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Poet Introduction

Two of the cats i live with piss in my shoes. My wife either doesn't, or her piss smells like the second cat's.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Jullie Utilicous

About Me

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why not a snake?  
what's the matter
with snakes?

I've always been married. I love hurricanes. I live on
the Texas gulf coast 2km (1.25 miles) from the largest
oil refinery on the north American continent. (It would
be western hemisphere but Venezuela renamed their three
refineries to have the same name. I may not be that
happy with the U.S., but I'm very nationalistic when it
comes to oil refineries.) So I'm not really from
Canada, but I like its flag and would really rather be
from there than the USofAssholes where most "citizens"
are willing to give up civil liberties because they are
afraid of a few "terrorists". Cowards. Texans are the
worst. But... there are good people here as well and
the actual physical stuff — animals, plants, dirt,
water — is just fine. I'm a dog person with 2 dogs and
7 cats which gives you some idea about how much control
I have over my life. I love: writing (mine, others),
making electronic stuff (bat detectors etc.), evolution
(mainly DNA), industrial design (toasters, fans),
people-machine interaction (how to design things that
are easy to use and don't kill someone), and (more
darkly) reading about designs that did kill someone.
Also: ice cream, puppies, kittens, cheese, and
(depending on the victims) the occasional mass
murderer. Writing? See: http://wordbiscuit.com Email:

Personal clarification:
At the risk of never being taken seriously (which, come
to think of it, is WAY BETTER than always being taken
seriously); I would like anyone reading this to make a
note: Never take anything I say seriously. Of course,
like all generalizations, this is a generalization. So, yes,
you'll come to ignore my cries of "Wolf!". But remember:
If you ever hear me cry "Tiger"; it's a REAL Wolf.  

Reason for the contents of the above clarification:
I honor (as best I can) the trickster god P'ŭt whose name
is almost impossible to pronounce and hard to type as well.

She has many aspects, but since the main one is
"Singing Mother" (similar to "Mother of the World",
"Mother Mary", "Goddess of Light", Earth Mother" in
other religions), feminine pronouns are usually used
when referring to her. But aspects of every gender,
stance, direction are contained within her so "he",
"it", even "they" would be perfectly fine as well. This
means she can basically fuck anything and still be
politically correct.

P'ŭt once fucked a rock and the offspring was fool's
gold (pyrite) which deceived many people. But (and this
is what makes for a real trickster god), it turns out
pyrite is a rich source of lead, which, in sufficient
quantities, is quite valuable.

P'ŭt is both cunning and foolish; good at deception,
but easily deceived. She has the power to make illusion
real, but her reality IS illusion. P'ŭt's maliciousness
creates good, but watch out for her "good".

She usually appears to me as a raven; specifically, the
one that shits on my car.

More information on trickster gods:


"The perception that wisdom increases with age is a by-product
of the high correlation between cynicism and reality."
- Paul Heinrich

"A poem is written first in its writer's language. When
you read it, you are translating it into your own
language. Which act requires more skill and creativity,
depends on the individual writer or reader."
- Rachael Keller

"Don't get me wrong, I'm very serious about writing
poetry. It's the product I find amusing."
- Anton Marsh

"Surely, there is is-ness. The mind operating in a marvel
which contains the mind. Of that marvel, it can really
not be thought about because it contains the thought. But
it can be felt. It is what all art is about."
- George Oppen

"Words mean too much; but good poets can often correct this."
- Frances Wilman

"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world
without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world,
because they'd never expect it."
- Steven Wright

"To do great evil a human being must first of all believe
that what he's doing is good... "
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

“Sports have nothing to do with fair play. They are bound
up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all
rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence.
Sports play a societal role in engendering jingoist and
chauvinist attitudes. They're designed to indoctrinate a
community to support, to be committed to, war. In other
words, it is war minus the shooting. "
- a mélange of George Orwell and Noam Chomsky

And a poem:

      < interior decorating >
      this poem is a lonely room
      a bare room
      these words
      are it's only furniture
      this poem is an empty room
      i'm trying to fill
      with the furniture
      of these words
      this poem is an empty room
      i'm trying to furnish
      with these words
      no matter how i move them around
      it needs you
      coming in the door
               - - -

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