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Image for the poem Mm.. Would You Be My Handsome Valentine..pretty please

Mm.. Would You Be My Handsome Valentine..pretty please

Mm… can you be my hidden desired handsome Valentine    
Let me quietly seduce your mind  
Take your muscular physique past Nirvana’s stairwell, past could nine    
On this heartfelt night, you will be my intoxicating wine    
Licking my luscious lips while softly sipping on your manly attributes    
Ecstasy found in my scented flowers, to your lips they drift, savoring the flavor of dark chocolate delights as it constitutes    
Oh baby, you look so darn good where you stand    
My passion is to always please the image of God’s man    
Oh, sweet mercy, anyway, I can    
Strip and come here, now and turn around    
Your groans will be the only echoing sound    
Shh... please me my love, sight unseen    
Sniff all over me, let my fragrance lead you to tasting this butter rum cream    
Play the movement of my body like it’s a melody not found in this time    
I shall please you with my satin blindfold    
Lifting your hand laying it over my mound, your fingers teasing my soft folds    
Laying back on your Kind size bed    
watching you stumble your way over to me and allow you thirst for all of this to be led    
In the moment of longing let the spillage of my love loose    
Your mouth, your nostrils, your fingers are your passionate tools    
Oh yes… just like that… slip your digits into the peak of my soul    
From the moon to earth my carnal cravings you wondrously console    
Your hand gently traveling up my leg, your attentive foray attending to my needs as I make you mine    
Spreading my thighs for a teasing feel before easing your dick inside    
Oh yes, baby touch me right there    
Your tongue dragging through my fine downy hairs    
My head denting the pillow    
A soft whispered kiss to my clit    
Your nostrils inhaling my essence, kissing all over my moisten slit    
Oh, you are such a naughty one    
Placing my bent legs over your shoulders, back arched, palming your head, make me moan then cum    
My body twerking to your pussy pampering, my honeyed juices trickling, saturating your tongue    
Your two fingers slipping deep into the core of my cunt    
Loving a man’s animalistic hunger when on the hunt    
Licking over your chest wall    
Ass cupped, giving me your all    
Your mouth coveting    
Mm... no denying when I’m loving it    
Oh... yes… yes...    
Yanking your dick out crawling over my face    
Your fast blast of your pearly droplets has met    
Plunging back inside my wet abyss    
Clenching your skin... oh how sweet it is    
My climax coating such a hard midnight Valentine gift    
Your throbbing dick arising once again to my tight sugar walls as it shifts and dips    
Our temples blending    
Panting, breathless, endorphins sending    
Lifting his blindfold wondering the next time I can dominate his lust and when    
The cat taming the Lion in his own den    
Wait, today is not Valentine’s Day… mm… I need a muse to share in this bliss once again

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Soul meets soul on lovers' lips.

Percy Bysshe Shelley
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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