Run-On Thoughts

why do
i write
as if someone is
listening what i write are pixels on a screen or
graphite on paper there is no meaning to
what i write except to me unless there
is an observer and then the
meaning will be created by their perception
filtered through their belief system which is
a result of their culture and personal experiences
which have nothing to do with me does what i
write have a significance beyond the moment
the thought came to me and if not why bother
writing it at all when i read something on a
page or a screen does it originate in another
mind or is it a construct of my own neurological
activity does the screen or page even exist
outside of my neural network does my neural
network exist maybe it to is a construct do
quarks have thoughts are my thoughts quarks
is there an entity outside myself that directs my
experience do i influence my experience do
i have control of anything or is it predetermined or
maybe omniexistent as the reader at the other
end do you care do my pixels or graphite have
an effect do my ideas transmit through electrons or hieroglyphs into your reality are our realities

separate or are we part of the same sentience are
my thoughts and questions selfish taking up
your limited time or is time infinite are my
questions doubts concerns questions a glitch in
the matrix an error in coding does the software exist
do i exist if i do exist am i the only and
all others are †my creation am i
the composite creation of the others
am i the product of one separate coder
creator and if so do i have control of my self
or are they in control back to my original
thought question glitch why do i write i
have no idea and
if this is too long then ignore it
because i donít exist
or do i

© 2020 Raibeart Bruis
Written by Kinkpoet
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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