Lockdown Lockdown. Lockdown your mind!
Wake up! Wake up! Itís time to see through the clouds,
Shadow reset spider trapping you! Subconscious times! stare at your phone, hypnotised rhymes.
Zombie awakening! Can you pull away, Can you pull away! from their grasp on your mind, Your hypnotised sheep! Your hypnotised blind, do you feel your temples growing horns on each side.
I said wake up! Wake up! Did you hear me now!! How many 5G frequencies has already captured my goldfish attention span crowd.
They said Lockdown! Lockdown! and gather and protest out loud!
Take my slavery back, Iím blind! Take my slavery back, Iím blind! Take my slavery back! Iím blind! millions of cameras study your everyday moves, as AI is studying your reactions to be mislead and confused.
Florescent pigs pick you off to make their presence known, the Army will be next to keep your subjugation chattle condoned!
You will be demoralised if you donít do as uniform say! Because section ACT upon your free will, in every human way!
Public trustees convincing a snitch to be a sleaze, ownership of my body, Nazi tyranny beyond beliefs!
The complexity of my character is bordering on being insane, with the miracle I hang on with the fraction to be sane.
To see through a lie! In a RNA vaccine and health passport I do not consent! To go along wearing a mask and having to comply! I plead Iím immune! While ignoring my own God given immunity antibody defence!
I have to maintain the pain and not go insane! My fractured membrane! Fixing at diversity ways to manufacture being tamed!
Psychological, biological warfare! Degrading my chance to be really free? How about become a Rainbow warrior and see colours! Instead of a black and white narrative branch off the life tree. I remind the way, Invest in THE 30 QUESTIONS today! Donít delay, Itís your DNA. I invent a NEW LAW!
Section ACT NOW!
Written by 7hEAVEN
Author's Note
let's just rise above the illusion
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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