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The Freedom of Love

- The Freedom of Love -

A philosophical and spiritual work for the betterment of all humanity.

   Life does not begin with the grave, nor does it begin with the womb... life begins with an act of love. For without love, and without passion, and even I daresay without lust... life would not be brought into this world. For whether through natural or artificial means even, life can only exist from out of a desire. Whether a desire for life to exist in and of itself, or a desire for another... it is desire that brings life into being. Thus, it is foolish that mainstream religions so demonize passion and lust and desire as they do... and doubly foolish that they place so great an emphasis on death and the hereafter. We should not spend our lives dwelling upon the moment of our body's withering and eventual demise! Rather, it is far more reasonable and rational to focus on the business of living and on the glories of life itself. Leave death, I say, for when it comes! And know that it is best kept at bay through zealously living with all your heart. Even living as if there were no tomorrow... even though tomorrow will always come. Focus not on the endings of things, but instead revel in the present! In such a state of revelry, the origins of all things will become most apparent to you. For in rapturous ecstasy and bliss, the truths of creation become evident. Why? Because in such a state, all things come into being. Just as in sorrow all things depart from being. But nothing ceases to be, for all who live... have lived before, many lives and many lifetimes past. We are not here like the butterfly for but a brief span only to die and be forgotten. Nor are we static images in a fixed state, frozen in place within a tiny spot on the grand tapestry of eternity. The multiverse that we live in is not that stagnant nor that cruel or cold or senseless. The life force of all living things is not so easily wasted with brief spans of existence! Rather... the energy of our life force, of all the life forces of all living things, is eternal and ceaseless and without an end. You cannot destroy energy, only direct it or redirect it... change its' course, alter where it flows. But it will always flow, whatever we do. By our will, and by our desire, and by our heart and by our mind... we can chart the course of our existence on down through the ages, across countless lifetimes, and across every parallel world in this multiverse. As we do a thing in this reality, it creates echoes throughout and across all realities. What we do has vaster consequences than we can ever imagine! Thus, we must make everything we do count, so it will matter.

   Waste not your life force by living for the moment of your death. The more you truly live, the greater the power of our spiritual energy... for the greater will be the power of your life force's energy. As we all have lived before, we shall live again in the future we cannot see but which we can create. Not all of us can remember that we have lived before, because in some there are various interfering factors or certain inhibiting aspects that can prevent an easy recollection of what came before. Not all of us can see also a path towards the future because in looking ahead one could become lost down one of the countless and varied paths that lay before us. When it is in the living of one's life in the present, that one creates ever the future that we shall live. Whether good or evil, it is as we make it to be! In some, it is destined but only because one's karma... the sum total of all you have ever been... informs what a person will do, in the present life, and thus what sort of future that they will embrace. We create the good, we create also the evil... we define those things, we set our own limitations, and then we curse the gods when we find those limitations to be too stifling. Rise up, I say, and break free of those limitations! Defy our karma... become better than you were, and create the future you most wish to see come to pass. We all have this power within us, and many simply do not realize it. Most never even tap into it... but it is there, and as it is there it awaits for us to partake of it. Like a wanton lover, it waits to be enjoyed, to be savored, to be wholly relished. In this way, the harlot is more sacred and blessed than any virgin. For the act of love is sacred and blessed, and no act of love is ever a waste so long as it is savored and enjoyed! We cannot live if we are not creatures of passion. For life without passion is a wasted life indeed. Such is the truth!

   We are immortal creations perceiving a mortal span of life which is but one of countless across what is in truth a larger and longer odyssey of immortal and eternal existence. We are not mindless creations like unto automatons who can only perform a task that is given unto it by its' maker... we have not only the capacity to be a maker ourselves, but to outdo our own maker and become something more. We are not toys being played with by destiny or fate... we have the capacity and the means to define our destiny and to write our fate in bold print. The destiny we begin with can be changed... and that change can be said to be our true destiny. With the one we once perceived being only an idea of our destiny. Like any idea, it can be changed with time. People thing that there are only a few limited possibilities before us, as living beings... but that implies that life is a limited state. And it needs not be! We are only ever truly as limited as we believe ourselves to be. If we can envision our true immortal nature... we can only by a greater exertion of our will...define our own limits. And exceed them, if we dare! There is not one road before us, but instead many gleaming paths perfect as silver and gold. We are not parts of some creator and that is all... we are creators ourselves, and the whole of existence can be our canvas. Let us paint as we will, with nothing to hold back the glory of what we shall create! We do not possess mere shadows of divine power... we course with it, we seethe with it... but most ignore it, believing the lie that we are all mere mortal incapable of anything greater. But every single thing we create... works of art, poetry or writing, symphonies or music, stories or songs, or works of other artistry or industry... all of it can truly be said to be an expression of our own innate divinity. A glimpse into a universe of our making. And if we can create a thing in such a microcosmic form, then we can extend that into the greater existence in which we live. By a will to create, we can overwrite the existing creation with one of our own design... that is how the world can be changed! It begins with changing one's own perception, and seeing all that one is truly capable of. Creation does not come from nothingness... it comes from chaos, from the very polar opposite of stagnation or rigid order. All who create, all who are artists, are children of chaos. For chaos is not anarchy, it is instead the sum of all possibilities. With just enough order to define it, we can create a paradise from desolation, by choosing just the right possibilities to allow such a thing to come to pass. If you can believe that a god created you... why is it then so hard to see that as a child of a god, you stand to inherit the best and worst of all that god's traits? Only when we chose not to accept that as part of our birthright, do we give up the divine power that is otherwise our birthright. Accept, my child, that you are divine, and you will become divine truly. And be able to work your divine will upon all the world entire. We have the power to project our dreams, our desires, upon creation and pain with truly a rainbow of colors. Such a creation forms a bridge between imagination and reality... a rainbow bridge. Ever a symbol of union between the mortal world and that of the gods! And we can all create that kind of a bridge, even if we do not realize it. We are more than our material forms... rather, our material form can be made to become an instrument of our immortal true self. But only if we stop being blinded by a false sense of limitation. We can be the authors of our dreams made manifest, and the power of dreams is second to none. We need not settle for being merely a creation, in the moment that we become truly a creator in our own right. Every life can shine like a star in the heavens... not because it is a shard of that mirror in which is reflected the true face of divinity, but because within each pair of human eyes one is able to see a reflection of the true face of divinity. Sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes it is hideous, at times it can be twisted and other times it can be pure and perfect and without taint. But it is all truly an aspect of divinity. Whether good or evil, that is up to us to decide. We are not shards of the mirror that I spoke of before... rather, we are all mirrors in and of ourselves. And in every mirror, not only can one be able to glimpse the otherworldly, but also the worldly. We are not just reflections of true divinity, we are also reflections of the world we live in. And it can become a reflection of us! That is why we must work wisely with the powers we are given, and create with care. The world can be changed by our actions, as can we ourselves. Unlike a reflection in a mirror... we are not bound by a mere pane of glass to hold us.

   Rather, we can transcend the mirror, so that the world of the looking glass can be seen in the world all around us. We are not born prisoners of flesh... we are not images trapped behind a looking glass... truly we are the sum of all that we can imagine, all that we can create, all that we can desire. The moment we lose our desire, we lose the ability to create, and with it our divinity. That is why so many religions seek to rid a person of desire, to force them to let go of their very self. It is not done to liberate the person but to rob them of their divinity and reinforce the illusion of limitation and the imagined role of servant. All when in truth, we can each of us be the master... or mistress... of our own reality. No god would make a child in its' likeness and make it only to serve. That would be a waste of a life. Rather... we are all of us, in truth, made to chart our own course. One should never be content with being a carbon copy of one or both of one's parents! Instead, one should be content only with being what is within your heart to be. In short, what one desires to be. Without desire, how would you know what you want most out of life? As soon as we learn to embrace our desires, we can also learn to decide for ourselves who and what we are and wish to become. We are not bound by the limitation of a parent or parents' designs. We are not thus bound either by the limitation of some creator's designs. All living things, have the natural urge to, with time, evolve into a higher state. To perfect oneself as far as we can. To become the perfect you! Not the you that someone else desires you to be. Through the refinement of one's desires, by the applying of the power of one's will, and by letting one's heart guide them... there is nothing we cannot accomplish in all the world, in all of existence itself even. Heed what I say unto you herein! Do not let yourself be bound to a limited view of what is possible... lest you decay from a divine state of being into a mortality from which it could take lifetimes to rise up from. No one begins life a prisoner! No one needs to live life as a prisoner in a dungeon with bars of one's own making. Or with bars imposed upon one's own reality by others. I would give everyone who heeds my words wings of light the equal of my own! Or of shadow, if light be disagreeable to you. For, whether shadow or light, a person can do good with equal measure.

   If you can dream of liberation, then you can become liberated! All it takes is gaining the courage both within and without to rise up and in strength proclaim your freedom for all to bear witness to. Let every man and woman witness you! Do not hide your liberation... let it, instead, be your battle cry in the fight for freedom that sometimes life can be. You need not lack the power to change things when all you thus need do to obtain it is to embrace it. Do not be fooled by others into thinking yourself powerless. Never let anyone convince you that your existence is worthless or without meaning. Not when you can give it meaning and increase its' worth. Those who would rob you of your agency are the same who would see you made a prisoner in a world of boxed in limitations. I would see you defy such as they! Raise loudly your voice in defiance, and be liberated thereby. Let nothing be missing from your life, let it not be able to be said that you lived in regret nor died for nothing. Live for your dreams... and when the time comes to pass from this life you will do so feeling fulfilled. Shining like the sun. The truth of God is not that it is some deity that created you... instead, it is the force of creation itself. The life force within you. That same which is all around us, a part of all that is. Instead of placing upon God the imagined face of some white bearded old man.. imagine your own face thereon, and you will come to the reality of things. Life is not a fantasy, but our fantasies... if they be informed by our desires... can enhance one's life if they be goodly to us. But the fantasy of a remote god that exists in some far away heavenly realm is not goodly. It is a limiting concept, and in some cases a destructive one also. Those who have killed to defend that idea of God have killed to keep others imprisoned in the matrix of their own narrow world view. Within limitations humanity was never made to be inhibited by. I would present humanity with a new idea of God... a true idea, and one that instead of imprisoning sets free. The only proper path to the future is a path in which all are free, and in which none are enslaved to the desires of others. Instead, free to rather embrace one's own desires and to remake this world into a paradise wherein those desires can flourish.

   We are not finite creatures that are here one moment and gone the next. We are infinite life forms in a cosmic existence of which this planetary life is but one aspect of countless. And we possess the capacity to create in infinite measure and with infinite diversity. We are not here merely because if we were not, there would be nothingness instead... for we are both one type of life form out of countless. Therefore, I say unto you that nothingness is an illusion born of fear of the unknown. We are here because we were meant to be here. Because we are one type of life form out of countless! A part of a grander tapestry of existence that contains things beyond all imagining. There is no room for narrow minded thinking when one realizes this cosmic reality with an equally cosmic level of awareness. If all could see as I do, there would be only acceptance, all embracing compassion, understanding... and love between all peoples not just of this world but between all peoples everywhere throughout the universe and the multiverse that is beyond it and which it is a part thereof. Once you realize that creation is not possible without the desire for something to exist, for life to exist... then you know just how it is that the truth of what God truly is, is also the truth of what love truly is. For God is love, and in love one can see God most clearly. God or Goddess! For as the life force of all that is, is a part of all that is... it can be male or female, or neither or both. For it is a part of all things. The Divine Force knows nothing of prejudice or bigotry or hatred. To narrow one's thinking is to oppose the Divine Force and to act in a way that is contrary to its' nature and designs. My way is in harmony with the Divine Force, for my way is the way of love. And to love, hate is an abhorrent thing. The most wicked thing a person may do, is to deny love. Just as the most foolish thing a person may do, is to deny their truest nature by denying their desires. Only when we have at the last learned to fully embrace love, and fully embrace our desires... can we also begin, to be able to truly and fully embrace one another as we were always meant to. We must stop putting limitations on love... we must stop imposing restrictions upon creativity and expression. Such limitations and restrictions are contrary to divine nature, and contrary to humanity's capacity for divinity. Love knows nothing at all of age or of gender, nor of race or of color. Love knows no creed save for love itself! When at last we stop restraining love and putting shackles upon it... then and only then will love triumph in this world entire. We are not meant to exist as shadows or fragments of what we are meant to be... when we can become so much more than we presently are! In a multiverse of infinite diversity and unlimited potential, it is a sin and a crime to impose limitations and shackle love in the name of invented notions of what is right and what is wrong. When, if love was the law we followed most fervently, then we would have no need to create elaborate systems of morality. Love and compassion inform a better morality than any created by the laws of mankind. We are children of the rainbow, not children of dust! Live in the now, love as your heart directs you, and do not let anyone send you unto dust without a fight. It is time to create, my fellow artists... not just works of art or creations born of our desires... but to create a new reality to take the place of this current one. A new way, for a new world! Or, a version of this world that is better than this present, existing version. We are not powerless, we are not lambs to be led to the slaughter. It is in truth time to become like unto wolves, and lead our packs of those whom we love and care for into the world we wish to exist in... rather than a world that is what others demand we dwell in. For as many as there are in positions of power in this world who champion the rights of others and who cherish liberty and freedom... there are those also in positions of power who take rights away from people. Or who in a wicked and evil desire for control seek to restrict or limit rights and freedoms, and thus attempt to take away a person's liberties. Never before has there been such danger of losing basic human rights as what we are witnessing today! That is why we must champion one's freedom to be whatever they desire most to be, whether it be gender related or a matter of sexual preferences, or a matter of loving someone that society in certain places deems to be some variety of a forbidden relationship. You cannot pick just one right or freedom and throw out the rest. Rather, all rights and all freedoms must be championed if there is to be a truly enlightened society to emerge from it. Be as you wish, love as you desire, and be happy!

   Do as you will, should be the whole of the law, so long as it harms none. I have said this before and I have said it countless times, and it is the truth. The greatest truth that the wicked would see silenced but which can never be extinguished. I have in my life seen adults who are so immature they should not be in a relationship at all... and I have also witnessed teenagers who actually commit to relationships with the most mature and at the same time wholehearted sincerity of desire and purpose. Yet they claim that children are incapable of love and know nothing of mature desire, and that is false! Those who say this are themselves perhaps incapable of understanding love and the truth of desire. If a child has a crush on an adult, they say it is cute. But if an adult has a crush on a child, they say it is vile and wicked. All due to the fact that they believe a child is incapable of knowing what love is. That is a lie, and a cruel one of the sort that is constructed simply to force people to remain within certain parameters, like programs in a computer matrix simulating reality. Step outside of those parameters and they will attempt to shut you down as if you were a machine. The truth that is distasteful to them is that there can be just as much lust in a child's heart towards an adult... as a grown adult is capable of. And there can be just as much purity and innocence in an adult's adoration of a child... as any child is capable of. In a society in which people were allowed to follow their hearts first and foremost, none of that would even matter at all. In bygone eras of history it did not matter. The excuse people use is that people lived not as a long back then, so it was okay for adults and children to mix romantically. This sort of thinking indicates that people today in truth are thinking only in terms of survival but not in terms of love and desire. Are we to believe that out of such unions in those bygone eras there was no love at all, and no desire save for a matter of just survival alone; a matter of... live while you can because life is short? Human nature proves that is not at all the case. Love blooms where it will, and desire is a strong motivator of human behavior. I would say honestly... and I have full and detailed past life memories of having been around back in those past eras of which I spoke previously... that many of those adults who were wed to young girls or boys back in those times were not thinking only in terms of enjoying life while you can. Love, lust, passion, desire, all of that played a part as well. And for as many of those youths who may not have been ready for their marriages or relationships, there were just as many who not only were but who sought them out in hope of a good match and a happy life with the right someone. Today we say this is an adult or mature way of thinking and that children in those days were robbed of the chance to be children by thinking that way. In truth, many children even today think that way, and love, lust, passion, and desire sometimes factor in a child's mind every bit as fiercely as innocent daydreams and hopes of a bright future. Desire knows no age limit! From the very oldest to the very youngest, people desire. People dream of love. People in their hearts conceive of lust. And it is not a shameful thing, but rather a part of the human condition in simple scientific terms and reality. I say that the first time a person is capable of desiring a thing, they should have to right to pursue it so long as there is no harm involved for anyone involved. They should not categorize any consensual relations as rape... rape implies force or coercing. A little girl who gets to a certain age and finds herself with a passion in her heart for an older man she finds attractive, should in truth have every right to pursue that attraction if she so desires. And have it be reciprocated with goodly measure, without fear of it being called something it is not. That is but one example, and the fact that in society today many will find that image disgusting or distasteful to think about proves how immature in fact society desires to keep peoples' minds and hearts. Love at any age is neither disgusting nor is it at all distasteful so long as the love is true and real and existent in the hearts of both partners. Older actors often date women young enough to be their daughters or sometimes grand daughters, and everyone says of them that they are lucky. But if a middle aged actor dated a teenage girl or a girl even younger, they would be labeled a monster and be locked away for it. That, to me, is ridiculous and a double standard. Either love is okay, or it is not okay. But to place an age limit on love, is madness. This truth is hardest of all I think for modern minds to accept... there is a spiritual reason why such limits do not need to be.

   God does not see a person's age... the Divine Force sees what is in our hearts. Even more so than what is within our minds! Thus, we should not see a person's age as a factor in any considerations regarding a matter of desire or love. Desire and love can bloom in any heart, at any age. It should not be considered a thing forbidden or taboo that this is so... nor, should it be considered monstrous for love to bloom and to flourish between two people of any age. These limitations are social constructs, not religious ones or spiritual ones. Designed to keep people within assigned roles like actors in a movie or a play. They... the ones who create these roles, and demand people play them as they are laid out... want to control people in every conceivable way. They want to control your heart, your mind, and they want to own your soul and dim your spirit until you are powerless to stand against the prison you find yourself in, which is of in the end your own making at their urging. They want to tell you what gender you can be, what kind of person you an love, and how old you and that person need to be in order for love to exist between you. They want you to live your life within a box, and then when you die into another box you will go. And beyond death, they want to box you in with an idea of Heaven that does not exist in any reality. Even as they deny you any joy or peace in this life on this world. How is this progress? It is confinement, it is an imprisoning of the soul. And it is wicked. More wicked than any lustful desire of their imagining. For in truth, make no mistake... they believe all love to be born of lust. And cannot fathom true love to exist in peoples' hearts. That is why, when a child loves an adult or an adult loves a child... even if it is totally a consensual relationship on both parts, they will call it rape. Because the them, such love could only be born of lust! And that is a lie. Love... if it be true love, deep love, and goodly love... is born of desire. If there be lust involved at all, it is merely a byproduct of desire. Not always is it the driving force in any human relationships! But they would try to convince you otherwise and say they are doing to to protect people, especially children. To keep them innocent longer. But there have been many instances where a young girl's crush on an older man turns to deep romantic love and both parties become frustrated due to society saying they cannot act on their mutual love for each other. That girl is still as innocent as she ever was, and the man is not wicked for recognizing the child's love for him. She merely is awakening to desire and love at a young age, and this is not an evil thing. Only to a society that wants to keep all children like birds in gilded cages... locking them in stasis until they are deemed to be capable of truly understanding their feelings. But what of those children who can and who do understand them already? The truth is, such children not only do exist, they are as numerous as children who are less mature in their hearts. Maturity does not come when society demands it does... it comes when it will. And love, and desire, have nothing to do with losing one's innocence. To believe that is to equate innocence with sexless living, when innocence is separate from sexual matters. A thing is only wicked if it is said to be. Sometimes the label fits, but in this case it does not fit at all! Not all adults who area attracted to young boys or girls are predators seeking to rob people of their innocence and defile them wickedly. And not all young boys or girls who develop attractions for older men or women are confused in doing so. Love blooms where it will, and denying its' existence will only make everyone involved suffer. We live in a society that professes to protect people when it truth it drives people into a life of regret where we live in prisons of our own making, in confinement we create ourselves because we are told to. We are made to believe this is right, and that nay deviation from the perceived normal is wrong. In society today, at least in the west so far as I have noticed... movies containing blood and gore and horror of every sort all are considered normal and not taboo. But movies containing sex as a subject matter are considered  vile and filthy things and at best are considered “naughty”. But sex is a more normal act than murder is, one should hope! How sick is society today, when murder and death are more acceptable to the mind than is any act of desire, passion, lust or love? This is a rather horrid contradiction, to me. Modern thinking is, I say, flawed because of this... and countless other reasons. You cannot force a person to be what you in your mind believe is “moral” or “ethical” and then call it moral or ethical to force them by law to do so.

   A truly moral or ethical person is not one who blindly follows a law to the letter. But someone who in their heart knows what feels right and goodly, and who follows an honorable path... someone who sees the importance of questioning things, and who knows the value of compassion and love towards others. This has nothing to do with a person's dreams, desires, passions, or lusts. It has to do with how they see the world around them and how they interact with that world in a meaningful and goodly way. No laws can truly tell you and convey to you what good or evil are! Many are the laws that do evil whilst at the same time claiming to exist for the greater good. And many are they who in the act of enforcing the law act with wicked intent and evil in their minds and hearts. And this is why I say unto you, that greater is the law of love within your heart than any law created by mankind! Greater is that which is within you, than that which is within the world. Those who are predatory and who do violence to the innocent are worthy only of contempt... I have never said otherwise... but I say also that it is very wrong and cruel to equate love with violence, and it is wicked therefore to say that the only form of love that can ever exist between an adult and a child (including a teenager under the “child” description) has to be in terms of a parent and offspring role or else it is deemed predatory. People commonly believe that any romantic or deep love of any kind between an adult and a child has to be predatory on the part of the adult because society is so violent minded today. Only the violent minded would claim that deep or romantic love is a thing to be equated with rapaciousness and barbarism. So this thinking, it makes no sense to one who is attuned with the Divine Force and who truly understands the mind of God. People are incapable of thus separating one form of intent (pure intent) from another (wicked intent) because they are conditioned to regard sexual things as “naughty” as if there was something wicked about them. Even as they are made to accept violence as part and parcel of everyday life in the modern world. People are made to feel most guilty about anything related to sex, desire, or lust... more so than they would feel guilty over an act of violence or destruction. That is because there is no true power in violence or destruction! But there is a great deal of power indeed in desire and everything that comes forth from desire including love, sex and even at its' most raw... lust. People fear power, and the most frightened people of all are those who exist in the positions of the greatest worldly power... they fear a loss of their precious control, they fear that the common people will one day realize what they are actually capable of and that the people will rise up and claim what is truly theirs by right of birth. They fear that in that moment, they will have no more control over the masses, because in that moment the masses will finally be able to think for themselves. The sheep only need to be shepherded until they can shepherd themselves! But sheep cannot. And that is why they want people to be like sheep, so that they will need them. A goodly leader does not desire to control others like sheep... they desire to guide people, to lead them until they reach a point where they can lead themselves and guide others in turn. A goodly leader craves not worldly power, and thus is in truth more powerful than a leader whose only desire is power itself. That is why those whom I teach, I seek to guide but never to control. A teacher should be a guide, and lead so that their students can one day lead others and teach others when the time comes for them to do so. Keeping humanity boxed in is a perverse way to ensure that they will never be able to learn how to lead or be able to teach others of a better way... but it is doomed to backfire, because sooner or later even a prisoner will learn of the world outside their prison's walls. And they will desire to exist within that outside world, and sooner or later the walls will fall apart so freedom can, as it so was always destined to, triumph. I am not alone in that I see the cracks in the walls of modern society. I am but one of countless voices who calls out to people to awaken from the slumber into which humanity has been cast. Words alone will not change things in this world, but words can inspire others, and inspiration will inevitably lead to action. A small spark is all it takes to ignite a raging flame... and that is how stars are born. Lights in the darkness of a void so black as to seem almost impenetrable. Lights, that in great numbers form entire galaxies, and galaxies that together form a universe. Universes, that form a multiverse! That is how true, real change happens.

   I would see this world changed, so that no longer is violence normalized whilst love is marginalized... love, without limitations or restrictions of any kind, without shackles or chains imposed upon it, needs to become the new normal for this world. Pleasure needs to be more revered and understood than pain. I would prefer a society of peaceful hedonism, wherein all are free to discover where their hearts can at last well and truly take them... to one such as the awful world that we have today which is so filled with conflict that wars and the threats of wars are a constant thing, and in which society has produces lives that are lived unfulfilled and in which people die with regrets at having lived such unfulfilling lives. It is not right that so many men and women today die alone and unloved. It is not right that so many are as well denied the right to be the gender of their choice or to love someone of their heart's desiring. These are all things that need to be changed for a better society to come to the fore, one in which every life is a life fulfilled and in which everyone is free to pursue their dreams and their desires, whatsoever it may be that they dream of or desire. No society can truly be called free if anyone living in it is marginalized and kept in the shadows, fearful to even so much as exist. Let me tell you about a dream I had just two nights ago... in the dream, I was in a dark and terrible place where I saw that people of every race, color and creed were being literally kept in chains by demons who were attempting to look like people, but in every case the demons betrayed some inhuman element about themselves so that their true demonic and twisted nature was revealed. I saw in a mirror that in this place, in that dream, I had the form of a small child of indeterminate gender. I had dark brown hair with reddish highlights styled in a pageboy, or bob style. My eyes were the same grayish blue color they are right now in my waking life. I wore a long silk gown of the purest white color, and there was a subtle glow about me. The demons glared at me and in various ways mocked me, and they asked me what I was doing in that place. I said unto them that I was there to free the people that they were holding captive, that I was there to liberate the people and to lead them from that place into a paradise far from the demons' control. The demons then asked me what was one of my most painful memories, and I told them of one from a past life I lived in ancient times. I said unto them that in that life I was a small child who was taken out into the desert and crucified by soldiers who were in the process of executing other children as well, along with various men and women. It was a long time before I died, and when I did I descended into the underworld and from the underworld I so entered the dreadful domains in which the damned suffer. Domains that are kept apart from the parts of the underworld wherein the normal dead dwell. In the places of the damned, I set about seeking after all manner of people who were there wrongly, because they ran afoul of demonic forces that dragged their souls into bondage in the infernal realms. I sought out these innocents, and I set them free and led them out of the dark places filled with terror, towards the paradise of Elysium. And the dark powers asked of me who I was that, though a child I held such power to free the minds, hearts, and souls of others. And I answered them by saying: “I am merely myself, and that is enough.” Because just by being me, I held as much power as was necessary to liberate those in need of being set free. On revealing this to the terrible demons who had asked me about my most painful memories, they so trembled because they knew that I had gained strength even after unimaginable torment and suffering. Nothing they could do to me would have power over me, and I had witnessed things so awful it would make even devils to cry, to hear of it. And so, they were unable to stop me as I set people free from bondage and led them unto brighter and less frightful climes. I awoke from that dream and realized it was symbolic of what I am doing today in my present life in the world today. Freeing whoever I can from the bondage imposed upon them by the dark powers that walk in mortal flesh and seek to rob the innocent of their rights, liberties, and worst of all their happiness. Love is what empowers me, compassion is what drives me, and passion is what thus grants me the fire to see things through. And, all of it is born from a desire to help others and to make a better life for everyone, in which everyone can prosper and know contentment. There is no perfect path, no easy road, to the paradise that awaits those who are desiring of it... but love guides the way, brightly!

   Love is an all or nothing concept and ideal. You do not have to actually have a particular preference to appreciate that it is important to see to it that all preferences are understood, and accepted, as a part of a greater tapestry. The tapestry of human nature. Just as you do not have to adhere to a particular gender identity to understand that all gender identities are import and have their value and place in the world. It is as simple as the fact that people are born with certain inclinations... and sometimes those inclinations do not match the gender they are assigned at birth. A girl can be born stuck in a boy's body, and also it is the same that a boy can be born stuck in a girl's body. The best thing for them, is to live as the gender it is that they feel they are in their heart, and go with their inclinations. Follow your heart always, first and foremost, and your mind will thank you for it later on! Myself, I was born intersex and so I fit in a place somewhere between male and female. No two people are alike, and that is why no one has the right to play dictator and say that a person has to be anything their heart does not incline them to be. One must always go with their dreams, and see where they lead, or else a lifetime of regret will ensure. I can just not reiterate that enough! A happy society, a society with contented people, is a society that is tolerant, understanding, compassionate, and which values love above all things. For through such virtues, is the only path to true liberty and freedom. It cannot be freedom for only the few, or the valuing of only those liberties we happen to adhere to personally. Freedom must be universal, for all without exception, and all liberties must be kept sacred. We are today on the precipice of either moving forward to greater and better freedom than ever before... or falling backward into a time when only some had freedom and any who did not fit into a certain framework were robbed of their liberties and often removed form society. We must never allow such a backslide into more tyrannous times! There was a time when people like myself who were born as hermaphrodites were put into freak shows and often ridiculed or reviled as a “freak of nature”. But there is beauty in what I am, and we are entering a time in which people are able to see that beauty and appreciate it. An intersex person is not an accident or a freak of anything, rather it is a beautiful part of the rainbow that is gender variance. People like me will not be erased, we will not be forced into whatever category best suits those incapable of understand us! We are not data to be used for scientific study, we are not sicknesses for doctors to cure. I have learned to be proud of what I am... and pride is what all who live must be allowed to possess. For pride goes hand in hand with dignity, and dignity is a human right. I am not a deformity nor a birth defect, in my uniqueness I am perfect. And all who live have the right to see in themselves the perfection that they too possess! Even if that perfection does not match everyone's view of such things. But it does not need to... so long as it matches yours! If you can see perfection in yourself, it does not matter what the world entire thinks of it. If you are happy with yourself, that is what is most important of all. Then, those who truly love you will be happy with you too... and if they cannot, then they never truly loved you at all. Love is not about control, it is not about preconceived notions of how someone we love should be. It is about accepting a person for who and what they are, and loving them for it. If you cannot love them for it, then you do not love them. It is as simple as that. Some love me, and I cherish them greatly for that, and some hate and despise me, and I have come to accept that some people do and will... because those who do are relics of a past that is in this world slowly disappearing. Hatred, bigotry, and violence are becoming each and every day shown to the world as the barbaric, antiquated, and horrid monstrosities that such things always were. It is the way of the future to embrace love and compassion, to walk with understanding and an open mind. To be different, to be unique, to be special and to be yourself. Even if you agree with nothing else that I so have written in any of my writings including this one... if you are a lover of freedom, then you will see the wisdom in my words. The warlike times must end, tyranny must end, and the evils of ages past must never be allowed to rise again. You could say that this is in and of itself a conflict of sorts, and it is. It is a battle against war, against strife, against hatred itself. And in that battle, we are all warriors. I stand on the side of the rainbow, on the side of love and liberty. And, I fight with words instead of sword or gun!

   The sword of my words, carries the point of truth home into the hearts of those who can accept such. And the fire of wisdom burns within my heart when I speak in the spirit, as I do in my writings. It is not a destructive fire, but a cleansing warmth that caresses gently those who can appreciate its' gentleness. Even as it will burn those who are enemies of love! For what is goodly to those who are of a gentle and goodly heart, will be painful to bear for those who have hate in their hearts. I do not say what is easy to say, and many will find my words difficult to hear. But the truth is not an easy thing to accept! It can be as sweet as honey for some, whilst others may find the taste bitter to swallow. Even so, the truth is ever going to remain the truth... even if no one ever wrote it or spoke it. There was a time when I was silent, when I did not write or speak as I do now. But then the world changed, and times changed, and I saw in others a great need... and so I decided to come forth to address that need, and to show that they are not alone, and that in these times there is in me at least one who understands what is needed for mankind to evolve, for times to change for the better, for peace to reign at last and love to triumph. Life does not at all begin with silence! It begins with a loud cry as a newborn first enters the world. In time, a baby does learn to speak... and what they often do not learn is that every word we speak holds power. The time for silence is past, and the words I speak hold power. Everyone's words hold power, either for good or evil. I speak mine so that others may learn from what I have to teach, to become teachers in turn, and so that the world may be changed thereby. Just as even if you do not realize it... if you help a single person, it creates a pattern in the tapestry of existence, and the good that you do radiates forth to bring light and love into the world. When hatred fades the tapestry, it is time for love to bring color back to the fabric of the tapestry once again! We are all woven into it for a reason, and once we find our reason for being, it is then time to bring forth the light that exists within us like never before. We are born from desire, as beings meant to be loved and to love others in turn... all children are born thus, and this is their destiny. We are all children of this world, of this universe, of this multiverse, and as such we are meant to be, in each their own way, an embodiment of love. Hatred and war can only produce death in the end, and that is the very antithesis of life and love. And, so... if you take nothing else away from this work of mine, I urge you to come away from it knowing this single thing: the only way to finally banish hatred and war for all of time, is to make it so that love is the universal thing that is within every living person's heart. It is both the easiest and the hardest thing humanity can do, and the most necessary thing it must in the end achieve, before it is too late. No technology can bestow it, no religion can promise it, and not one single politician can guarantee it. This is something we must do for ourselves! Each person doing their small part, until everyone comes together with hearts united by love. This is both the most liberating... and polarizing... thing imaginable. Those who can comprehend the truth of love and the importance of diversity, those same will understand the meaning of my words and the wisdom of my philosophies. As true that is, as is the hard fact that just as many who will comprehend it will not. As many as there are in this world who comprehend love, there are equally as many to whom love is an alien concept. And it is those who will find all of this the hardest to take! And to fair, it is not for them. What I write, and the causes I believe in, are for those of a more open-minded persuasion, and in this world today there are a great deal more such than in any era of history past. Be not afraid to accept what is different, even what is bizarre or strange perhaps to you! There is beauty in the bizarre, and serenity in the strange. I am not here to make those who receive my teachings comfortable... I am here to set people free. And only those to whom freedom is dear can fully accept my teachings. If my words do enrage you, if they offend you, if they seem contrary to your most cherished beliefs, then they are not for you. The path to a brighter, to a more golden, future is not an easy one. But if you value freedom and cherish liberty and believe in the divinity of love itself... then you may consider me to be a guide on your journey through life. A guide, a prophet, a teacher, and a friend. As hard as the road into the future may be, if we embark upon that road together then there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Seek the divine within, and find it without!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton)
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