night closes around me.
The air has a chill.
The moon hides her face.
Dreams don’t come easy.
My hands cupped…
Like water…
Slipping through my fingers.
I remember you.
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 5:50pm
Written by CraicDealer lepperochan
Simon spat a warning, Simon said 'Simon says
don't walk through the red door'
but Simon never made a mistake in his life  
never fell out of a bar at three in the morning  
and put a shop window through  
because the face on a cardboard cut out  
had a tone about it  
that begged to be stamped on  
then Simon said 'Simon says beware the siren's song'  
but Simon was wrong, because her song wasn't beautiful  
nor was there a snare to beware of  
and her red door was locked tight anyway   ...
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love poem

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DU Poetry : Love Poems and Poetry about Heartbreak, Lost Love and Relationship Problems

Published on 23rd November 2014 5:19pm
Written by Rose Lookawaynow
A nine out of ten,
but remember;    
Remember always..  
I'm the one.  
The one that tip toes for you  
when your love requires thirst.  
The one that holds your hand first
when things get rough.  
The one that chose you above
all others.  
The one that your love opened
up to.
The one that snuggles down with
you in the middle of the night.  
The one you need to make the  
grade, from nine to a ten.  
A nine out of ten you will...
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 5:07pm
Written by Blackwolf XXbloodroseXX
hold me close, don't let me fade.
I'll close my eyes, tis nothing but a dream.
Lay me to rest, place my hands upon my chest.
The wind howls, the trees whisper.
Darkness envelops my tomb, sobs fill the air.
Is this really my death,
or is this merely my nightmare.
I'll soon wake and you'll be gone,
I shall never gaze upon your warm flesh.
Your pallid lips shall never speak poetry again your blue gray eyes will never smile again.
All this simple truth, brings me to my knees.
I feel my heart break, I feel my body shake.
Tis nothing but a dream.
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 4:44pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
cmon, praytell, pray or
what the prey tells in mo'ments
before evisceration & consumption.

"The Fidelities of thee,Infidel!"
         say     (in any conteXt)
at this juncture in the process[ion]
great poets' great po'etry here in
  Fyodorian metamorphian und
                         oun d

would there be any better way to 'hold...
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 4:27pm
Written by Sadsmiles
The words you feel from me
A grace so wrong.

Then fall hard from lovers high
A place so righteous.

Feed my soul with your tears
So right it's wrong.

Choose me away worthless begging
Stand against hurt is righteous. love with what's left...

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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 4:13pm
Written by Miss Chi Chiyo
... you’d like to give me what I want
but you rather took what you needed.
Strangely enough, by taking what you need
you give me what I want.
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 2:19pm
Written by REKS24 reks24
I can't find the words to say
that's not to say that I don't know
exactly what I mean...
just taking my time
being careful
trying to carry out my dream
cause I'm used to going in
for what I want not waiting to be given
a slave to my own notions at times
I've been too successful when
desire driven
so this time I'm trying
to slow up on the come up
show you
that I want you enough
to wait
allow me to re-introduce myself
this is me
in my I want you spiritually state
This ain't lust
this is holy Eros
and I'm...
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 1:19pm
Written by kateA seekingkate
Hope, like a soft gentle mist  
Envelopes my aura, my soul  
And you, my love  
Leave me gasping, desiring  
Inspire me to continue believing that  
Nothing and therefore everything can be  
Given, be gained, when love is the basis of one's feelings  
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 1:04pm
Written by shadow_starzzz
I tread
upon his
until I found
the beauty of his
In them I saw
my heart & soul
personified as a
cleansing and healing
was he
for me
as we're both
battle scarred
and wounded.
I was delicately
upon his wondrous
sweet mess
unable to move
whilst he penetrated
my every thought.
Triggering moments
in the depths
of all his divine
suspended in heightened
amongst the debris
and deliberation....
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 1:02pm
Written by EmptyTree
I imagined the rain pouring over her

Sharing her suffering, tear for a tear,

She looks up into the darkness above;

The clouds are her only friends here.

From a distance, I see…and if only I

Would be let to cry in her stead

Then maybe I, would never escape a sigh

For not being there in her time of need.
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love poem

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Published on 23rd November 2014 1:01pm
Written by Harpalycus
I care not that you are dead.
For what is that to me?
I can leave an unmade bed,
have beans on toast for tea.
I can watch my films of war,
eat dinner from a tray,
no garden centres any more,
leave bloody weeds another day.
So why, upon the instant, do I spring with tears,
why does my throat so lump, my poor eyes burn?
Why do I wake the lonely night in searing fear
and have no-one, no Jen, nowhere to turn?
Who cares for petty things in hell,
for I could weed the whole day through,
and every blessèd day as well,
if I could wake to you.
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love poem

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