Tic Talk

Tic Talk
You say your sick of fighting?
Well what are you going to do then?
Sit here and let this sickness win this
Contest in this matter of life and death?
Would you really sit there and let it happen?
No, this is the time you get up
Stand strong
Put your britches on
Fill the ditches you dug in self defense  
You figured keep'em out so they can't get in
What can't reach you can't hurt you, right..? But when...
Your trapped inside with demons
Scratching and clawing; thoughts reverberating
Causing a pressure like your skull's about to shatter
Thinking your inferior to every human being you needlessly compare yourself to
And that's a problem
Break the cycle of isolation and loneliness
Mornings filled these unwanted conversations held with oneself
No one there to mistakenly over hear them
Not that it would matter, it's compulsive behavior
Moments of weakness you cannot control
Camping out and hiding from the whole world
Thoughts of death closing in all around
Too afraid to tell anyone, or make a sound
Barely scraping by day by day was enough for you
Until it wasn't
A realization coming to fruition 10 years too late
Now looking up and out from what used to be a ditch
Deep enough to be a grave, alone in the rain
Water washing down the walls; torrential thoughts
With only the coping mechanism of trying to float
But how long can you just float..?
Before the voices overtake you
Producing more than just subtle tics  
(I want to die...)
Tics that talk
Life changing consequences ignoring mental health
Becoming but a shade of what you used to be
(Humane society)
When it feels like there's another person living inside
A complicated cocktail of emotional trauma confined
Within the space of a brittle and slowly breaking "I"
Content in not applying the catalyst to change your life
Step one starts with you identifying the problem
The cause
What lead you here
These walls
Why your behind them
Assess the situation in which you've been placed in
Get the help needed, fill your circle with positive influence
Abandon every thought that makes you wince
Disregard the people who make you tense
Make self love a your greatest offense  
Tear these walls down that provide faux defense
In The End we are the only thing that stands in our way
The most controlling factor in our lives is what we allow
Not only with what others do, but what we do to ourselves
Is of the gravest injustice
And if we don't correct this
Misfit, distance creating mishap
It could lead to a forfeit of life
I know you better than this
Are you going to sit there and let it happen?
Written by WordScape (Casey Brock)
Author's Note
Wrote this for awareness for a friend who took his life.

Song: Jurrivh - Suicidal Thoughts
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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