The mystery of obscurity, an invasion in clouds -
A citrus sun, imbued with truth, spoken aloud…
Over spots of solitary shadows and over crowds,
Prevailing in symbolic light, construed to elude

Vestiges of impurity, that would derail the story -
As all the elements are necessary for the glory
To be understood, by unraveling symbolically
And stripping away, all the names diametrically

Applied to truth, instilling profound impurity -
To know the one truth that can exist, presently,
Individuated & encoded, deep in the psychology
Of the individual, recreating all the symbology

That has transmigrated over eons of gold dawns,
Breaking through each generation of old clouds
To resound, and proclaim claim of reality’s forms
In storms, tearing away all, in terrifying sounds,

Getting to the heart of the matter as the shrouds
Tatter, and tear, wisps in the winds, sent to drift,
Taken away, in diffusion journeys, in the modes
Of alchemical processes, to reveal a bountiful gift,

This being, a revelation of the true self, previously
Stealth, in the secrecy of filtered reality, hidden
Away, in depth & height, through a glass darkly,
Skewing the sight, of all those who would hasten

A glance for a chance, to see, the true identity
Of the self, that has evolved in the midst of this
Totality, comprised and composed, fractionally,
Until this day of an array, of a light filled flash

To purify the sky of your time,
Electrifying the next storm
As clouds from a space
Overtly cast a face
Of a new thing

That capacitates the origin of the new lightening.
Written by Cipher_O (WarlordoftheWrittenWord)
Author's Note
I wanted to explore the idea of transparency... Something that is kind of new to me.  For practically all my life, I was only transparent with a few people, and in the writing.  I now seek to explore the idea of transparency, as a direct contribution to self actualization, advancement, and attainment, in both life and writing.  As of late, I have experienced certain levels of...  Acceptance.  Which is like...  Very much a profound wonder to me...  
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