Image for the poem Accounting for Ancestral Amnesty Amidst A Glut of Goods(&Services)

Accounting for Ancestral Amnesty Amidst A Glut of Goods(&Services)

pleas throw this away after reading & glorifying- thankYou

wee talk a bout these things (any
thing w'ill do), thee
mash & bramble of the mind which once
claimed to be 'mine',falls
                 f o rw ar dly
                   up on
   it's face / th'face'off be'ing:

[font=Times New Roman]"Imagine your
first face from
before any of your
ancestors was

--------okay, yeah,'s     d e
                                s c r ipt i o n
seems no
thing to do wit any
thing aye thought I knew
about an alleg'ed self tha'never
might'veXisted otherthan as per it's own
     jollity,Believed unto Deeloos'ion,
(for thee Keeping Score in this,theeReal
bloodsport oppositionalist
     prize-money which kills itself
     in it's Th'oughts of
     mthrfck'babe-kill Victories, while
progenizing more for more
     Best Thinking Architects of a Freedoom of a
     Justness of an amerikan Way, multi'trillions
'resources' expended to stimulate thee pride of thee greed
     of an ongoing war wit the very
     selfsame degradation it
     'cures' wit mo'painsufferin) ------

~~And The Lord looked heavenward & queried "How's that for a parenthetic mouthful,dear Father of All?"~~

faceless ancestors, quietly goin'bout their busi'ness,
could'no  give clue nor hint in the daily commerce
inquisition of:

"How are you today?"
"O Iyam Good. How are you?"
"Yes, Iyam Good"

spoke a billion times a minute in any thriving
    super   market
      place   in thee best amerika yet.[/font]

Written by dkzksaxxas_DanielX (DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn)
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