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Poet EpicUtester69

I am an unplublished author I have two books in the works! “Old mans rants” and “Escaping a past”

Favorite Poets/Writers

xsteff1991x / MJ Wildifre / Corey Taylor / Boybrains / composedWITHrazors / EYES
Me I love writing it helps with processing the bad and the good and it helps to put perspective into my world 🌎 I don't live by the rules that writing has to be done this way or that way it has to be expressed in your own way other wise there is no point,
There are to many rules but one rule we all must follow is to respect others no matter if their views are unlike yours so welcome one and all to my personal world of writing feel free to read one or all and thank you for taking the time to look 👀 deep within my world of love loss pain and happiness !
I lost one big battle with love it really tore me in two I still feel it almost 10 years down the track I have over 1000 writings so far and they are not going to stop as it seems the older I get the more I seem to be writing so like I said take a seat 💺 and enjoy the fruits of my past and presents !

I love taking photos it’s one of my favourite pass times I love what photos bring out what we don’t see with the naked eye 👁.

A poem called “love”

Love can be so powerfully, sweet, very bitter
Sweet if love is good in and out of the sheets
Bitter if one turns sour leaves your soul wanting
Love can take the blues away from a past

Love turned bad can turn you darker for longer
Passion can make you want for more and more
Flames can burn your soul deep it smoulders evermore!
Chemistry is what it's all about, don't you agree?

Love can make you fly, it can keep you on cloud nine
Turned bad can have you running for fucking cover
Love can give you a smile that's ten miles wide
Heart takes a bad turn it's tears of a dragon for sure

Love is like a autumn Sun as the leaves are falling
A wondering heart can take so many fucking years to heal.

Some of my favorite bands are

AC/DC,  Motörhead,  Rose Tattoo,  The Cult, Viking Skull,  
Halford, Stone Sour, SlipKnot, Guns N Roses, Dirty Harry,
Two, Courtney Barnett, Pinkoi, John Cena Bruce Dickinson,
Wednesday13, Black Dots Of Death, Judas Priest,
Ozzy Osbourne, Monster Magnet, Eminem, Pry C, The Bandit,
Metallica, Iron Maiden, Ramones, Halford, Rob Zombie,
Vast, Soundgarden, Red Cloud, Peaches, Murderdolls,
Mitchell Callaway, Marine  Faithfull, Divinyls, Deep Purple, Buckcherry,

Here's a little song I wrote called "Avoid"

Avoid the heart ache
Avoid the burn
Avoid the tragedy
Listen and learn

Heads up
Know the loss and tragedy ahead
Avoid it at all cost
Crash and burn if you dare
Learn or you might end up dead

Love turned cheeks
Now your meek
The road is dark up ahead
Something's wrong with Cupids arrow

He shot the wrong girl instead
Move on with the pain in your heart
He knew how painful it would be
I learnt the lessons
With love and loss
I carried on at a high cost

I'm getting stronger by the day
Never will I get caught like that again
Love and loss there's no winner here
Just know to avoid the train crash up ahead

Listen and learn
Avoid the heart ache
Avoid the burn
Avoid the tragedy
Listen and learn
you just might
wind up dead.