Anticipating the taunt
Of a spellbound fate was
Like irony for some
Vicarious shame,
Bringing loneliness
To those of whom
Have beckoned, trekked,
Waited for poetic justice in the
Retribution of intrusive
Marketing that shrouds, hides.
Masterful callousness,
Pretending to never feel,
Mocked and laughed at
The innocent wonder
Of familiar reminiscence,
Like insisting favor
Was sensual, assuming an
Embarrassing tease,
Reinforcing the numb veracity
Of what carnality was worth.
Within skin on sale,
A commercial environment
Opens cost, between the lines,
As facts that cancel the heart,
Become modern cosplay of
Theatrical hypocrites,
Embodied to calculate,
The profits of Pavlovian libido,
Enticing acidic, amoebic reactivity,
Presumably defining evolution.  
The scientific decay behind
My purity, gold
Would surface,
Cleansed by a trial of fire,
Lest periodic elements,
Chemicals would dispose,
Limit the truth,
On both sides of the coin,
As if it were an experiment,
By man's synthesis.
With the dross removed,
After the inner flame,
A wasted purpose tempted me,
As I lost my currency again,
On a wishing well,
Where drowning the spirit,
Corrosive hope
Takes a shallow, 50/50
Chance at what
They call love.
Famed and fortunate,
Primal drive, the money,
Lustful entity
Was grandeur beyond the
Wildest fathom,
As the psychological acceptance
Justified disgusting,
Perverted being,
Like multiplying
Broken homes.
Imprisoned, in shackles,
In the dungeon,
My quarters,
Where on a dime,
A penny plays, and
I pine for freedom with
Intense yearning,
From the Euro
As the whore mounts
The Babylonian beast.
Could I cash in a
Draft, check,
When winds fuel my flames,
To balance redemption
In my account of
The world's assets,
Where supposed luck
Is gambling on the
Hinging fate
Of eager strangers?
If only, for a moment,
They could
See what they've forgotten in
A lifetime
Of bondage to
Demented deprivation,
Detailed desperation,
Delectable disability,
Defined destiny,
Doubled decadently, deadly.
Idiosyncratic idolatry,
Instantly idle,
In insane ides,
Invalid, insipid, integrating.
Imposes intimacy,
Illicit, inept,
If intent involved
Is irregular, immoral,
Imitating immolation,
Into incredulous incantation.
Prominent promiscuity
Professes possession,  
Presents paper,
Processing Pilate's peasants,
Proposes practice,
Pushes palpable platitude,
Parries plentiful
Punishing planes,
Protecting paucity,
The right hand of the Eternal
Drew my interest unto,
Especially if,
I turn to Him, as
Behind my eyes,
Significant silhouettes
Remind me
That my faith, my trust,
Is funded in the purchase of
The Passover lamb, Christ.
Suddenly, shining in my spirit,
I saw the mirror of self,
Ugly, but I could still
Tithe, give Holy Day offerings,
As a beam of radiance,
On a level foundation
In details that
Would solidify sanctity for
Clear, clean hope in Yahweh.
Grace and favor would
Erase my sin, as
The end would
Begin life beyond,
Moving forward in
Momentous direction,
Certain in kismet, as
Gave opportunity to
Persevere, prevail, and repent.
Investing in His plan,
Taken to the bank is,
Way more than
Any dollar, building, concept,
As GDP and taxes
Would be poor, in comparison,
To Holy righteousness,
Inherited by heirs,
Of God's freedom,
Saved and sharing in Elohim.
Written by Connotation
Author's Note
Read and interpret for yourself! Written on 05/08/2023.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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